1948-1949 Academic Catalog

CORRECTIONS- Due to increased operational expenses the fo llowing rates will become effective September 1, 1948: Tuition One semester, 18 hours maximum ------------------ $150.00 Each semester hour in excess of 18 ---------------- 10.00 Twelve hours or less, per hour ---------------------- 10.00 Extension courses, per hour ------------------------ 10.00 Summer s~ s ion Tuition for five week sess10n (six semester hours, maximum) Other fees - remain the same as listed on pages 16 and 17 Self-help 45 .00 The additional expense to students in financial need may be paid through work in the college cafeteria, officies, maintenance, or farm. Students workers are paid from sixty-five to seventy-five cents per hour depending upon the type of work. Several students at Cedarville are paying nearly all of their expenses by working for the college. High school graduates with no other support than their own earnings should investigate Cedar– ville's self-help program by writing the Dean of Men. Scholarships All scholarships are being increased in proportion with the in– creased tuition. Several new scholarships based on academic record and financial need are available. [