2022-23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Exercise Science (EXSC) EXSC-2000 Worksite Observation –Fa, Sp, Su 0 hours Students are required to arrange a field experience for five consecutive full days (minimum of 30 contact hours) in an exercise science work setting approved by their advisor where they can observe and participate in exercise science worksite activities. Prerequisites: Departmental approval and a follow-up report are required. Credit/no credit. EXSC-3010 Practium I –Fa, Sp 1 hour This practicum is a minimum of 30 contact hours assisting or instructing on-campus experiences such as group aerobics, strength conditioning, workout supervision and personal training. Departmental approval is required. Credit/No Credit. Prerequisite: EXSC-2000 Worksite Observation. EXSC-3020 Practicum II –Fa, Sp 1 hour This practicum is a minimum of 30 contact hours and is intended to provide a hands-on experience in either a sports enhancement facility, hospital cardiac rehabilitation center, or similar facility. Departmental approval is required. Credit/No Credit. Prerequisite: EXSC-2000 Worksite Observation. EXSC-3810 3 hours Organization and Administration of Exercise Science –Fa This course is designed to provide the knowledge and begin to develop the skills and abilities necessary to organize, administer, manage, promote, and deliver quality health/fitness programs effectively, safely, and efficiently, meeting the needs and desires of both the client and the employer. Prerequisites: Junior status or permission of the instructor. EXSC-3860 Basic Exercise Testing –Fa 4 hours This course includes guidelines and techniques of evaluation for basic fitness testing with emphasis on aerobic capacity, flexibility, strength, and body composition. Basic concepts of EKG interpretation, including electrode placement, arrhythmia, and electrophysiology, are introduced. The content is consistent with the skills necessary to prepare students for the American College of Sports Medicine certified exercise physiologist certification. Prerequisite: ESS-3900 Physiology of Exercise; GMTH-1020 College Algebra. (Fee:$75) EXSC-3870 Basic Exercise Prescription –Sp 4 hours This course stresses the scientific foundations of conditioning with specific attention to exercise programming using the components of frequency, duration, intensity, mode, and progression, for apparently healthy individuals. The content is consistent with the skills necessary to prepare students for the American College of Sports Medicine certified exercise physiologist certification. Prerequisite: EXSC-3860 Basic Exercise Testing. (Fee:$75) EXSC-4600 Research Methods –Sp 3 hours Overview of the principles of research methodology, with an emphasis on developing skills in evaluating and interpreting research literature and fostering an appreciation for the importance of quality research in allied health and exercise science. Prerequisite: Junior status or permission of the instructor. EXSC-4700 Senior Research –Fa 3 hours Students will work with a faculty mentor to conduct a research project, write a paper, and present the project for peers and faculty. The opportunity to present at conferences and/or publish the paper exists for those interested. Prerequisite: EXSC-4600 Research Methods. (Fee: $35) EXSC-4850 1–3 hours Independent Study in Exercise Science –Fa, Sp Independent study in the area of exercise science by students pursuing the exercise science major. Prerequisite: Departmental approval is required. EXSC-4880 3 hours Exercise Testing and Prescription for Special Populations –Fa This course will prepare exercise science students to do exercise testing and prescriptions for individuals who are either acutely or chronically distinct from the “apparently not at risk” adult population. These include individuals who are children, elderly, or pregnant, as well as those who have acute or chronic illness or disease conditions that might affect the testing protocol or details of the exercise prescription. Prerequisites: EXSC-3860 Basic Exercise Testing; EXSC-3870 Basic Exercise Prescription. (Fee: $75) EXSC-4990 Internship in Exercise Science –Fa, Sp 9–12 hours This is an actual work experience in an exercise science setting for a minimum of 300 work hours for 9 credit hours and up to 400 work hours for 12 credit hours with a minimum of 30 work hours per week. Capstone course for exercise science major. Prerequisite: Senior status and departmental approval is required. Multi-Age Health Education (MAHE) MAHE-3030 Nutrition –Fa, Sp 3 hours A study of the science of nutrition, together with the study of eating habit formation and modification for optimal wellness, fitness, and performance, presented from a Christian perspective. MAHE-3070 Current Issues in Health –Fa 1 hour Designed to explore, from a Christian perspective, health- related issues that challenge our society. This course recognizes the reality that there are “no easy answers” as ethics, technology, and economics merge to generate new dilemmas of increasing complexity every day. MAHE-3130 School Health Program –Sp 3 hours Analysis of the scope of the school health program, including health services, healthful school living, and health instruction. MAHE-3150 Health Concepts for the Educator –Sp 3 hours This course is intended to prepare students to understand the role of the health educator in the comprehensive school health education program. Nutrition, drug education, sexuality education, mental and emotional health unit content areas will be addressed from a biblical perspective. MAHE-4610 Teaching Health –Fa 3 hours The teacher’s role in comprehensive school health education including an introduction to the health status of youth, at-risk students, objectives from Healthy People 2020, components of comprehensive school health education, the role of the teacher in school health services, and special health concerns of today’s children and youth. As well, curriculum review, behavioral objectives, life skills, scope and sequence of learning, teaching strategies, responsible decision-making, resistance skills, health behavior contracts, health resources, student-learner evaluation, and assessment concepts and procedures will be presented. Prerequisite: admission to the Teacher Education Program. (Odd years) MAHE-4850 1–3 hours Independent Study in Health Education –Fa, Sp Independent study in the area of health education by students pursuing multi-age health education teaching licensure or a health promotion minor. Departmental approval is required. Multi-Age Physical Education (MAPE) MAPE-1000 Foundations of Physical Education –Fa 1 hour Orientation to the history, philosophy, and scope of modern exercise and sport science from a theistic perspective. Page 226 2022–23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Course Descriptions EXSC-2000 – MAPE-1000 Allied Health