Alumnotes, Spring 2014

My, what a winter we have all come through! More than one-third of our alumni live in Ohio, so I know they felt it, but even our friends in the southeast were hit with snow, ice, and frigid temperatures. How many times this winter did you say, “I just want it to be warm”? Sounds like YOU could use a trip to the Caribbean! We are already planning our Friends for Life Cruise for next February. Why not join us? A year ago, nearly 100 Cedarville alumni and friends joined us on the Norwegian Pearl . We had a fun group — young, old, single, and married — and everyone had a great time. Next year, we’d love to see 150 passengers. We will be heading to Belize, Honduras, and Mexico during the first week of February. Think back to all that snow you shoveled in February — wouldn’t you rather be in the Caribbean? Give us a call to learn more! In the middle of one of the worst weather weekends in January, 13 alumni from all over the country came to campus for Alumni Council meetings. You may have heard about this group and wondered what they actually do. The council is made up of people from each decade, from the 60s to the 00s, representing all parts of the country and a variety of majors. Our goal is to have a council that accurately reflects the makeup of our graduates. The Alumni Council is your voice to us. While I am an alumnus, I’ve never left Cedarville so my perception of being a Cedarville graduate is much different than most. The Council helps Alumni Relations evaluate the programs and services we offer and gives us direction for where we need to go. One member of the Council represents us on the Board of Trustees, and every member serves on two of the following committees: Development, Communication, Homecoming, Award Nominations, Diversity, and Regional Events. Are you interested in serving on the Alumni Council? Is there someone you’d like to recommend? Are you interested in joining us next February for our Friends for Life cruise? Or do you just want to see what’s happening with our alumni today? Visit to find all the information you need. It is a joy for me and my staff to serve our alumni. Please contact me, Charity, or Rita if there is something we can do for you. Looking ahead, Jeff Beste ’87 Director of Alumni Relations A L UMNOT E S SPRING 2014 share your news Did you get promoted? Direct a play? Publish your memoirs? Earn a degree? Receive an award? Climb every mountain? Ford every stream? Follow every rainbow ’til you found your dream? Visit for deadlines and to learn how to submit your updates and photos. Alumni Relations Director Jeff Beste ’87 Coordinator for Alumni Programming and Communication Charity (Patrick) Norman ’11 Coordinator for Regional Events and Services Rita Heaton ’12 Alumni Council President Jason Atwell ‘98 Vice President John Wambold ‘95 Secretary Lydia (Baker) Gaddis ‘05 Members Nick Awabdy ’94 Tom Chmura ‘78 Alison (Kearney) Clemans ’10 David Dykema ‘91 Lori Greenawalt ‘84 Sandi (Welch) Harner ‘64 Sarah Johnson ‘07 Amy (Dennis) Lett ’09 Scott Mills ‘92 Tisha (Tapp) Smith ‘01 Latice (Strickland) Spann ‘07 Jeff Summerlin ’83 Kevin Waiters ‘78 Geoff Walker ‘82 MOVING FORWARD TOGETHER