2022-23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

BRDM-3720 Audio Production Practicum –Fa, Sp 1 hour The practicum is designed to place the student in a variety of professional settings on and off campus, with the purpose of allowing the student to practice audio skills acquired in earlier courses. The course is repeatable for a total of two hours. Prerequisites: BRDM-1110 Introduction to Broadcasting and Digital Media; BRDM-1120 Audio Production. (Fee: $45) BRDM-3733 Sports Production Practicum –Fa, Sp 1 hour Production on a video crew in sports production as assigned by the instructor. The course is repeatable for a total of six hours. (Fee: $75) BRDM-3735 Film/Video Practicum –Fa, Sp 1 hour This practicum provides students opportunities to work on video projects throughout the semester, either for themselves or for clients. Students are responsible for selecting the projects they work on for practicum hours, which will be monitored and approved by the instructor. Prerequisite: BRDM-2110 Video Technical Training; or approval from the instructor. (Fee: $75) BRDM-3741 Sales and Management Practicum –Fa, Sp 1 hour The practicum is designed to place the student in a variety of professional settings on and off campus, with the purpose of allowing the student to observe and practice sales and management skills acquired in earlier courses. The course is repeatable for a total of three hours. Prerequisites: BRDM-3410 Electronic Media Sales; BRDM-3420 Media Management; junior or senior status; permission of the instructor. BRDM-3765 Animation Practicum –Fa 1 hour The student will develop an animation project individually or with a team, working under the supervision of a faculty mentor. Repeatable for a total of 2 credit hours. Prerequisites: BRDM-3630 Principles of Computer Animation; permission of faculty mentor. (Fee: $25) BRDM-4110 Digital Media Law and Regulation –Fa 3 hours A study of the legal protections and requirements placed upon the electronic media. Emphasis is placed upon court decisions that help to define First Amendment freedoms for those in the media, as well as regulations placed upon the electronic media. Prerequsites: junior or senior status. BRDM-4310 3 hours Cinematography Theory and Practice –Sp Taught from the director’s perspective, each student will lean advanced digital film production techniques including camera movement, lighting techniques, and non-linear editing advanced use of effects and color correction. Prerequisite: BRDM-2110 Video Production; BRDM-3310 Digital Film Production. (Fee: $75) BRDM-4320 Directing the Narrative Film –Sp 3 hours Building on techniques of video production and direction that have been introduced in previous courses, students will spend the semester creating and directing a narrative short film and seeing it through the various stages of production. Prerequisites: BRDM- 3310 Digital Film Production; or approval from the instructor; junior or senior status. (even years) (Fee: $75) BRDM-4650 3 hours Designing Solutions for New Audiences –Sp Because of the ongoing changes in the communication system, media companies and businesses are in constant reinvention of the ways in which they meet the needs of their audiences by innovations in programming, products and services. In this course students will be presented with a current problem in the use of new and emerging media to connect a client with its audience. Teams will then design a solution to meet the needs of both client and audience. Prerequisite: BRDM/JOUR-3650 Networked Audience. BRDM-4700 Special Topics in Electronic Media –Fa, Sp 3 hours Available to advanced students who desire intense study in special areas of electronic media. Prerequisites: junior or senior status as an broadcasting and digital media major; permission of the faculty mentor. BRDM-4710 Independent Study: Digital Media 1–3 hours Taken to allow the student to study an area beyond what is provided through regular course offerings. The student must make a proposal of what is to be studied for the term when applying to a faculty mentor. The student will then follow a schedule approved by the faculty mentor for studying the topic and submitting a report. Repeatable to a total of 6 credit hours in the field. Prerequisite: approval of proposal by faculty mentor. BRDM-4810 Senior Seminar –Fa, Sp 1 hour The course is designed to help the student transition from the college to professional world. Students will interact with professionals to network and to focus on developing résumés and portfolios, interviewing skills, and an understanding of business etiquette. Prerequisite: senior status as broadcasting, digital media, and journalism major. (Fee: $45) BRDM-4920 Senior Project 3 hours The student selects one of two options: 1) a paper reporting on the student’s original research that investigated a topic in electronic media or 2) a media production. A proposal detailing the student’s plan for the senior project must be submitted and approved by the faculty mentor prior to registration for the course. Capstone course. Prerequisites: GPA of 3.0 in major courses; senior status; permission of BRDM faculty. (Fee: $35) BRDM-4930 Internship 3–12 hours Students are placed with media companies to gain experience in actual career situations. The work must be done under the supervision of an employee of the company approved by the faculty mentor. Students should discuss this option with their advisors at least one semester prior to the internship. Internship agreements must be signed by the student, job supervisor, and faculty mentor for the experience. Internships depend upon availability and approval by the media faculty. Capstone course. Prerequisites: GPA of 3.0 in major courses; junior or senior status; approval by the electronic media faculty. Communication Studies (COM) COM-1100 Fundamentals of Speech –Fa, Sp 3 hours Public speaking and strong verbal communication skills are critical components of many careers. Students learn to inform others about ideas, advocate for a position, work in groups and teams, listen and critique messages, and practice conflict resolution. These skills are imperative to prepare students for an increasingly diverse workforce. COM-1120 Honors Speech –Fa 3 hours Exposes students to and prepares them for competition in the three general areas of intercollegiate forensic competition: oral interpretation (prose, poetry, dramatic-duo), public speaking (persuasion, informative, communication analysis), and limited preparation events (impromptu and extemporaneous speaking). Prerequisites: Audition; permission of instructor. COM-1150 Communication Seminar –Fa, Sp 1 hour A foundational seminar to provide students with a background in the discipline of communication and an orientation to the professional standards of the discipline. COM-1230 Voice for the Performer –Fa 3 hours See course description for THTR-1230 Voice for the Performer. COM-2000 Persuasive Theory –Fa 3 hours Methods of applying contemporary communication theories on attitudes, involvement, and change are studied along with classical positions on the principles and methods of attitude change and advocacy. 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