2022-2023 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Grading System A Recognizes excellent achievement. It is indicative of superior quality work and reveals a thorough mastery of the subject matter. The student receiving this grade should demonstrate enough interest to do some independent investigation beyond the actual course requirements. B Indicates work and achievement that are well above average. The student receiving this grade should be capable of doing advanced work in this field. The quality of the work should be considered better than that achieved by the average student. C Indicates average achievement and a satisfactory meeting of requirements. D Reveals inferior accomplishment and is generally unsatisfactory from the standpoint of course requirements. This is the lowest grade for which credit can be earned. F Failing grade. It indicates very unsatisfactory work. No course credit is earned. AU Given when a course is audited. To receive this notation, the student must attend and participate in the course. No credit is earned. CR Given when credit has been granted. It also applies to the credit/no credit program in which credit is received for satisfactory (“C” average or higher) performance in the course. A course in which a CR has been earned counts toward the total graduation requirements but is not used in the computation of GPAs. CE Credit for the course has been earned by an examination administered by the University or another recognized testing agency or program. I Signifies an incomplete and is a temporary grade given when a student is unable to complete the coursework on time because of extraordinary circumstances, such as illness, emergency, or other reasonable cause. This temporary grade does not influence the student’s GPA. To be considered for an incomplete, the student must be passing the course and have completed the majority of the coursework. The instructor giving the incomplete will establish an appropriate completion date with the student. This date may extend to the end of the semester following the one in which the course was taken. If the work is not completed by the designated date, the “I” will be changed to an “F” and will be calculated as such in the student’s GPA. INC Indicates a permanent incomplete, a grade assigned in special situations by the faculty member with the approval of the Vice President for Academics. This permanent grade does not influence the student’s GPA. To receive a permanent incomplete, the faculty member should submit the appropriate form to the Registrar identifying the circumstances warranting this special grade. If a permanent incomplete is awarded, the grade may not be changed at a future date. To receive credit for the course, the student must again register for the course and complete the course requirements. K Signifies credit and accompanies courses transferred from other colleges or universities. It has no effect upon cumulative GPA. NC Indicates no credit has been earned. Credit hours for which an “NC” has been earned are not used in the computation of GPAs. NP Indicates that the student did not pass a course where the credits do not count toward the graduation requirements. Basic English and Intermediate Algebra are examples of such courses. NR Indicates that the faculty member did not submit the grade in time for it to appear on the grade card. P Indicates that the student performed satisfactory work (“C-” average or better) in a course where the credits do not count toward graduation, such as Writing Studio, Basic English or Intermediate Algebra. W Indicates that the student withdrew from the course between the second and ninth weeks of the semester. WP Indicates that the student is passing when a course is dropped during the 10th and 11th weeks of the semester. WF Used during the 10th and 11th weeks of the semester if the student is failing at the time of withdrawal. Z Indicates that the student did not complete the course but did not officially withdraw. A “Z” is treated in the same manner as an “F” grade when figuring the GPA. 2022–23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Page 31 Academic Information Registration for Courses