2022-23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

THMU-4100 Counterpoint –Sp 3 hours A survey of polyphonic music from the 18th to the 21st centuries including the analysis and composition of species counterpoint examples, canon, a fugal exposition, and a modern composition. Students will especially focus upon contrapuntal techniques utilized in contemporary choral and instrumental music. Prerequisite: THMU-2220 Music Theory IV or permission of instructor . (odd years) THMU-4110 Form and Analysis –Sp 3 hours The analysis of musical examples illustrating the primary structural concepts operative within compositions dating from 1600 to the present. Emphasis will be placed upon the relationship between musical form and performance. Using varied analytical techniques, students will particularly focus upon repertoire composed for their performance instrument. Prerequisites: THMU- 2220 Music Theory IV; THMU-2320 Aural Skills IV. (even years) THMU-4130 Orchestration –Fa 2 hours Designed to develop skills in scoring music for various instrumental groups. Prerequisite: THMU-2220 Music Theory IV. (Fee: $30) (odd years) THMU-4140 Choral Arranging –Fa 2 hours Study of arranging for the choral medium. Includes principles of arranging for children, youth, and adult choirs. Special attention given to arranging for large and small choral ensembles with a variety of forms of accompaniment. Prerequisite: THMU-2220 Music Theory IV or permission of instructor. (Fee: $30) (even years) THMU-4990 1–3 hours Independent Study in Theory/Composition Independent and intensive study in a particular area of music theory or composition for individual students who demonstrate special interests and ability. Repeatable up to three credits. Music Technology (TYMU) TYMU-2510 3 hours Introduction to Digital Music Production –Fa This course is a survey of music technology tools and techniques including an introduction to the digital audio workstation, digital audio editing, MIDI editing and programming, and virtual instruments. Prerequisites: THMU-1010 Introduction to Music Theory and Aural Skills or successful completion of the Music Theory Entrance Exam; or permission of the instructor. (Fee: $45) (even years) TYMU-2520 Music Production Techniques –Sp 3 hours This course focuses on laptop recording and editing, giving students skills necessary to record and mix their own arrangements and compositions. Students will use a guerrilla recording approach to create singles and albums. Prerequisites: TYMU-2510 Introduction to Digital Music Production; or permission of the instructor. (Fee: $45) (even years) TYMU-3510 Electronic Music Production –Fa 3 hours Students will learn music production techniques related to electronic and ambient genres. Using appropriate synthesizer sound design, sampling, MIDI programming, and mixing techniques, students will produce several original projects in modern electronic genres. Prerequisites: TYMU-2520 Music Production Techniques; or permission of the instructor. (Fee: $45) (odd years) TYMU-3520 Scoring for Digital Media –Sp 3 hours This course focuses on film-scoring techniques using live instruments and electronics. Students will create music for a variety of media including film, websites, and radio. Prerequisites: TYMU-3510 Electronic Music Production or permission of the instructor. (Fee: $45) (odd years) Worship (WSHP) WSHP-1010 Introduction to Worship Ministry –Fa 1 hour This course is designed to be an introductory course to the field of worship ministry. It will provide the student with an examination of current practices in worship ministry, an overview of the worship degree at Cedarville, the character of a worshipper, the role of a worship leader, and career opportunities. WSHP-1020 Introduction to Worship Technology –Sp 2 hours This course is designed to be an introductory course to the field of worship technology. It will explore the basic technologies and concepts that are needed in worship ministry today, including audio, graphics, video, copyright, and ministry team building. (Fee: $50) WSHP-2060 Music and the Arts in Worship –Fa 3 hours An introduction to and overview of the philosophy and history of church music ministry in the evangelical tradition, including the biblical foundation of worship and music, the philosophical foundations for various worship approaches, the application of biblical principles to past and present traditions, and biblical, cultural, and practical principles for worship and praise ministries. WSHP-2100 Worship Forum –Fa, Sp 0 hour A once-per-semester seminar designed to expose students to various aspects of worship ministry. The seminar may take the form of a lecture or masterclass. Crosslisted with CHMU- 2100 Church Music Seminar. Prerequisites: worship major or permission of instructor. WSHP-2200 Worship Field Experience –Fa, Sp, Su 1 hour Initial field experience in a local church or parachurch organization. Students are responsible for finding a place of ministry involvement to begin developing music ministry skills. Supervision will be provided by an on-site staff member. Prerequisites: worship major or permission of instructor. WSHP-3100 Worship Practicum –Fa, Sp 0–1 hours This course is designed to help students refine their worship leadership abilities. Students will be given in-class and out-of- class worship leading assignments. Current trends and advanced worship leading topics will also be discussed. Prerequisites: junior-level status; church music or worship major; or permission of instructor. WSHP-3200 Worship Administration –Sp, 3 hours This course will study various methods of organizing and administering the total worship program of the church. This course introduces materials and methods for teaching and supervising ensembles. Students will examine, staff, finances, buildings, public relations, and leadership skills necessary to successfully fulfill one’s calling. WSHP-4900 Worship Internship –Fa, Sp 3–9 hours Intensive field experience in worship leadership. Place of service is determined by student interest, recommendation of supervising faculty, and by sponsoring organization (typically a local church congregation). Students must apply for internships and receive endorsement from the advisor and the chair of the department one academic semester before period of service and prior to registering. Students should check with their advisor for complete internship requirements. Repeatable up to nine total hours. Prerequisites: senior-level standing as a worship major, approval by the advisor and department Chair. WSHP-4980 Special Topics in Worship 1–3 hours This is a workshop for students interested in worship leadership and will be offered on a periodic basis depending on instructor availability and student interest. Contact hours will determine the amount of credit given. Prerequisite: topic dependent. Page 292 2022–23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Course Descriptions THMU-4100 – WSHP-4980 MUSIC ANDWORSHIP