2022-23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

PWID-4130 Instructional Design I –Fa 3 hours Teaches technical communicators how to employ technology and learning theory in developing adult training courses. PWID-4140 Instructional Design II –Sp 3 hours This course provides students with the opportunity to delve deeper into the art and science of instructional design by focusing on educational technology in general and e-learning tools, techniques, and practices specifically in use in today’s corporate environment. The course also investigates the topics of knowledge management, performance support and human capital management in order to give students a well-rounded introduction to the contemporary practice of non-traditional instructional design. Prerequisites: PWID-4130 Instructional Design I or permission of instructor. PWID-4150 Writing for Publications –Sp 3 hours Writing for Publications prepares students to manage a publication from conception until it is published. Students will develop an editorial strategy, write content, edit content from other writers, and manage the process until the document is published. Students will also explore how to market the publication. Prerequisite: Senior status or permission of instructor. PWID-4160 Professional Writing Internship –Su 3 hours Students will participate in a work-study program approved and administered by the department in which advanced Professional Writing and Information Design students receive a variety of job- related experiences in a communication environment. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. PWID-4170 Special Topics –Sp 3 hours Students will study a selected topic(s) at the 4000-level. The flexibility of this course allows the faculty to meet the ever- changing nature of technical communication. Possible topics include project management, professional presentations, research methods, ethics in PWID, or other topics presented by faculty or requested by students. Prerequisites: PWID-2130 Introduction to Professional Writing; PWID-3010 Style and Mechanics for Writers Capstone course. PWID-4230 1–3 hours Independent Study in Technical and Professional Communication –Fa, Sp, Su Independent study for junior and senior-level PWID majors with special interests and demonstrated ability. School of Education Course Descriptions Primary (P–5) Education (EDEC) EDEC-2100 2 hours Fine Arts in the Classroom –Fa, Sp An overview of the use of art and music to enhance the Primary (P–5) classroom. A strong emphasis on practical techniques and projects for personal expression based on an understanding of the importance of art and music at the system, school, classroom, and individual levels. Prerequisite: EDUC-1000 The Education Profession. (Fee: $20) EDEC-2300 Phonics and the Reading Process –Fa, Sp 4 hours The study of phonics and the place of phonics in the overall reading program. The course addresses multisensory strategies for reading, spelling, and writing instruction. It provides the scientific definition of dyslexia, its common characteristics standardized by the IDEA, and the most effective research-based methodologies to address the instructional needs of individuals with dyslexia. Special emphasis on literacy and reading readiness. Prerequisite: EDUC-1000 The Education Profession. EDEC-3200 1 hour Faith and Learning Alignment (P–5) –Fa, Sp An introduction into the principles and practices of biblical integration in the P–5 school setting. Course examines the theological and theoretical foundations of biblical integration and prepares the teacher candidate to align curriculum and instructional techniques to their grade level and educational setting. Crosslisted with EDUC-3200 Faith and Learning Alignment (4–12). Prerequisite: EDUC-3100 Philosophical Foundations of Education. Corequisite: Enrollment in appropriate methods of teaching course for licensure area. EDEC-3500 Primary (P–5) Education –Fa, Sp 3 hours An introductory descriptive overview of current primary (P–5) education, including various approaches, programs, and curricula. Emphasis on the development, implementation, and evaluation of primary programs. This course requires a current Ohio FBI Background Clearance Report to be on file with the School of Education for the duration of the field experience. Prerequisite: admission to the Teacher Education Program. Corequisite: other courses in the Primary (P–5) Methods I block. (Fee: $10) EDEC-3600 3 hours Issues in Primary (P–5) Administration –Fa, Sp An examination of program issues important to both teachers and administrators. Includes examination of models for leadership and for developing and maintaining personal and community working relationships. Prerequisite: admission to the Teacher Education Program. Corequisite: other courses in the Primary (P–5) Methods I block. EDEC-3800 4 hours Teaching Primary (P–5) Language Arts –Fa, Sp An introduction to the objectives, skills, instructional strategies, teaching aids, resource materials, and assessment techniques for teaching reading and the language arts to the primary (P–5) student. An associated clinical experience provides theory-driven application. Prerequisite: admission to the Teacher Education Program. Corequisite: other courses in the Primary (P–5) Methods I block. (Fee: $30) EDEC-3900 Kindergarten Field Experience –Fa, Sp 1 hour An observation and participation experience focusing on classroom routines and instruction in a kindergarten or preschool classroom. Designed to give a practical, field-based perspective to all of the courses in the primary (P–5) methods 1 block. Prerequisite: admission to the Teacher Education Program. Corequisite: other courses in the Primary (P–5) Methods I block . (Fee: $45) EDEC-3950 Primary (P–5) Field Experience I –Fa, Sp 3 hours Teacher candidates spend three mornings per week for 14 weeks in a classroom for grades 1–5. The implementation of reading and language arts objectives, skills, strategies of instruction, teaching aids, and resource materials is practiced in a University-supervised setting. Prerequisite: admission to the Teacher Education Program. Corequisite: other courses in the Primary (P–5) Methods I block. (Fee: $45) EDEC-3990 1–3 hours Independent Study in Primary (P–5) Education –Fa, Sp, Su An investigation of contemporary topics in primary (P–5) education through reading, writing, or creative projects. EDEC-4000 2 hours Reading in the Content Areas: Primary (P–5) –Fa, Sp An introduction to the dimensions, strategies, and programs for learning and teaching the reading process, assessment techniques, and instructional strategies to increase comprehension of the textual material of the various content disciplines taught in the Primary (P–5) grades. Prerequisite: successful completion of the Primary (P–5) Methods I block. Corequisite: other courses in the Primary (P–5) Methods II block. 2022–23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Page 255 Course Descriptions PWID-4130 – EDEC-4000 EDUCATION