2022-2023 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Global Outreach — Domestic Students have opportunity to join a weeklong team, often over a break, to serve along with ministries in various cities, such as Memphis, New York, Dearborn, and Chicago, seeking to share the Gospel in the inner city, refugee outreach, and practical children’s programs. cedarville.edu/globaloutreach Global Outreach — International Proclaiming the Gospel to the nations while experiencing missions firsthand, our students reach out around the world. Each year during breaks and in the summer, hundreds of students serve assisting missionaries while also discerning God’s direction in their lives. Participants raise their own financial and prayer support prior to leaving and report on their ministries upon returning. Since 1971, thousands of participants have served in 160 countries. Each year opportunities for service include medical, computer, evangelism, engineering, sports, orphan care, teaching English as a second language, music, and physical labor. Every student is encouraged to minister cross-culturally before graduation. Contact Global Outreach for details. cedarville.edu/ globaloutreach HeartSong Ministries HeartSong Ministries communicates the livable reality of the Gospel as seen through genuine worship. Whether at a large conference or small youth event, HeartSong intentionally balances music, Scripture, and life stories to engage audiences in a way that is distinctively Cedarville. HeartSong is excited to reach out to thousands of young people across the country and introduce them to the incredible opportunities available at Cedarville University. cedarville.edu/Heartsong Selecting a Ministry • Consider your interests. Select a ministry that allows you to do something you enjoy. • Consider your vocational goals. There are many ministries that are directly related to the majors offered at Cedarville University. A ministry related to your chosen field can help you decide if you have made the right choice and in some cases may lead to an internship, reference, or employment. • Talk with upperclassmen. Find someone who has experience in the ministry you are considering. • Watch your email for ministry opportunities that will be announced. • Talk with the Christian Ministries staff in the Dixon Ministry Center. They are available to answer questions you might have. cedarville.edu/serve Student Life Cedarville seeks to maintain a culture that reflects the values of the Kingdom of Heaven and the spirit of Jesus Christ. Student Life Programs are designed to support this kind of environment and to contribute to each student’s growth intellectually, spiritually, socially, and physically. In each of these areas, the University recognizes the relevancy and authority of the Bible and accepts it as the final authority for faith and practice. Core values that shape the culture include love for God, love for others, excellence in effort, and integrity in conduct. Spiritual Emphasis The University desires that each student grow in their relationship with Christ. Consequently, students are urged to regularly practice spiritual disciplines including worship, prayer, and Bible study. Daily chapel services provide spiritual encouragement and enrichment. We ask students to maintain the discipline of weekly corporate worship at a local church. Spiritual growth is further encouraged through student prayer groups that meet regularly to pray for special needs. Community Covenant Cedarville recognizes and values the Bible as an authoritative guide for how Christians should live. It also recognizes that God uses community and relationships with other believers to encourage growth. The Cedarville family believes that behavior, as individuals and as a community, should bring honor to God and reflect obedience to His Word. At the beginning of each year, all students are asked to affirm their desire to abide by the following Community Covenant: We are a community of believers accountable to one another, called to reflect the character of Jesus Christ and to be obedient to His Word. We will be faithful in our support for the local church and in our practice of the spiritual disciplines. We will practice biblical principles of encouragement, exhortation, and reconciliation. We commit ourselves to integrity, kindness, purity, and self-control. We commit ourselves to continual growth in scholarship, leadership, and service. Therefore, as a member of the Cedarville community, we regularly affirm our commitment to the Cedarville Covenant: We will love God and others, live with integrity, and pursue excellence in all we do. The student handbook, The Cedarville Experience, is designed to help each student be successful academically, spiritually, and socially. It includes specific prohibitions to behaviors that are either sinful or harmful to this community, such as sexual immorality, use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs, and racial or sexual harassment. It also outlines some of the values that define and shape the culture here, including a simple dress code that seeks to remind students to dress and behave modestly and to take their academic work seriously. The Cedarville Experience can be accessed online at cedarville.edu/studenthandbook. Cocurricular Opportunities A wide variety of cocurricular activities are available for students, regardless of major. For information on the following, please see catalog sections as noted: • Debate – Communication, page 88 • Engineering Competitions – Engineering and Computer Science, page 110 • Speech Team – Communication, page 88 • Math Club – Science and Mathematics, page 191 • Ensembles – Music and Worship, page 154 • Student Radio Station – Communication, page 88 • Theatre – Art, Design, and Theatre, page 51 Page 8 2022–23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Introduction Student Life