2022-23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

ACCT-4120 Auditing –Sp 3 hours A study of auditing standards and related auditing procedures. Topics include evaluation of audit evidence, professional responsibilities, and auditors’ reports and opinions. Prerequisite: ACCT-3110 Intermediate Financial Accounting I. ACCT-4130 Advanced Financial Accounting –Sp 3 hours A study of consolidated financial statements, foreign exchange, estates and trusts, branch accounting, and related problems. Prerequisite: ACCT-3110 Intermediate Financial Accounting I. ACCT-4150 3 hours Government and Nonprofit Accounting –Fa Accounting and reporting principles, standards, and procedures applicable to nonprofit organizations. Prerequisite: ACCT-3120 Intermediate Financial Accounting II or permission of instructor. ACCT-4170 Advanced Managerial Accounting –Sp 3 hours Advanced topics in accounting for manufacturing companies and the use of the computer in cost accounting applications. Prerequisite: ACCT-3170 Managerial Accounting. ACCT-4210 Taxation of Business Entities –Sp 3 hours An examination of the tax provisions governing C Corps, S Corps, partnerships, and estates. Analyzes international and multi- state taxation of corporations. Prerequisite: ACCT-4110 Federal Income Taxes. ACCT-4220 International Accounting –Sp 3 hours This course offers information about global accounting diversity and the reasons for it. International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are discussed along with the history of international standard development. Foreign currency exchange rates, transactions, and hedging are covered. Students also do research into accounting in multinational corporations. Prerequisites: ACCT-2110 Principles of Accounting I,ACCT-2120 Principles of Accounting II. ACCT-4810 Seminar in Accounting –Sp 1 hour A forum for discussion of contemporary topics and issues in accounting. Current issues will be chosen from topics in financial and managerial accounting, auditing, tax, and governmental and nonprofit accounting. Prerequisites: ACCT-3170 Managerial Accounting; ACCT-4110 Federal Income Taxes; ACCT-4120 Auditing. Business Administration (BUS) BUS-1000 The Business Profession –Fa, Sp 2 hours Provides a broad and comprehensive introduction to the field of business and encourages students to discover their calling to ministry in the marketplace. Includes an introduction to the academic requirements of the program and provides opportunity for practical experience in the field of business. (Fee $25) BUS-2100 Business Communication –Fa, Sp 3 hours Instruction for writing business letters, memos, email, and business reports. Oral business presentations, group collaboration, and the communication process in general are also discussed. Prerequisite: ENG-1400 Composition. BUS-2150 Statistics for Business –Fa, Sp 3 hours An introduction to statistical methods used in business decision making including descriptive statistics, probability, probability distributions, interval estimation, hypothesis tests involving variances, t-tests, Chi-square tests, F-tests, regression models, and time series. Prerequisites: GMTH-1020 College Algebra. BUS-2170 Introduction to Business Analytics –Sp 3 hours This course will expose students to the data analytics practices executed in the business world. Key areas include the analytical process; how data is created, stored, accessed; and how the organization works with data and creates the environment in which analytics can flourish. The course will explore the use of statistical programming languages and packages to perform data analysis. This course also provides a basis for going deeper into advanced investigative and computational methods. Prerequisites: ITM-2100 Database Management ; BUS-2150 Statistics for Business. (even years BUS-2180 Business Law I –Fa, Sp 3 hours Examines the legal environment in which business operates. The course begins by surveying various sources of law and related ethical principles, and the structure and function of the judicial system. The remainder of the course addresses substantive areas of law, typically including torts, contracts, warranty and consumer protection, agency and employment, business entities, antitrust, intellectual property, and environmental law. BUS-3000 The Business Experience –Fa, Sp 1 hour This course is to prepare the business student to transition into the work world upon graduation. Topics and experiences include: résumé writing, interviewing, networking, internships, and business etiquette. (Fee $25). BUS-3150 Operations Analysis –Fa, Sp 3 hours Introduces mathematical methods of decision analysis. Topics include probability, forecasting, decision under uncertainty, decision trees, inventory models, linear programming, and networks. Prerequisites: BUS-2150 Statistics for Business. BUS-3180 Business Law II –Sp 3 hours Continues the study of the legal environment in which business operates, with particular focus on topics covered on the CPA exam. Typical course content includes sales, negotiable instruments, secured transactions, bankruptcy, partnerships, securities regulation, real and personal property, wills and trusts, and insurance. Prerequisite: BUS-2180 Business Law I. BUS-3280 3 hours Integrated Business Core Practicum –Fa Guided by faculty, students will organize and operate a business for the semester and also plan and complete a community service project. Students in this course will apply concepts learned in prerequisite and corequisite courses in establishing a business venture. Prerequisites: MRKT-3600 Principles of Marketing; Corequisites: MGMT-3500 Principles of Organization and Management; FIN-3710 Principles of Finance (corequisite courses taken concurrently as a block). BUS-3400 1–3 hours Independent Study in Business Administration –Fa, Sp, Su Research in problems of accounting, management information systems, general business, economics, finance, management, or marketing. BUS-3410 Topics in Business –Fa, Sp, Su 1–3 hours A variety of courses are covered under this heading on an experimental basis. This allows the department to meet the changing needs of the students without formally adding or dropping courses. (crosslisted with ENTR-3410 Topics in Entrepreneurship; ITM-3410 Topics in Information Technology Management) BUS-3450 Business Internship 3–12 hours A work-study program designed for junior and senior business administration majors to receive a variety of job-related experiences in a business environment. The program is arranged and administered by the department. 2022–23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Page 241 Course Descriptions ACCT-4120 – BUS-3450 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION