2022-23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

EGCE-3710 Transportation Engineering –Fa 3 hours Transportation systems; transportation planning and future development; design and analysis of transportation facilities including traffic operations, highway geometry, and pavement. Prerequisites: EGCE-2410 Civil Engineering Materials. EGCE-3910 Civil Engineering Management –Sp 2 hours This course focuses on engineering economics, project management, human resource management, contracting, and legal considerations related to professional civil engineering practice. Prerequisites: ECON-2110 Essentials of Economics; EGCE-1920 Introduction to Civil Engineering. EGCE-4220 Hydrology –Sp 3 hours Applications-focused introduction to engineering hydrology and hydrologic design covering a range of important surface and groundwater hydrological processes. Includes statistical analyses in the context of hydrologic problem-solving, components of the hydrologic budget, hydrograph analysis and routing, groundwater hydrology, urban hydrology, and hydrologic modelling. Prerequisites: EGCE-3210 Intro to Hydraulic Engineering. EGCE-4510 Reinforced Concrete Design –Fa 4 hours Extension of structural design techniques to the design of concrete structures and elements. concrete technology, analysis and design of reinforced concrete beams, slabs, columns, footings, and walls. Different types of reinforced concrete floor systems and the fundamentals of prestressed concrete structures. Structual loadings, including wind and seismic loadings. Includes integrated lab component with design, build and test activities and the use of computer based design software. Course includes major class project. Prerequisite: EGCE-3520 Design of Steel Structures. (Fee:$100) EGCE-4520 Design of Wood Structures –Sp 3 hours Extension of structural design theory to cover design of wooden structures. Examination of both ASD and LRFD design criteria and both national and international design codes. Includes structural detailing and computer based structural analysis. Prerequisities: EGCE-3520 Design of Steel Structures (Fee:$100) EGCE-4610 Design of Water Treatment Systems –Fa 4 hours Design of systems for the delivery of safe and reliable water supplies and the effective treatment of wastewater. Includes coverage of topics such as water processing, distribution, wastewater collection, wastewater treatment and sludge processing. Integrated lab includes the development of assessment techniques for the evaluation of water quality, and system function. Prerequisites: BIO-2210 Microbiology EGCE-3220 Design of Water Distribution Systems; EGCE-3610 Environmental Engineering. (Fee:$100) EGCE-4620 3 hours Environmental Management and Policy Development –Sp Course focuses on developing a comprehensive understanding of existing environmental laws and institutions related to environmental policy. The course includes a historical overview of environmental law and policy, current requirements, and emerging policy issues both within the United States and at broader international levels. The course includes coverage of public trust doctrine, environmental impact assessment, pollution control, water resources, climate change, population, and biodiversity. Prerequisite: EGCE-3610 Environmental Engineering. EGCE-4810 Civil Engineering Senior Design I –Fa 3 hours This is the senior capstone design project for civil engineers. Student teams work on a design project to find a solution consistent with stated specifications using principles studied in previous courses. Work will include writing a proposal and performing background research during a mid-term design review and end-of-semester formal oral presentation. A progress report is also required at semester’s end. Prerequisite: completion of one Level II civil engineering design elective; and EGCE-3110 Geotechnical Engineering. (Fee:$100) EGCE-4820 Civil Engineering Senior Design II –Sp 3 hours This is a continuation of EGCE-4810 Civil Engineering Senior Design I. Students are required to present an end-or-semester formal oral presentation. A final report is also required at semester’s end. Prerequisite: EGCE-4810 Civil Engineering Senior Design I. (Fee:$100). EGCE-4910 Civil Engineering Practice –Sp 1 hour Course aimed at providing students with an understanding of professional civil engineering practice in contemporary society. Regular classroom discussions will be supplemented by visiting professional engineers who will share practical insights from their professional experience. Issues will include professional licensure, ongoing professional development, workplace practice, and legal issues. Several case studies of recent engineering projects will be included to illustrate issues. Prerequisite: senior standing and students must be scheduled to graduate prior to the end of calendar year. EGCE-4920 Intrastucture for Developing Contexts –Sp 3 hours Course focuses on the creation and implementation of infrastructure development plans for under-developed contexts. Topics include needs identification and assessment, appropriate technology theory, cultural adaptaion, resouce management, regulatory controls and legal issues, and long-term sustainability. Prerequisites: EGCE-3220 Design of Water Distribution Systems; EGCE-3410 Construction Engineering; EGCE-3520 Design of Steel Structures. (Fee:$100) Computer Engineering (EGCP) EGCP-1010 Digital Logic Design –Fa, Sp 3 hours Introduction to digital logic design, number systems, Boolean algebra, Karnaugh maps, computer simulation tools, combinational network design, flip flops, counters, state machines, and sequential networks. Circuits are designed in class and are built and evaluated in the laboratory. Two lecture hours and one two-hour laboratory per week. (Fee: $100) EGCP-2120 Microcontrollers –Fa 3 hours Introduction to the fundamentals of microcontrollers and embedded systems, including microcontroller architecture, assembly and C programming, peripheral interfacing, data communications, and the cybersecurity concerns associated with microcontrollers and embedded systems.. Prerequisite: EGCP- 1010 Digital Logic Design; CS-1210 C++ Programming. (Fee: $100) EGCP-3010 Advanced Digital Logic Design –Sp 3 hours Advanced treatment of digital logical design techniques and practices with emphasis on rapid electronic prototyping and effective use of advanced computer-aided design tools; schematic, textual, and VHDL design entry; arithmetic circuits, advanced finite-state machines, and advanced controller implementations. Three lecture hours per week with periodic integrated laboratory; multiple projects and laboratory experiences including a class design contest usually involving a robot. Prerequisites: EGCP-1010 Digital Logic Design; CS-1210 C++ Programming; junior status or permission of instructor. (Fee: $100) EGCP-3210 Computer Architecture –Sp 3 hours Introduction to computer architecture with an emphasis on hardware, RISC vs. CISC, pipeline and vector processing, I/O, and memory hierarchy including caches. Students design and construct a small microprocessor using a logic simulator and then write an assembler for their processor. Prerequisites: EGCP-1010 Digital Logic Design; CS-1210 C++ Programming. Page 264 2022–23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Course Descriptions EGCE-3710 – EGCP-3210 ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER SCIENCE