2022-2023 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Mission Statement The Cedarville University Department of Science and Mathematics offers curricula in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, geological sciences, the earth-space sciences, and secondary science and mathematics education. The department seeks to present the natural sciences and mathematics as disciplines through which students can learn to understand creation and its Creator. They will learn how to exercise stewardship of this knowledge as professionals who seek to make a difference in their vocations for the glory of God and the benefit of family, church, community, and environment. This department seeks to: • Provide a meaningful learning experience in the sciences and mathematics as part of the liberal arts core curriculum. • Aid students in developing clear and orderly thinking processes through the use of the techniques of science and mathematics. • Assist students in developing a biblical perspective of the sciences, which is essential in understanding controversial issues such as origin of life, biomedical ethics, and genetic engineering. • Prepare students for graduate study or further professional study in the medical, environmental, or agricultural sciences. • Prepare secondary teachers with a biblical perspective of science. • Prepare students to serve in other science-related vocations. Personal Requirements Students who enjoy and excel in high school mathematics and science courses possess the greatest potential for success as graduates of this department. Therefore, to prepare for the mathematics and science curricula, students should take a college preparatory curriculum which includes: • Four units of English • Four units of mathematics (algebra, geometry, and trigonometry) • Four units of science (physical science, biology, chemistry, and physics) • Three units of social science • Three units of a single foreign language • Electives in computers may also be helpful. Programs of Study The Department of Science and Mathematics offers the following programs of study: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in: • Biology • Chemistry • Life Science Education • Mathematics • Chemistry Education • Physics Education • Physical Science Education • Mathematics Education – Integrated • Science Comprehensive Education – Integrated Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in: • Biology • Mathematics • Chemistry • Molecular Biology • Environmental Science • Physics • Forensic Science • Geology Minors • Actuarial Science • Geology • Biology • Mathematics • Chemistry • Physics • Earth Science Special Programs • Environmental Biology • Preoptometric • Preagriculture • Prephysician Assistant • Predenta • Preveterinary • Premedical Cocurricular Opportunities • Alpha Theta Pi (Biology Club) • Chi Theta Pi (pre-health professions organization) • Cedarville University Emergency Medical Services Squad • QED (Math Club) • Epsilon Kappa Mu (pre-vet club) • Chemistry Club (American Chemical Society Student Chapter) Technical Resources • ArcGis • LabScrib3 • Biology and chemistry support • LaTeX • CCP4 • Matlab 2017 • Chem Sketch • MicroCalc 7.0 laboratory • DPGraph 2008 • Statistical analysis tools • Laboratory simulations Career Opportunities Graduates of this department have gained admission to outstanding graduate and professional schools around the nation. Careers pursued by graduates include: • Agricultural consultant • Laboratory technician • Biologist • Mathematician • Botanist • Pharmacist • Business actuary • Physical therapist • Chemist • Physician • Chiropractor • Physicist • Environmental scientist • Researcher • Environmental toxicologist • Science educator • Geologist • Statistician • Health professional • Wildlife biologist 2022–23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Page 191 Department of Science and Mathematics Mission Statement