2022-23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

CWRT-3040 Poetry –Fa 3 hours Provides guided practice, instruction in craft, constructive criticism, and a supportive atmosphere. Students should leave the course with more confidence about how to read and write poetry, as well as knowledge of the tradition, issues, and forms of poetry. Prerequisite: ENG-1400 Composition; CWRT-2220 Introduction to Creative Writing. CWRT-3050 Creative Nonfiction –Fa 3 hours Intensive study in writing literary nonfiction. Course focuses on sub-genres in contemporary nonfiction: the personal essay, autobiography/the memoir, the short, reportage. Workshop and conference approach. Prerequisite: ENG-1400 Composition; CWRT-2220 Introduction to Creative Writing. CWRT-3240 Directed Writings –Fa, Sp 1–3 hours Students will work in close consultation with a faculty member on the creation and production of a significant project in one of the following genres: poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction. Upper-level literature courses cannot be used as a substitution for the general education literature requirement. Prerequisite: any 3000-level creative writing workshop. CWRT-4220 Creative Writing Capstone I –Fa, Sp 3 hours Course provides an opportunity to produce and workshop an original body of work in a genre of your choice. Workshop environment will be rigorous and diagnostic, but also supportive. Prerequisite: any 3000-level creative writing workshop. CWRT-4221 Creative Writing Capstone II –Fa, Sp 3 hours Course provides an opportunity to produce and workshop an original body of work in a genre of your choice. Workshop environment will be rigorous and diagnostic, but also supportive. Prerequisite: CWRT-4220 Creative Writing Capstone I. English (ENG) ENG-0900 Composition Workshop –Fa, Sp 1 hour This course prepares students for university-level, academic writing by focusing on the rhetorical situation and exposing students to a wide variety of writing situations for which appropriate audiences, purposes, genres, stances, and mediums must be ascertained. The course aids students with various writing assignments by workshopping drafts in process for composition and other courses across the curriculum. While the rhetorical situation and writing process are emphasized, grammar will be a major focus as well. Co-requisite: ENG-1400 Composition; or permission of instructor. ENG-1400 Composition –Fa, Sp 3 hours Designed to assist the student in developing the skills necessary to meet the demands of typical writing situations, both academic and professional. The course will introduce the student to the common expository writing methods of description, narration, analysis, persuasion, and research presentation. (Fee: $25) ENG-2020 2 hours Career Development for the English Major –Sp Course will orient students to the marketplace value of an English major. Topics will include skills and personality assessment, career exploration, and the development of a theology of vocation. ENG-2070 Fundamentals of English Grammar –Fa 3 hours This course is a foundational course for preservice language arts educators and is a prerequisite for Advanced Grammar. It covers forms and functions of words, pronoun/antecedent agreement, subject/verb agreement, and pedagogy. ENG-2120 3 hours History of Rhetorical Theory and Literary Criticism –Sp A study of the rich philosophic heritage of the West, this course is designed to familiarize students with the writers whose works have shaped rhetorical theory and led to the literary critical canon. We will examine three major questions: What are the functions of rhetoric and literature? What are the intersections between the two? How do we evaluate each? Featured writers will include Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Blair, Grimke, Cady Stanton, Burke, and Bakhtin. Prerequisite: ENG-1400 Composition. ENG-2230 Advanced Composition –Fa, Sp 3 hours An advanced treatment of the composing process, particularly related to the planning, drafting, revision, and final composition of essays. Writing workshops and peer evaluations are included. Prerequisite: ENG-1400 Composition. ENG-3010 Style and Mechanics for Writers –Fa, Sp, Su 3 hours Students will learn to apply reliable principles to make writing clear, concise, coherent, and cohesive. (Crosslisted with PWID- 3010 Style and Mechanics for Writers) Prerequisite: ENG-1400 Composition. ENG-3060 The English Language –Fa 3 hours Historic treatment of the growth and change in the English language with some attention to the ideologies implicit in the development of variant conventions. Prerequisite: ENG-1400 Composition. ENG-3070 English Grammar –Fa, Sp 3 hours In this course, students will study the conventions of the English language, which include the grammar and syntax of standard English. Students will use Reed and Kellogg traditional sentence diagrams to analyze and to represent the syntax of English sentences. The course also includes discussions about contemporary usage. Required of all majors with English as a teaching field. Prerequisite for adolescent and young adult language arts majors only: ENG-2070 Fundamentals of English Grammar. ENG-3180 Visual Rhetoric –Fa 2 hours In this course, students will practice reading visuals as texts, as well as producing visuals that serve as effective texts by balancing ethos, pathos, and logos in ways persuasive to specific audiences. This course seeks to illuminate connections between contemporary visual practices and classical rhetorical theory. ENG-3200 Practicum in Writing Instruction –Sp 2 hours This course is designed to explore and practice the various methods and theories essential to the teaching of written expression. Course content includes discussion of and practice with the CCSS (Common Core) writing standards, the writing process, and assessment of student writing. ENG-3333 Internship –Sp 1–3 hours Department-approved work-study program for advanced English majors or minors to receive academic credit for a career development opportunity in a job related to an English field. ENG-3550 Writing Center Theory and Training –Sp 2 hours Designed to orient students to writing center theory and practice. Will train students for employment opportunities in the writing center. Prerequisite: ENG-1400 Composition; permission of instructor. ENG-4230 Independent Study in English –Fa, Sp 1–3 hours Independent study in a selected field for students with special interests and demonstrated ability. 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