Alumnotes, Fall 2014

We are Jackets! Can you remember the cheers from soccer or basketball games when you were a student? “We are … Jac-kets! We are … Jac-kets!” Or, Coach Kirk Martin ’76 shouting out, “Give me a J! Give me an A! Give me …” You get the picture. Identifying as a Yellow Jacket goes deeper than supporting our athletics. We are proud to be Yellow Jackets because it shows support for Cedarville and the mission on which it was founded. Someone at homecoming this year asked me, “Why are we focusing on athletics with the ‘We Are Jackets’ theme?” Well, consider this: At Ohio State, people consider themselves Buckeyes, whether they are athletes or not. At Texas A&M, they are all Aggies. And at Cedarville, we are ALL Yellow Jackets. As an institution, we rely on alumni support to keep the Yellow Jacket spirit going. On our alumni website, we stress six ways that our alumni can support the University, and most of them have nothing to do with money! PRAY for the students, faculty, and staff as well as the ongoing success of the Cedarville University mission. Pray for President White, the administrative team, and the Board of Trustees. I think the greatest way you can give back is to pray. REPRESENT Cedarville in your community by being a person of character. Tell the story of Cedarville’s impact in your life and encourage high school students to consider attending. I am always amazed at how many of our current students first heard about Cedarville from an alumnus. PARTICIPATE in the life of the University. Attend homecoming and regional events in your area, stay informed by reading Cedarville Magazine , subscribe to the alumni eNews, and communicate with the University. Let us know when you move, get married or have children, or achieve accomplishments professionally. SUPPORT the University financially. Any gift of any size is a vote of confidence in what Cedarville stands for and demonstrates alumni support. We are recognizing how you gave in our annual report included in this issue. We need our alumni to give. Visit giving to support anything you care about with a contribution of any amount. EMPLOY alumni or students when you learn of an internship or position available in your workplace, school, or church. Come back to campus and represent your workplace at one of our career fairs. Contact Jeff Reep ’78, Director of Career Services, if you want to interview some of our amazing students. VOLUNTEER to help plan events in your area, serve on your area’s chapter leadership team, or participate in your class homecoming reunion planning committee. Your support in these areas is highly valued and helps other alumni stay connected to Cedarville. While we want to celebrate our connections through Cedarville University and the joy of being Jackets together, it is an even greater joy to be a part of God’s family, and to honor Him and His Word. As you look for ways to give back to Cedarville and celebrate being a part of an exciting “worldwide family” of Yellow Jackets, let’s remember to do it all “For the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ.” We had a great time celebrating our Jacket family at Homecoming 2014 on October 3–4. If you weren’t able to make it back, consider coming to campus to join us at another time this year. Call us at 1-888-CEDARVILLE if we can help set something up. I look forward to seeing you. Jeff Beste ’87 Director of Alumni Relations A L UMNOT E S FALL 2014 share your news Did you get promoted? Direct a play? Publish your memoirs? Earn a degree? Receive an award? Climb every mountain? Ford every stream? Follow every rainbow ’til you found your dream? Visit for deadlines and to learn how to submit your updates and photos. Alumni Relations Director Jeff Beste ’87 Coordinator for Programming and Campus Events Charity (Patrick) Norman ’11 Coordinator for Communication and Regional Events Rita (Heaton) Geiss ’12 Alumni Council President Geoffrey Walker ‘82 Vice President Tisha (Tapp) Smith ‘01 Secretary Alison (Kearney) Clemans ‘10 Members Nick Awabdy ’94 Shawn Brennan ‘99 Dave Dykema ’91 Todd Fogle ‘92 Lori Greenawalt ‘84 Sandi (Welch) Harner ‘64 Sarah Johnson ‘07 Laura Keeley ’13 Philip Kirby ‘05 Amy (Dennis) Lett ‘09 Jeff Reep ‘78 Latice (Strickland) Spann ’07 Jeff Summerlin ‘83 Kevin Waiters ‘78 DIRECTOR’S CHAIR