1938-1939 Academic Catalog

CEDARVILLE COLLEGE BULLETIN Published by Cedarville Colleg0 Admitted as second-class matter, April 2, 1!)15, at the Post Office at Cedarville, Ohio. Under Act of Congress of August 2-1, 1912. Volume XXIII. Cedarville, Ohio, April, 1938 ~o. 1 SOHEDULE OF BULLETIN General School Bulletin ------------ _________ issued in January Conservatory Bulletin _____________________ issued in February Summer Bulletin ____________________________ issued in March College Catalogue ___________________________ issued in April Commencement Bulletin ______________________issued in May Annual Report --------------------------------issued in June General Bulletin ______________________________ issued in July General Bulletin ___________________________ issued in August General Bulletin ________________________issued in September Alumni Bulletin __________________________ issued in October General Bulletin ________________________issued in November General Bulletin _________________________ issued in December W. R. McCHESNEY, President, Cedarville, Ohio