2023-24 Graduate Academic Catalog

2023–24 Graduate Academic Catalog Page 13 Academic Information Continuation as an Active Student Continuation as an Active Student Graduate students maintain active status within their degree program as long as they continue registering for courses and do not exceed their program completion time limit. Graduate students who fail to take courses or otherwise choose not to pursue their graduate education (for example, as a transient student at another college/university) for a period exceeding one calendar year will automatically be retired from the active files of the Office of the Registrar and will be regarded as withdrawn. An application for readmission will be required to reactivate the student’s records. Withdrawal Policy The following procedure must be followed to properly withdraw completely from the University: 1. Notify the Office of the Registrar in person or by telephone of intent to withdraw and complete a withdrawal interview with a representative of the Office of the Registrar. 2. Request a refund for any credit balance on your account from the Cashiers Office after the official withdraw process has been completed and all appropriate adjustments to the student's registration has been completed. See Withdrawal Refunds on page 18. Student transcripts will be marked with the appropriate grade once withdrawal is complete in accordance with established University policy. (See Drop/ Add Policy.) Grading System The following grading system applies to graduate programs. However, only the Doctor of Pharmacy program uses a grade of D. A Indicates excellent achievement by those at the very top of their class. A- Indicates recognition of excellent achievement. B+ Indicates recognition of achievement distinctively above that expected at the graduate level. B Indicates achievement expected of graduate students. B- Indicates achievement somewhat less than that expected of most graduate students. C+ Indicates below average achievement but somewhat more than minimal meeting of the course requirements. C Indicates below average achievement and a minimally satisfactory meeting of requirements. This is the lowest grade for which credit can be earned toward a master’s degree. D Reveals inferior accomplishment and is generally unsatisfactory from the standpoint of course requirements. Except for the Doctor of Pharmacy program, there is no provision for grades of “D” at the graduate level. This is the lowest grade for which credit can be earned toward a professional program degree. F Indicates accomplishment that is inferior in quality and is unsatisfactory from the standpoint of course requirements. Grades at this level will not be accepted for credit toward a graduate degree. AU Given when a course is audited. To receive this notation, the student must attend and participate in the course. No credit is earned. I An “I” signifying “incomplete” is a temporary grade given when a student is unable to complete the work for a course on time because of extraordinary circumstances, such as illness, emergency, or other reasonable cause. This temporary grade does not influence the student’s grade point average. To be considered for an incomplete, the student must be passing the course and have completed the majority of the coursework. An incomplete should not be given merely because a student fails to complete all the course requirements on time. The instructor giving the incomplete will establish an appropriate completion date with the student by using the Incomplete Contract form that is available from the Office of the Registrar. This date may extend to the end of the semester following the one in which the course was taken. If the work is not completed by the end of the following semester, the incomplete will be changed to an “F” and will be calculated as such in the student’s grade point average. INC This notation indicates a “permanent incomplete,” a grade assigned in special situations by the faculty member with the approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies or director of a particular graduate program. This permanent grade does not influence the student’s grade point average. To receive a permanent incomplete, the faculty member should submit the appropriate form to the Vice President for Academics identifying the circumstances warranting this special grade. If a permanent incomplete is awarded, the grade may not be changed at a future date. To receive credit for the course, the student must again register for the course and complete the course requirements. K The notation “K” signifies credit and accompanies courses transferred from other colleges or universities. It has no affect upon cumulative grade point average. CR The mark of “CR” means that credit hours have been earned for a course for which a letter grade was not deemed appropriate during development of the course. Courses for which a “CR” is possible must be so designated prior to the offering of the course. That is, an instructor cannot award a “CR” in a course in lieu of a grade unless that course has been administratively declared as having a “CR” option before the course began. Courses for which a “CR” is awarded do not count in the computation of the grade point average. NC The mark “NC” means that no credit has been earned. Credit hours for which an “NC” has been earned are not used in the computation of grade point averages. W The mark “W” is used to indicate that the student withdrew from the course after the first full calendar week for fullsemester courses (or equivalent time line for accelerated courses) and before the last date to drop the course as indicated in the Drop/Add policy. Z The mark “Z” indicates that the student did not complete the course and did not officially withdraw. A “Z” is treated in the same manner as the “F” grade when figuring the grade point average.