2023-24 Graduate Academic Catalog

2023–24 Graduate Academic Catalog Page 125 Graduate-Level Course Descriptions PHAR-6289 – PHAR-7345 PHAR-6289 Critical Care 2 hours This course prepares the student to manage therapy of patients in a critical care setting. The course will focus on topics and medications found primarily in critical care practice. Reinforcement of principles such as management of hypertension, diabetes, and pain will be addressed with a specific focus on patients who are critically ill. Specialty practice areas such as trauma, medical/ surgical intensive care, and neurocritical care will be reviewed. Prerequisite: P2 standing. PHAR-6290 Managed Care 2 hours This course is designed to provide learners with enhanced education on managed care topics. Emphasis is placed on the pharmacists’ role in population health management of patients within a managed care organization. Prerequisites: P2 standing or approval of instructor. PHAR-6291 2 hours Tropical Medicine and International Health This course will examine commonly occurring parasitic infections that are encountered in the tropical countries of the world. This course will explore the different diseases and potential treatment paradigm for such diseases, and the impact of such diseases on the health and socioeconomic status of developing countries. The course will also address some of the major classes of drugs and non-pharmacological agents that are effective remedies in treating these diseases. In addition, the course will provide background on the role of the pharmacist in the delivery of care to patients in a developing world setting. Prerequisite: P2 standing. PHAR-6292 Nanotechnology in Medicine 2 hours Most of the biological functions happen at nano-scale as our DNA and proteins also fall into this category. This course is designed to identify and quantify the fundamental interactions of nanomaterials with biological systems. The nanotechnology application in medicine offer exciting possibilities which we cannot achieve otherwise. This course is highly recommended for students who wish to pursue their careers/graduate studies in bio-medical engineering, nanosciences, bio- and medical-physics and phamaceutical sciences. Prerequisites: college physics I or general physics I; calculus and dynamical systems for life sciences or calculus I; and general chemistry II; or with the permission from the instructor. (odd years) PHAR-6293 2 hours Genetics: Diseases, Treatments, and Heredity The purpose of this course is to describe the genetic basis for various health conditions including cancer, neurological disorders, addictions, and mental disorders. The course will also describe the basis and treatment of various genetic disorders with a focus on cancer and neurological conditions. The manifestation of these conditions in various populations will also be examined. The final part of the course focuses on technology in genetics including genetic testing, gene therapy, and personalized genomics. Prerequisites: P1 standing or approval by the instructor. PHAR-6295 Post Graduate Training Seminar 2 hours This elective course is designed to help prepare PharmD students with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue postgraduate training and certification opportunities. Emphasis will be placed on the development of a comprehensive professional development plan that includes (at minimum) personal goal setting, self-assessment, employment search strategies, a curriculum vitae, and a letter of intent. Students will also be provided with opportunities to improve both their professional presentation skills and their interviewing skills. In-class discussion and student reflection will also focus on the role of God in our career paths. Prerequisite: P2 standing. PHAR-6900 Independent Study 1-3 hours Research or scholarship designed to give the qualified student the opportunity to complete an original investigation or pursue an area of interest not covered in the existing required or elective PharmD curriculum. The independent study topic and project outline must have prior approval by the assigned faculty member. PHAR-7321 Pain Management and Palliative Care 2 hours Pain is a frequent complaint of individuals of any age and health status who are seeking healthcare. Additionally, with the growth of palliative care in the healthcare industry, pain and symptom management standards of care often differs from general medical management in healthy patients. Because medication therapy management is a large component of both pain management and palliative care, pharmacists with training in these areas can dramatically impact patient outcomes and quality of care. This course will provide an in-depth, case-based, problem-solving approach to pain management and palliative care pharmacotherapy. The knowledge gained through this course will be applicable regardless of what area of practice pharmacy students may choose. Prerequisites: good standing in P2 or P3 year in the School of Pharmacy. (odd years) PHAR-7342 Pharmacy Laws and Regulations 2 hours This course will introduce students to the systems (legislative and regulatory bodies, both state and federal) by which laws and regulations related to the practice of pharmacy are created and/or promulgated, and establish an understanding regarding the historical framework of present laws and regulations. The course will subsequently focus on the laws and rules governing the practice of pharmacy in the state of Ohio as a guide to understanding the same across the nation. Finally, the course will introduce students to, and engage them in, the regulation enforcement and disciplinary roles of the Ohio Board of Pharmacy. Prerequisites: P3 or approval of instructor. PHAR-7343 Care Across the Lifespan 3 hours This course prepares the student to manage pharmacotherapy of patients across the lifespan, with an intentional focus on the practices of pediatrics and geriatrics (commonly referred to as special populations). A focus on dermatologic, rheumatologic, and ocular conditions is also included. The course focuses on the application of principles through team-based learning, peer instruction, simulation and demonstration labs, and expert consultations in a team-taught, multidisciplinary environment. The course vertically integrates pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics pharmacokinetics, anatomy, pathophysiology, therapeutics, patient assessment, epidemiology, administrative and psychosocial-behavioral issues involved in patient care. Overthe-counter, prescription, herbal and non-traditional therapies, and non-drug therapies are specifically included. Prerequisites: P3 or approval of instructor. PHAR-7344 Advanced Bioethics 2 hours This course reviews events, developments, and philosophies of the 20th century that have shaped contemporary bioethics. There will be an emphasis on problem-solving through analyzing case histories and ethical conflicts. The course will seek to prepare students for patient care, practice and research by integrating ethical principles and a Christian worldview in order to better make compassionate, patient-centered decisions. Prerequisites: P3 or approval of instructor. PHAR-7345 Advanced Drug Information 1 hour This course is the second in a series that connects data's creation and relationship to information, followed by the constitution of knowledge and its use in the provision of patient care. The focus of this course will be to expand the foundational knowledge gained in PHAR-6135 to enhance student pharmacists' knowledge through mastery of drug information concepts to enable students to retrieve, evaluate and analyze drug and healthrelated information. Prerequisites: P3 or approval of instructor.