2022-23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

SMGT-2500 3 hours Organizational Behavior in Sport –Fa, Sp This course will help students define and understand the concepts of management and leadership within sport organizations. There will be a focus upon the various skills, roles, and functions of sport managers. This course places sport organizations in the context of their environment and emphasizes the manager’s role in adapting and reacting to changes in the environment. SMGT-2910 1 hour Campus Sport Business Management Practicum –Fa, Sp This practicum provides the sport business management major with the opportunity to assist faculty members or staff on the Cedarville University campus with their sport business management responsibilities for a required minimum of 40 hours total. Prerequisite: Sophomore status or permission of the instructor. SMGT-2920 1 hour Sport Business Management Practicum –Fa, Sp This practicum provides the sport business management major with the opportunity to assist an off-campus sport business professional for a required minimum of 40 total hours. Prerequisite: Sophomore status or permission of the instructor. SMGT-3180 Legal Issues in the Sport Industry –Sp 3 hours This course will focus on the three major areas of law that have a direct impact on the management of sport: tort liability and risk management, contract law, and constitutional law. Prerequisite: Junior status. SMGT-3200 Facility Design and Management –Fa 3 hours This course includes planning and designing areas and facilities in sports and utilization of those facilities for sporting events. Topics will include maintenance, supervision, scheduling, planning, renovation, etc. Prerequisite: Junior status or permission of the instructor. (Fee $35) SMGT-3300 Event Planning and Production –Sp 3 hours This course includes the process of planning for and organizing an event in sport. Organizing a plan for an event would include financial planning, risk management, scheduling, facility use, communication, promotions, registration, etc. Prerequisite: Junior status or permission of the instructor. SMGT-3880 1–3 hours Special Topics in Sport Management –Su This course will be a means of exposing students to current issues and trends in the sport industry. SMGT-4100 3 hours Sponsorship and Promotion in the Sport Industry –Fa This course builds upon basic principles of marketing by applying promotional and sponsorship activities to the sport and fitness industry. Areas of application include professional sport, intercollegiate sport, olympic sport, interscholastic sport, fitness clubs and resorts.. Prerequisite: Senior status or permission of the instructor. (Fee: $65) SMGT-4200 Financing Sport Operations –Fa 3 hours This course provides the student with an overview of the financial aspects of the sport industry. SMGT-4850 1–3 hours Independent Study in Sport Management –Fa, Sp Independent study in the area of sport management by students pursuing the sport management major. Departmental approval is required. SMGT-4910 Athletic Administration Practicum –Fa, Sp 1 hour This practicum provides the sport management major the opportunity to assist a local athletic administrator with their responsibilities for a required minimum of 30 hours total. Prerequisites: SMGT-3200 Facility Design and Management; SMGT-3300 Event Planning and Production. SMGT-4990 6–12 hours Internship in Sport Business Management –Fa, Sp This internship is an actual work experience in a sport management setting. Students must work a minimum of 40 hours per credit hour. Capstone course. Departmental approval is required. Credit/no credit. (Fee: $35) Department of Communication Course Descriptions Broadcasting, Digital Media, and Journalism (BRDM) BRDM-1110 Introduction to Broadcasting and Digital Media –Fa 3 hours A survey of electronic media, including history and development, types, audience research, regulations, and globalization. BRDM-1120 Audio Production –Fa, Sp 3 hours Students receive instruction and training in the operation of software and hardware used in audio media. The course focuses on gaining knowledge and experience with Pro Tools software and audio hardware including microphones, control surfaces and interfaces, signal processors, audio monitors, etc. Students in the course will use these tools to produce several audio projects. (Fee: $75) BRDM-2110 Video Production –Sp 3 hours This course provides hands-on training with all video production equipment, including cameras, lighting, sound, and editing. The student will learn basic television skills and technical terms. (Fee: $75) BRDM-2130 Writing for Digital Media –Fa 3 hours Covers the form and style of writing for radio, television, and interactive media. Work in the course includes news writing, public service announcements, promotional announcements, advertisements, video scripting, and writing for the web. BRDM-2210 Media Performance –Sp 3 hours Examines announcing for a variety of applications including: commercial, audio book, interviewing, news, sports, and music radio. The emphasis is on the application of key principles through assignments that focus on use of the voice as a tool for communication of ideas on a one-to-one basis. (Fee: $45 ) (even years) BRDM-2220 Sound Design –Sp 3 hours This course is designed to prepare the media production student to create sound designs for radio, television, film and other audio media by studying the nature of sound, psychoacoustics, the power of the voice, sound effects, and music and how they can be used in combination with visual image to influence listeners/ viewers. Students will create and execute a variety of sound designs for radio, television, and other audio media. Prerequisite: BRDM-1120 Audio Production . (Fee: $75) BRDM-2320 3 hours Preproduction and Planning for Video and Film –Fa, Sp This course examines the framework for preparation for video and film production in fiction and nonfiction programming. The duties of the producer and director are covered as they relate to scripting, budgets, legalities, scheduling, site surveys and other related preproduction duties for studio and field productions. (Fee: $75) BRDM-2350 3 hours Introduction to Graphics for TV and Film –Fa An introduction to the creation of graphics for television and film. Topics covered include motion graphic principles, network package graphic creation, and training in Adobe After Effects. (Fee: $45). Page 248 2022–23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Course Descriptions SMGT-2500 – BRDM-2350 COMMUNICATION