2022-23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

GEOL-3100 Geomorphology –Sp 4 hours The student will study the formation, development, and denudation of the earth’s surface features as a function of rates, processes, and time. Landform analysis will be completed with topographic maps, aerial photographs, and stereo photographs. Prerequisites: GEOL-1110 Introduction to Physical Geology; GEOL-1120 Historical Geology. (Fee: $150) (even years) GEOL-3200 Invertebrate Paleontology –Fa 4 hours Many aspects of the fossil record will be studied including preservation, variation, and identification of fossils. Uses of invertebrate fossils including biostratigraphy, paleoecology, and biogeography will be discussed. Various evolutionary concepts will be presented, including baraminology. Laboratory experiences will include required field trips and identification and recognition of North American fossil species. Prerequisites: BIO-1115 Biology I: Cell Biology; GEOL-1120 Historical Geology. (Fee: $150) (odd years) GEOL-3300 Petrology –Sp 4 hours Students will study the occurrence and origin of sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks and learn how to identify them. Required field trip. Prerequisite: GEOL - 2100 Mineralogy; CHEM- 1120 General Chemistry II (corequisite). (Fee: $500) (even years) GEOL-3400 Structural Geology –Fa 4 hours Mechanics of rock deformation and the study of various structures in all types of rocks. Required field trip. Prerequisite: GEOL-3300 Petrology; GEOL-3100 Geomorphology and PHYS- 2120 General Physics II (corequisites). (Fee:$150) (odd years) GEOL-3600 Readings in Geology –Fa 1 hour Students will read and discuss a current text or series of papers. The purpose is to help the student become more familiar with the geological research and literature. Part of the course requirements may include attending a national or regional GSA conference. Course may be taken up to three times for credit. Prerequisite: GEOL-1120 Historical Geology. (Fee:$150) GEOL-3800 3 hours Philosophy of Science and Research Methods in Geology –Sp By its nature, geological research and its resultant interpretations are heavily paradigm-driven. This course will examine the scientific method and study the development of various scientific paradigms, especially those within geology. Students will learn productive ways to integrate their faith with science and how to apply that to a research method that arrives at conclusions without compromising data. The merits of various models of earth history will be critiqued. Prerequisite: GEOL-1120 Historical Geology; 16 hours of geology courses and junior status. GEOL-4100 Environmental Geology –Fa 4 hours Application of geology to environmental problems such as natural resource extraction, water supply, pollution, waste disposal, landslides, floods, and land use planning. Required field trip. Includes three lectures and one three-hour lab per week Prequisites: GEOL-1110 Introduction to Physical Geology and junior status. (Fee:$150) (even years) GEOL-4200 Stratigraphy and Sedimentology –Sp 5 hours The student will be introduced to principles of sedimentary rock correlation and structure. Emphasis will be placed on how to interpret past rates and processes using clues gained from sedimentary rocks. Required field trip(s). Prerequisite: GEOL-1120 Historical Geology; GEOL-3300 Petrology. (Fee: $500) (odd years) GEOL-4400 Summer Field Camp –Su 6 hours Five weeks of geologic mapping and problem solving in structural geology and stratigraphy. Selected course must be approved by the department Chair (the course will be sponsored by another institution). The course will typically be taken following the student’s junior or senior year. Prerequisites: GEOL-3100 Geomorphology; GEOL-3300 Petrology; GEOL-3400 Structural Geology; and GEOL-4200 Stratigraphy and Sedimentology. GEOL-4700 Professional Geologist Exam Prep –Sp 1 hour A course for reviewing geologic topics in preparation for taking the ASBOG geology-proficiency assessment examination. The review and assessment exam also serves preparation for taking many states’ Professional Geologist registration exam. Prerequisite: Senior status in geology/geoscience. GEOL-4800 Senior Project –Fa, Sp 1 hour A capstone project including geological research, writing, and presentation of results. To be completed during one of the student’s last two semesters of coursework. Course may be taken up to 2 times. Prerequisite: senior status; GEOL-3800 Philosophy of Science and Research Methods in Geology. (Fee: $100) GEOL-4830 Research in Geology –Fa, Sp 2–3 hours Investigation of a geologic research project and its culmination in a scholarly research report (oral and/or written). Submission and approval of a research proposal must precede registration. May be repeated once for credit. Prerequisites: completion of 16 hours in geology; junior status; and permission of instructor. (Fee:$200) GEOL-4880 Topics in Geology –Fa, Sp 1–3 hours Topics of special geological interest that are not in the existing curriculum are selected by the faculty. The topic should provide a logical extension of the student’s academic plan and enhance the student’s educational experience. Prerequisite: completion of 16 hours in geology; junior status; and permission of instructor. GEOL-4900 Independent Study in Geology –Fa, Sp 1–3 hours Supervised independent study of a particular geologic phenomenon. Submission and approval of a research proposal must precede registration. Prerequisite: major in geology; approval of research proposal. General Mathematics (GMTH) Except where noted, general education courses are designed to meet the general education requirements for graduation. These courses will not count toward graduation requirements for majors found in the Department of Science and Mathematics unless they are specifically listed in the curriculum requirements for a major. A student majoring in science or mathematics may take these courses only as electives. However, any course listed for a science or mathematics major or minor may also count toward fulfilling general education requirements. GMTH-0900 Intermediate Algebra –Fa, Sp 2 hours Review of algebraic principles, which are then extended to the solution of polynomial equations, systems of linear equations, rational and radical equations, functional notation, exponential functions, and logarithmic functions with emphasis on computational proficiency. This course is designed to provide the student the opportunity to satisfy the mathematics proficiency requirement. May not be applied toward the 128 semester hours needed for graduation nor toward the science and mathematics quantitative course General Education requirement. GMTH-1010 Introduction to Mathematics –Fa, Sp 3 hours Introduction to mathematical concepts including voting theory, apportionment and fair division, models of population growth, and graph theory. Prerequisite: proficiency in mathematics. GMTH-1020 College Algebra –Fa, Sp, Su 3 hours Introduction to methods of algebraic analysis. Includes (but may not be limited to) many topics of intermediate algebra: the field axioms, linear functions, inequalities, systems of equations, determinants, and quadratic functions. This course, in conjunction with GMTH-1030 Precalculus, is designed to prepare the student for calculus. Prerequisite: proficiency in mathematics; two years of high school mathematics; or permission of instructor. 2022–23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Page 303 Course Descriptions GEOL-3100 – GMTH-1020 SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS