2022-23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

NSG-3170 Culture and Health –Fa, Sp, Su 3 hours This course is designed to investigate principles of medical and cultural anthropology in the context of population health. The students will learn by examining situations in which cross-cultural dilemmas emerge from the intersection of culture and health and analyze these situations to derive models for resolution. Prerequisite: junior/senior status or permission of instructor. NSG-3270 1 hour Cross-Cultural Nursing Internship –Fa, Sp, Su Students actively participate in health-related activities in a facility established to provide care for persons in cultures different from the student’s culture. The length of time involved in the internship may vary according to the student’s need for cross- cultural nursing credit hours. Prerequisites: Completion of all junior level nursing courses or permission of instructor. NSG-3800 Nursing Externship –Su 1–4 hours The focus is on exploration of nursing roles within precepted clinical experiences. Students apply critical thinking to promote and restore health using the Cedarville University School of Nursing Curricular Model. Emphasis is given to application of biblical truth in healthcare delivery and in addressing common ethical and legal issues encountered by nurses. Prerequisites: Completion of all junior-level nursing courses. NSG-3930 3 hours Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice –Fa, Sp The research process is studied as an evidenced-based approach to the investigation of nursing and healthcare problems. Basic elements of the research process, including ethical issues, are included and applied to research, research summaries, and clinical practice guidelines. Students evaluate strength of evidence for application to nursing practice. Prerequisites: Junior nursing major status ; PYCH-2610 Statistics. (Fee: $150) NSG-4000 Care of Populations –Fa 6 hours Students focus on contemporary health issues of populations and communities using theoretical models of epidemiology, health promotion, primary healthcare, and public health practice. Students integrate knowledge from the health, social, and nursing sciences to population and community health nursing through targeted assessment, interventions, programs, and advocacy. Prerequisite: senior nursing major status. (Fee: $300) NSG-4020 Leadership and Management –Sp 6 hours The focus is on the development of leadership and management knowledge and behaviors required for the baccalaureate prepared nurse. Special emphasis is given to the biblical framework for leadership and management. Simulated experiences in leadership labs provide opportunities to apply leadership and management principles and theories as providers, managers, and coordinators of nursing care. Prerequisite: senior nursing major status. (Fee: $250) NSG-4030 Complex Care Management –Fa 6 hours Focuses on the nursing management of individuals or groups experiencing complex multidimensional health imbalances. Special emphasis is placed on the growth of personal and professional development with respect to biblical character qualities. Students assume professional nursing roles in a variety of critical care settings working under the supervision of faculty. Prerequisite: senior nursing major status. (Fee: $300) NSG-4060 Transition Into Practice –Sp 6 hours Students assume professional nursing roles (member of profession, provider of care, and manger of care) working under the supervision of faculty, RN preceptors, clinical specialists, and/ or various levels of nurse managers in an assigned clinical area. Students work full time during the course following the preceptor’s schedule and shift, including nights, weekends, and holidays. Prerequisite: completion of all other clinical nursing courses. (Fee: $300) NSG-4170 Cross-Cultural Response –Fa, Sp, Su 1 hour This course is designed to be a culmination course for the cross-cultural nursing minor. Students will learn to connect their personal vision/calling, knowledge, skills, and desire to provide culturally responsive nursing care. Additionally, they will re-examine the Christian worldview of nursing using a biblical foundation and incorporating what they have learned throughout the program. NSG-4800 Independent Study in Nursing –Fa, Sp 1–3 hours Independent learning to secure an extensive background in a specialized area of nursing. May be repeated once. Prerequisite: signed contract between student and instructor in which work to be completed is described. NSG-4950 Seminar in Nursing –Sp 3 hours Capstone course requiring synthesis of previous curricular programming. Students are challenged to integrate a Christian philosophy of nursing as they adopt the role of professional nurse. Students investigate the interplay among political, legal, economic, social, and ethical factors as it affects healthcare. Capstone course. Prerequisite: NSG-4030 Complex Care Management. Corequisite: NSG-4020 Leadership and Management, NSG-4060 Transition into Practice. (Fee: $250) School of Pharmacy Course Descriptions Prepharmacy (PPHR) PPHR-1011 1 hour Profession of Pharmacy–Introduction to Public Health –Sp This course will introduce students to basic public health concepts as they relate to pharmacy. Emphasis will be on understanding the factors that impact community and behavioral health as well as how to effectively plan health promotion activities within a pharmacy setting. PPHR-1012 1 hour Profession of Pharmacy–History and Issues –Fa The profession of pharmacy has a long history, believed to have started in the 9th century around Baghdad, then spreading to Europe as alchemy. This course will explore the history of pharmacy as it diverged from the practice of medicine and how this impacts the practice of pharmacy today and the future of the profession. The course also discusses current issues in pharmacy including ethical research, drug development, introductory practice skills, foundational pharmacy calculations, legal issues, and innovation in pharmacy practice. (Fee: $20) PPHR-2013 1 hour Profession of Pharmacy–Careers I –Fa The profession of pharmacy has experienced tremendous growth in recent history, both in terms of numbers in the profession as well as opportunities. In this course, the student will learn of many career options available to the pharmacist. Practicing pharmacists within different career paths facilitate discussions regarding their areas of expertise and field of practice. (Fee: $50) PPHR-2014 1 hour Profession of Pharmacy–Careers II –Sp Focusing on careers different from those discussed in PPHR- 2013, this course introduces the students to additional career options available to the pharmacist. Students will be exposed to current practicing pharmacists to gain a more personal perspective of pharmacy today. Practicing pharmacists within different career paths will facilitate discussions regarding their areas of expertise and field of practice. (Fee: $50) Page 294 2022–23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Course Descriptions NSG-3170 – PPHR-2014 PHARMACY