2022-23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

PFMU-3210 Jubilate –Fa, Sp 0–1 hours Ministry team of 40 select voices; open to all students by audition. Repertoire is selected from a wide spectrum of musical styles in evangelical traditions. Meets twice a week. Annual tour spring semester. PFMU-3220 Worship Ensemble –Fa, Sp 0–1 hours Ministry team of 8–10 singers, instrumentalists, and technicians; open to all students by audition. Repertoire is contemporary Christian and praise and worship music. Group will tour on behalf of the University throughout the school year and during breaks. Prerequisite: admission by audition only. PFMU-3650 Chamber Ensemble –Fa, Sp 0–1 hours The performance of representative literature in a variety of instrumental and vocal settings. Groups are normally student- formed and faculty-led and can be either homogenous (all strings, all brass, etc.) or heterogeneous. NOTE: An instructor must be designated for a group before any of its members register for this course. Prerequisites: permission of instructor; approval of the chair. PFMU-3800 Concert Chorale –Fa, Sp 0–1 hours The Concert Chorale is a group of 60 select voices. Repertoire is chosen from a wide spectrum of musical styles, including choral masterpieces, sacred classics, anthems, spirituals, and tasteful contemporary works. Numerous concerts are presented each year on campus as well as in churches, schools, and other venues. PFMU-3820 Men’s Glee Club –Fa, Sp 0–1 hours The Men’s Glee Club has a membership of 50 voices, selected by audition. Literature includes traditional sacred and secular music from the Renaissance throughout the 20th century. Several concerts are presented each year on campus as well as in churches, schools, and other venues. PFMU-3840 Women’s Choir –Fa, Sp 0–1 hours The Women’s Choir consists of 50 treble voices, selected by audition. Repertoire embraces all historical periods and styles with performances on campus, in schools, in churches, and in civic meetings. PFMU-3850 Opera Ensemble –Fa 0–1 hours The coaching, staging, and performance of operatic literature in scenes, recitals, or full-scale productions. PFMU-3880 Brass Choir –Fa, Sp 0–1 hours The Brass Choir of select instrumentation consists of 20 to 25 members. It serves the University and its constituency by performing concerts featuring the highest quality brass choir literature. Major concerts are performed each semester. PFMU-3940 University Orchestra –Fa, Sp 0–1 hours The Orchestra is composed of string, wind, brass, and percussion players selected by audition. The group performs challenging, high-quality literature in concerts on campus and has opportunities to minister in local churches. PFMU-3970 Wind Symphony –Fa, Sp 0–1 hours The wind symphony is composed of 50–60 members, selected by audition. The ensemble performs a wide variety of wind literature and participates actively in the commissioning and performance of new music. The ensemble presents two concerts per semester and performs additional concerts and events both on and off campus. PFMU-3980 Jazz Band –Fa, Sp 0–1 hours The Jazz Band has a membership of approximately 16 musicians, selected by audition. The group performs Big Band music and contemporary jazz standards. The band is active in both campus and off-campus activities. Music Private Study (PLMU) Private instruction for credit in piano, voice, guitar, orchestral and band instruments, and composition is available to all music majors. Private lessons are open to non-majors, also. Inquiries about non-major lessons should be directed to the administrative assistant in the Department of Music and Worship. Credit in performance lessons is based on a minimum of six hours of practice and one half-hour lesson per week for one hour of credit. An audition is required for initial registration. Continued registration is based on satisfactory progress as determined each semester by the instructor. (Fees: private lesson fee $300 and practice room fee $100 per credit hour) PLMU-1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 Organ 1–2 hours PLMU-1100, 2100, 3100, 4100 Piano 1–2 hours PLMU-1200, 2200, 3200, 4200 Voice 1–2 hours PLMU-1300, 2300, 3300, 4300 Trumpet 1–2 hours PLMU-1310, 2310, 3310, 4310 Trombone/Baritone Horn 1–2 hours PLMU-1320, 2320, 3320, 4320 French Horn 1–2 hours PLMU-1330, 2330, 3330, 4330 Tuba 1–2 hours PLMU-1400, 2400, 3400, 4400 Clarinet 1–2 hours PLMU-1410, 2410, 3410, 4410 Flute 1–2 hours PLMU-1420, 2420, 3420, 4420 Saxophone 1–2 hours PLMU-1430, 2430, 3430, 4430 Oboe 1–2 hours PLMU-1440, 2440, 3440, 4440 Bassoon 1–2 hours PLMU-1500, 2500, 3500, 4500 Violin 1–2 hours PLMU-1510, 2510, 3510, 4510 Viola 1–2 hours PLMU-1520, 2520, 3520, 4520 Cello 1–2 hours PLMU-1530, 2530, 3530, 4530 Bass 1–2 hours PLMU-1550, 2550, 3550, 4550 Harp 1–2 hours PLMU-1600, 2600, 3600, 4600 Guitar 1–2 hours PLMU-1700, 2700, 3700, 4700 Percussion 1–2 hours PLMU-1800 Private Lessons in Composition –Fa, Sp 1 hour PLMU-1810, 2810, 3810, 4810 1–2 hours Contemporary Piano –Fa, Sp Prerequisites: music or worship student, or instructor approval. PLMU-1820, 2820, 3820, 4820 1–2 hours Contemporary Voice –Fa, Sp Prerequisites: music or worship student, or instructor approval. PLMU-1830, 2830, 3830, 4830 1–2 hours Contemporary Guitar –Fa, Sp Prerequisites: music or worship student, or instructor approval. PLMU-2800, 3800, 4800 Music Composition 1–2 hours PLMU-3900 Junior Recital 1 hour Music major performance emphasis students should register for this course the semester they are ready to present their junior recital. Program is presented in a half recital format. (Fee: $50) PLMU-3920 Junior Composition Project –Fa, Sp 1 hour The culminating project for juniors majoring in musical compositon. This project is akin to a half-recital and will consist of a substantial compositon for a large ensemble. Prerequisite: junior status. Corequisite: PLMU-3800 Private Lessons in Composition. PLMU-4900 Senior Recital 1 hour Music majors should register for this course the semester in which their recitals are to be presented. Capstone course. (Fee: $50) PLMU-4920 Senior Project –Sp 1 hour The capstone project for the B.A. in Music degree. Students may register for this course at the same time as Senior Seminar. (Fee: $75) Page 290 2022–23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Course Descriptions PFMU-3210 – PLMU-4920 MUSIC ANDWORSHIP