1972 Cedarville College Annual Report

DR. JAMES T. JEREMIAH PRESIDENT ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Dr. Clifford W. Johnson, Academic Dean Mr. Donald W. Rickard, Dean of Students Mr. Kenneth H. St. Clair, Business Manager Mr. Lee C. Turner, Director of Development THE YEAR AT A GLANCE It is expected that every college publish the President's Annual Report. Generally, this report is a rather expensive production pre– pared for a li~ited number of people who have contributed financially to the operation and expansion of the institution. Ce~arville College has what I believe to be a series of exciting achievements and goals worth reporting as an encouragement and challenge to the readers of the College Bulletin. For this reason this entire issue of the Bulletin has been given for the purpose of the report. In this way everyone interested in the program of the College ca.n become acquainted w ith the progress being made and rejoice with us. We anticipate that the following paragraphs will stimulate new and greater interest in this Christian College. We sincerely desire the concern of many who at this moment have not yet been challenged to ioin the ever increasing number of those who are prayerfully and financially supporting the College. This past year has witnessed a great number of spiritual victories experienced in the lives of many of our young people. It appears to me that there is a greater interest in Christian service on the part of our students than anytime during the past several years. A number of our s~udents have participated in the missionary Internship pro– gram. This year 22 students have served in nine different countries. Others are spending a great deal of time in practical Christian service opportunities here in the homeland. Many of our young people have spent hours and travel led many miles to tell the good news of what Christ, _by H~s death and resurrection, has done for all of us. This, we believe, 1s the way it ought to be in a Christian institution. Probab_J~ the greatest academic achievement of the year has been the recogn1t1on by the North Central Association of Colleges and Second– ary Scho?ls, a goal we have been striving to reach for many years. The cand1da1e status of the college in relationship to accreditation is a great step forward but certa!nly not an end in itself. Periodically it is inferred that regional accreditation is a step toward doctrinal. a!1d spiritual compromise. It should be observed, however, that Chnst1an Colleges do not lose their distinctiveness because of accreditation but because Trustees, Administration, and Faculty fail to stand for "the faith once for all delivered unto the saints." The Biblical position of the college is determined by the college and not by the accreditation association. It should be kept in mind that before we can reach the final accredi– tation stage, we must have nearly 50 % of our professors with the earned doctoral degree. One matter most vitally related to our friends "'!ho r_ead this report is the absolute necessity of strengthening the f111anc1al picture of the college. We are confident that interested churches and friends through the next two years wi ll give sacrificially 1972 so that the financial structure will be in keeping with the require– ments of North Central. Believe me, this is imperative, if your College is to achieve the recognition you expect of it. We have been encouraged by reports from a number who have taken this as part of their own personal concern. More of our churches are placing the College on their budgets and some have increased the amount of their monthly contributions. We have reason to believe many others will do likewise. One of the encouraging activities of the year has been the "Walk-a– thon" conducted by the students. This has been a student body project created by them and operated under their direction. Of course, the Trustees, Administration and Faculty have gb.1en their encourage– ment and cooperation. We are thankfu l to God for this student effort which has resulted in a total of some $40,000 for worthwhile projects in relation to Cedarville College. The students voted to tithe this money and use it for the missionary internship program. They have contributed heavily to student loan funds and made a sizable contri– bution to the new science building. It occurs to me that this student– inspired proiect will challenge parents, alumni, churches and business organizations to respond financially with new enthusiasm. We are excited and greatly encouraged by the progress made toward the completion of the new science building. As I write this report, the building is under construction. We have been assured that within the year it wi ll be ready for use by the faculty and students. There is a sizable amount of money yet to be raised in order to completely pay for this building. On another page in this report you wi ll find a current report of what has been given and a challenge for the goal we must yet achieve. We are sure, however, that interested friends wil l continue their contributions toward the construction and financing of this new building so much needed for the academic program of the institution. Each year the financial structure of the College is audited by Lybrand, Ross Brothers and Montgomery. A summary of this report is available upon request. Obv~ously, we do not have room in these few pages to give you details of all that has happened on our campus or is in the plannina stage ~or the future. The best way to learn about the progress o.f Cedarville College is to plan a personal visit to the Colleae. Let me assure you that you will be welcomed by faculty, staff and especially the students. Every effort wi II be made so that you can see the C_ollege as it. is. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you and give you a firslhand report of the spiritual, academic and financia l progres!i of the institution. The paragraphs which follow in this reoort w ill be informative as to the year just completed and the possibility of greater, things _d';.Jring t_he cc?ming. ~onths of the current college year. Won t you 101n us in this exciting and challenging Christian education opportunity for the year ahead?