2023-24 Graduate Academic Catalog

2023–24 Graduate Academic Catalog Page 7 Admissions Admissions Admission Decisions Unconditional Admission Graduate and professional practice degree program applicants meeting all stated requirements for a particular graduate program and approved by the program school are granted unconditional degree-seeking admission. Unconditional admission allows students to matriculate and pursue a degree program plan without any restrictions. Students with this type of admission are eligible for University and federal financial aid. Conditional Admission Graduate and professional practice degree program applicants who evidence insufficient preparation in their intended graduate program, or who lack certain supporting documentation required for unconditional admission, may be granted conditional degreeseeking admission by the program school. Conditionally admitted students must meet the stipulations set forth at the time of admission to achieve unconditional admission status. Conditions of admission will be communicated to the student by the academic advisor. Degree-seeking students are eligible for University and federal student aid. Students are permitted to take a predetermined number of credits on a conditionally admitted basis. Each graduate program may determine the number of credits depending on program requirements. Once students meet all the conditions of admission and are admitted to an unconditional status, they may pursue a degree program plan without any further restrictions. Conditions of admission not met by the communicated deadline could lead to dismissal from the program at the end of the term. Academic deficiencies include but are not limited to the following: • Undergraduate degree is from an unaccredited or unapproved institution. • Final, official undergraduate transcript has not been received. (Used to offer conditional admission to current applicants in their final semester of undergraduate study or used to offer conditional admission to late applicants who submit unofficial transcripts. To meet the conditions for admission, a final official transcript would be needed before the student is eligible to register for the subsequent semester.) • Program course deficiencies (may be taken at Cedarville University or other accredited university): A program course deficiency is defined as courses that are lacking in the student’s undergraduate preparation and indicate that the student is inadequately prepared to begin master's or professional doctorate level work as determined by the program director or dean. A course deficiency is not the same as a course prerequisite. • Required entrance examination scores have not been received (includes international student test scores) or need to be retaken for higher score. Note: Program directors may require GRE/GMAT of applicants prior to considering for/approval of conditional admission. Denied Admission Graduate applicants who do not meet the stated requirements for admission to the University and/or the desired graduate program may be denied admission. Applicants may appeal decisions directly to Graduate Admissions for consideration if additional information is provided that addresses the reason for the deny decision. Admissions Apply online at cedarville.edu/gradapply. Admission Criteria Cedarville University invites applications for its graduate and professional practice degree programs from college graduates who are able to present strong academic records and a clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ. All graduate program application requirements may be found under the appropriate graduate program by accessing cedarville. edu/graduate. Applicants must also affirm their commitment to the Cedarville Covenant (cedarville.edu/cedarvillecovenant) and agree to abide by the student standards of conduct. Applicants should review the University’s doctrinal statement (cedarville.edu/ doctrinalstatement) to understand our beliefs and Christian heritage, which serve as the foundation for our community. Cedarville University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, disability, or national origin. Degree Program Admission Admission to Cedarville University graduate degree programs is managed by the associated academic school in cooperation with Graduate Admissions. All admissions are competitive and reflect the judgment of the academic school for which admission is being sought. Those making admission decisions take into account the student’s potential to complete a particular program. For specific information on each program’s criteria for admission, please refer to the respective program’s section of this catalog. Graduate Admissions carefully considers each applicant’s total record, seeking to make decisions that will result in the best fit between the applicant’s interests and abilities as well as the University’s expectations and values. Nondegree and Certificate Program Admission Students who would like to take a graduate course for enrichment or transfer to another graduate program, or who plan to be a part of one of our graduate certificate programs, should complete the appropriate nondegree application. Admission to Cedarville University nondegree and certificate programs is managed by Graduate Admissions. All admissions reflect the judgment of the academic school for which admission is being sought. For specific information on each nondegree or certificate program’s criteria for admission and application process, please refer to the respective program’s section of this catalog and/or the graduate programs admission website. Readmission Cedarville University graduate students who have officially withdrawn, have not been enrolled in graduate courses at Cedarville University for more than one year (12 months), or whose student status has been deactivated for one or more semesters due to academic or student life disciplinary action are considered withdrawn from the University. Those students who want to re-enroll should submit the application for graduate readmission. For information regarding readmission to your graduate program, please contact Graduate Admissions at 937-766-8000 or gradadmissions@cedarville.edu.