1974 Cedarville College Annual Report

DR. JAMES T. JEREM IAH PRESIDENT ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Dr. Clifford W. Johnson, Academic Dean Mr. Dona ld W. Rickard, Dean of Students Mr. Kenneth H. St. Clair, Business Manager Mr. Lee C. Turner, Director of Development THE YEAR AT A GLANCE The President's Annual Report is our best opportunity to acquaint our friends with the pro– gress of Cedarville College. We want you to know what is going on. It is with profound grati– tude to God that we can say that far beyond our expectations of a few years ago, we are wit– nessing steady and healthy growth in almost every department of the college. This report will give you some insight into the spiritual, academic, and financial status of this Christian col– lege. The ministry of the Swordbearers, an evangelistic team with a special ministry to teen– agers, the Missionary Internship Service sending over fifty young people to the mission field during the summer months, the choir and other musical groups presenting Christ in the churches , and the public ministry of our faculty and staff all point to the fact that Cedar– vi ll e Co ll ege seeks to make its biblical position known and effective. Increasingly we are at– tempting to make the daily chapel meetings and the Sunday services opportunities for inspi– ration and challenge . During the past year every faculty member, under the direction of the academic dean, has given many hours of time in the preparation of our self-study. We are looking forward to an examination by a team from the North Central Association of Col leges and Secondary Schools. The self-study, prepared by our staff, makes us aware of many of our weaknesses , but we are also encouraged by what we believe to be strengths and evidences of solid growth. During the past year a number of churches and individuals have been added to the list of those who have been supporting the college financially . This giving not only includes gen– eral fund support, but also designated gifts to aid in the complete payment of the new science building . Gifts are continuing to come into the office designated to this fund. The faci lity is completed, fu ll y in use , and within a short time we trust it will be completely paid for. A great number of contributors have become involved in the "Torchbearers", a group of some 800 who contribute Ten Dollars ($10.00) per month to the general support of the college. The paragraphs that fo ll ow wi ll give our readers additional news that we believe wi ll be cha ll enging and exciting. May I encourage you to read this report carefully.