2022-2023 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Undergraduate Study The Cedarville University undergraduate academic program is designed to meet the educational, moral, physical, social, and spiritual needs of young people who desire to honor God with their lives. The total program represents a balance between the knowledge gained through the courses studied, the cocurricular activities, and worship in the regular chapel and church services. In such a setting, truth from Scripture is integrated with the knowledge taught in each course to provide effective learning and enduring life values. The knowledge and skills learned from the courses give students an excellent background for professional competence in their chosen fields. Calendar and Credits The regular undergraduate academic year consists of two semesters of 15 weeks each plus final exam days, extending from August to May. Credits are earned in terms of semester hours; a semester hour equals one 50-minute period each week for one term. As an illustration, a student completing a course that meets 50 minutes a day, three days a week, for 15 weeks receives three semester hours credit. Laboratory sessions, applied music courses, physical education courses, compressed courses, and internships are exceptions to this pattern. Classification of Students Regular students are those who have met the requirements for admission, are enrolled in a degree program, and are carrying at least 12 semester hours of credit from Cedarville University in that academic semester. Nondegree students are those taking courses but not enrolled in degree programs. Part-time students are those who have met all admission requirements, are seeking a degree, and are taking fewer than 12 semester hours. Transfer students are those who have studied full time for at least one term at another accredited college or university after graduation from high school. High school students are those who have not completed high school graduation requirements. Assignment to Classes Official class membership is determined according to the following schedule: Class Hours Completed Freshman 0–30.99 Sophomore 31–60.99 Junior 61–90.99 Senior 91+ Nondegree Assigned Graduate and Professional Education During the last decade, Cedarville University has expanded its graduate, first-professional, and certificate programs, serving students from the local region and around the world. All of these programs feature biblical integration, practical application, collaborative engagement, and technological innovation. Programs are delivered in online, hybrid, or traditional oncampus formats. Class schedules are convenient for graduate students. To ensure access, costs are competitive and financial aid options are available for degree programs. More than 20 undergraduate programs offer optional pathways to Cedarville’s master’s degrees. Interested students should consult with their academic advisor and follow the pathway curriculum that is provided at cedarville.edu/gradpathways. Current graduate, first-professional, and certificate offerings: Degree/Program Delivery Format Master’s Degrees Master of Athletic Training Campus Master of Arts in Biblical Leadership Online Master of Arts in Worship and Theology Online Master of Business Administration Online Concentration: Accounting Online Concentration: Business Analytics Online Concentration: Cybersecurity Management Online Concentration: Healthcare Administration Online Concentration: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Online Concentration: Operations Management Online Master of Divinity Campus Advanced Master of Divinity Campus Master of Ministry Campus/Online Master of Science in Nursing Focus: Family Nurse Practitioner Online Focus: Nurse Educator Online Focus: Nursing Leadership in Healthcare Improvement Online Focus: Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Online M.S.N. + M.B.A. also available Doctorate Doctor of Pharmacy Campus Pharm.D. + M.B.A. also available Graduate Certificates (non-degree) Cybersecurity Management Online Global Public Health Nursing Online Healthcare Administration Online Nursing Education Online Nursing Leadership Online Operations Management Online Worship Leadership Online For information about available graduate, first-professional, or certificate programs, contact Graduate Admissions at 937766-8000, email gradadmissions@cedarville.edu, or visit cedarville.edu/graduate. 2022–23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Page 19 Academic Information Undergraduate Study