2022-2023 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Mission Statement The Cedarville University Department of Psychology seeks to: • Develop understanding of biblical content that has psychological impact and to investigate all psychological concepts in the light of scriptural truth. • Provide an analysis of the person from physical, emotional, rational, and spiritual levels. • Aid students in their personal adjustment to everyday life through an understanding of human behavior. • Prepare students for graduate study in psychology and related areas. • Train students desiring to use counseling in vocational ministry and in biblical counseling contexts. • Introduce students to the work world through internships, Christian ministries, guest lecturers, and advisement. • Provide courses in psychology necessary for teacher certification. Personal Requirements A psychology major or minor is one who is interested in learning about the holistic well-being of individuals, families, and human relationships in society with a reconciliatory goal (2 Cor. 5:18– 20). Such knowledge is applicable personally, relationally, and corporately either in clinical or ministry settings. Department Requirements All psychology majors must obtain a cumulative 2.0 GPA or higher in their major for graduation. Programs of Study The Department of Psychology offers a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major or a minor in psychology. For those majoring in psychology, each student chooses at least one concentration from the following: • Addictions and Chemical Dependency • Child and Family Studies • Comprehensive Counseling • Cross-Cultural Psychology • Health Psychology and Public Health • Interdisciplinary Studies (approval required) • Neuropsychology • Occupational Therapy • Psychological Research The psychology program is particularly useful to students who wish to earn a minor field of study at Cedarville, earn a double major, or take a sequence of courses in preparation for graduate school. Cocurricular Opportunities Psychology majors have the opportunity to present their scholarly work and papers at various academic and professional venues. For example, students have presented at the Ohio Undergraduate Psychology Research Conference, Ohio Psychological Association Annual Conference, Christian Association for Psychological Studies International Conference, and Association for Psychological Science Annual Conference. Students can join the academic organization Psi Kappa Theta (PKT, Psychology with a heart for God), whose mission is to build unity in the psychology department and connect students to each other and their professors. They host educational and social events for students interested in psychology. Technical Resources Psychology students are able to conduct researches and data analyses using, for example, the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS), biofeedback instruments and programs, psychological assessment inventories, and to engage in real or stimulated experiments and projects to enhance learning. Career Opportunities The Cedarville University Department of Psychology has a strong track record in seeing alumni placed in quality graduate psychology and counseling programs, as well as many nonpsychology-specific programs. In addition, graduates of the psychology major find ready placements in human service agencies after graduation. Careers pursued by psychology majors include: • Author • High school teachers and • Behavior specialist administrators M/R populations • Industrial psychologis • Business-professionals • Marriage and family • Chaplain/pastor/minister therapis • Child therapist • Medical doctor • Child life specialist • Missions agency • College counselor counselor • College professor/administrator • Occupational therapists • Correctional institution • Physician assistants counselor • Private practice • Counselor in local church • Psychologist (clinical) • Crisis pregnancy center • School psychologist director • Social agency counselor • Dean of men/women • State hospital counselor • Forensic psychologist • Substance abuse • Geriatric center counselor counselor • Guidance counselor • Many more • Health psychologist in a hospital 2022–23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Page 185 Department of Psychology Mission Statement