2022-2023 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Mission Statement The Cedarville University School of Education seeks to prepare compassionate, professional educators who are committed to the integration of faith, learning, and life as demonstrated in teaching competence and Christlike character through leadership and service. School Distinctives • Accreditation: Cedarville University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Preparation (CAEP). The University’s teacher preparation programs are approved by the Ohio Department of Higher Education. • Each year approximately 10 percent of the senior education students pursue cross-cultural student teaching experiences. They teach under the supervision of experienced, certified teachers in approved, accredited, overseas institutions. • The University’s award-winning technology resources enable upper-level students to develop lessons and curriculum resource materials for K–12 partner schools. Because of training in the use of educational technology, graduates are sought by schools to help integrate technology into their curricula. • Intensive clinical experiences accompany methods classes. As a result, many schools comment that Cedarville graduates possess experience and confidence uncommon in most firstyear teachers. • Cedarville’s reputation for producing exceptional teachers generates significant demand from school systems. Each year Christian and public schools visit the campus to recruit teacher education graduates. Licensure – Public Schools All programs leading to licensure at Cedarville University are approved by the Ohio Department of Higher Education. Ohio bases its requirements and approval processes on standards set by the Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Preparation (CAEP). Cedarville is a member of CAEP. Teacher candidates who successfully complete the Cedarville University Teacher Education Program, all required licensure exams, application to the state of Ohio, and who have been awarded a degree by Cedarville University will obtain licensure in the state of Ohio. They are also eligible to apply for Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) certification. Cedarville University’s School of Education licensure staff will guide teacher candidates through the licensure process during their final semester. The state of Ohio license may be transferred to any state within the United States, providing all requirements are met for that state. In many cases, students must meet additional requirements (such as additional licensure exams) to obtain licensure for that state. Information regarding each state’s requirements can be found on that state’s Department of Education website. It is important to note that state requirements for licensure transfer often change and information for license transfer should be researched within the year of transfer. The education licensure programs listed in the catalog are subject to revision at any time given changes in national and state requirements for the Teacher Education programs in Ohio, which may also result in adjustment to your graduation requirements. Demographic Profile The demographic profile of program enrollees for the 2021– 2022 reporting period is: African-American 2 Asian 7 Hawaiian/Pacific Islands 0 Hispanic 0 International 4 Two or more 10 White 323 Native American 1 Unknown 3 Male 58 Female 292 Total 350 Personal Requirements Students interested in the Teacher Education Program should enjoy the teaching and learning process and enjoy working with people. The best teachers are those who are lifelong learners and enjoy serving others; they are people who are motivated by making a difference in others’ lives. Cedarville University desires to work with students who are becoming professionals in their treatment of others, in their dispositions, and in responsibility for tasks. Because of the increasingly stringent standards for teachers nationwide, teacher candidates must be able to demonstrate their preparedness to teach by achieving good grades and passing state-mandated assessments for teachers. Cocurricular Opportunities Numerous opportunities exist for tutoring in public schools, mentoring K–12 students, and becoming involved in local church ministries to children and adolescents. In addition, students may choose to join the Student Education Association (SEA). Teacher Education Program Admission Requirements Students admitted to Cedarville University must also make application for formal admission to the Teacher Education Program (TEP) usually in their late sophomore or early junior years depending on the major. To be admitted, students must meet the following requirements at least one semester before enrolling in the first methods of teaching course for their particular program. These requirements apply to all students seeking a degree and/ or license in either middle childhood education, primary (P–5) education, special education, multi-age education, or adolescent/ young adult education (i.e., secondary education). Students seeking a degree/licensure in a program offered by another department should review the requirements of that department as well. Page 98 2022–23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog School of Education Mission Statement