2023-24 Graduate Academic Catalog

2023–24 Graduate Academic Catalog Page 99 School of Pharmacy Doctor of Pharmacy Academic Discipline Policies Academic Warning The student may continue to progress in the School of Pharmacy program under this status. The Student Affairs Committee may establish a remediation plan associated with this warning – the completion of which would be required; failure to complete prescribed remediation will result in the student being placed on probation. Academic Probation Academic Probation can take two forms: academic or behavioral/professional. Probation is for anyone who fails to meet the standards of the School of Pharmacy. The student will be subject to and must complete additional corrective action (i.e., remediation) in order to prevent suspension from the program. Students on probation who comply with the remediation plan may be removed from probation status without further penalty. Failure to comply with the remediation plan constitutes grounds for suspension. A student will be placed on academic probation if: 1) their semester GPA is below 2.5; 2) their cumulative GPA is below 3.0 at the end of any semester (except the fall semester of the P1 year); or (3) they receive any combination of two or more final grades of less than a 70% or “C” during any semester, regardless of the semester or cumulative GPA. Students must also repeat any course that is below a 70% and remediate any course that has an individual course component requirement that is not achieved. Academic Suspension Academic Suspension is official notice that the student is no longer recognized as a student in the School of Pharmacy Doctor of Pharmacy program. Suspended students may request reinstatement from the Student Affairs Committee according to the policy listed in our School of Pharmacy Graduate Handbook. A student may be placed on Academic Suspension if: • They complete any three semesters on probation with a cumulative GPA below 3.0 (not including the fall semester of the P1 year). • They receive any of two or more final grades with less than a 70% or “C” in required courses during a semester while they are on probation. • They fail to meet the remediation/course repeat requirements set forth in the previous section. • They fail two APPE rotations during the fourth year of the program. Academic Appeals Suspended students will have the opportunity to appeal to the Student Affairs Committee for reinstatement. Affected students should submit a written appeal for reinstatement to the Associate Dean. An in-person appeal may be requested by the Student Affairs Committee to clarify areas of concern. Further details on the process can be found in the policy listed in our School of Pharmacy Graduate Handbook. Readmission Any student who is suspended for academic reasons must apply and be approved for readmission to the University and to the school or program before enrolling in a future term. Academic Dismissal The Academic Dismissal status refers to any student who is disqualified from continuing at Cedarville University and is not eligible for readmission. A student who is subject to suspension a second time may be permanently dismissed. Academic dismissal is a terminal action. Graduation Requirements Students seeking the PharmD degree must fulfill the following: • Complete all requirements of the PharmD curriculum • Complete all requirements of the PharmD program as outlined in the School of Pharmacy student handbook, notably including: • All professional and spiritual standards of the program • The cross-cultural, extended service (domestic or international experience) • Student organization participation • Professional conference participation • Maintain a minimum graduate cumulative grade point average of 3.0 • Complete all requirements for the PharmD program within six years after matriculation in the program. Intent to Graduate To graduate, whether or not you plan to attend commencement, you must submit an “Intent to Graduate” form and pay any applicable fees. An Intent to Graduate form is available at cedarville.edu/gradintent. You are encouraged to submit your Intent to Graduate at least one semester in advance so that you can be informed of any problems in meeting your degree requirements. After receipt of your Intent to Graduate, the Office of the Registrar will audit your transcript to verify the status of your degree requirements. Upon confirmation of your eligibility to graduate, you will be notified and your name will be added to the list of prospective graduates, as appropriate. The deadline for submitting your Intent to Graduate form is March 1 of the commencement year. After this date, eligibility to participate in commencement will be deferred to the following year. A graduation fee of $125 will be charged to your student account after your eligibility for graduation is confirmed. Walking in Commencement • Students may participate in spring semester graduationrelated exercises (i.e., hooding and commencement) if they have been certified as having completed all graduation requirements at any time since the commencement exercises held the preceding spring. • Students may petition for “early commencement” and “early hooding” (i.e., participation in the exercises prior to being certified as having completed all program requirements) if: • The student has a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 (according to the progression GPA calculation policy of the School of Pharmacy). • The student has remaining not more than 8 semester course credits (the equivalent of 2 APPE rotations) to complete after the end of the spring semester in which exercises they’d like to participate. • The student has an academic plan, approved by the Student Affairs Committee of the School of Pharmacy, for completing the course credits by the end of the following fall semester.