2022-2023 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Mission Statement The Cedarville University School of Allied Health seeks to equip stewards to be competent, Christ-honoring professionals in healthcare and education. Preparation Students planning to pursue a major within the School of Allied Health are best prepared in high school by taking a college preparatory curriculum. Students planning to pursue a multiage physical education major should take as many physical education courses as possible. Those considering majors in allied health, exercise science, and sport medicine should take biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics courses at least through algebra II. Department Requirements Multi-Age health and physical education and multi-age physical education majors have courses in their respective curricula that have motor skill performance proficiencies. While meeting the proficiency standards is not required to receive a passing grade in all classes, satisfactory completion of all of the proficiencies is a degree requirement. See page 98 for the School of Education admission and retention requirements for multi-age physical education and multi-age health education. Programs of Study The School of Allied Health offers the following programs of study: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in: • Physical Education – Multi-Age (program in teach-out process) (certification for teaching K to 12) • Multi-Age Health and Physical Education program in teachout process Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in: • Allied Health • Exercise Science • Sport Medicine Cocurricular Opportunities The School of Allied Health has several opportunities for students to increase their professional skills and awareness by being involved in the following Cedarville University approved organizations: • Allied health majors — Allied Health Student Organization • Exercise science majors — Health and Fitness Association • Multi-age health and physical education major — Pi Epsilon Omega (Physical Education Organization) Career Opportunities Graduate and professional schools welcome Cedarville graduates. Careers pursued by graduates include: • Administrator of youth activities and youth organizations • Athletic director • Athletic trainer • Cardiac rehab • Clinical exercise physiologist • Coach • Corporate wellness director • Exercise specialist • Fitness and recreation management • Health teacher (pre-K to 12) • Personal trainer • Physical education teacher (pre-K to 12) • Physical therapist/occupational therapist • Physician assistant • Strength and conditioning Faculty Evan Hellwig, Dean; Professor of Athletic Training; Certified Athletic Trainer (BOC); licensed physical therapist. Education: B.S., Mankato State University, 1984; Physical Therapy Certificate, University of Iowa School of Medicine, 1986; Ph.D., University of Virginia, 1992. At Cedarville 1986–89 and since 1992. Teresa Clark, Assistant to the Dean. Associate Professor of Kinesiology, Education: B.A., Cedarville University, 1975; M.S., Indiana University, 1986. At Cedarville since 1996. Kenneth Blood, Associate Professor of Athletic Training; Certified Athletic Trainer (BOC), ATP Clinical Education Coordinator. Education: B.S.,Marietta College, 1980; M.S., Ohio University, 1989; Ed.D., University of Findlay, 2021. At Cedarville since 2020. Timothy Clark, Associate Professor of Physician Assistant Studies. Education: B.S., Liberty University, 1994; M.S., Barry University, 1998; PA-C, Kettering College, 2001. At Cedarville since 2022. April Crommett, Associate Professor of Exercise Science. Education: B.S., Mississippi State University, 1991; M.S., Memphis State University, 1993; Ph.D., The University of Mississippi, 2000. ACSM Certified Health Fitness Instructor. At Cedarville since 2003. Megan Fox, Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies and Director of Didactic Education for Applicant Physician Assistant Program. Education: B.A., Cedarville University, 2006; M.M.S., Methodist University, 2010. At Cedarville since 2022. Genna Fusco, Assistant Professor of Athletic Training; Certified Athletic Trainer (BOC). Education: B.S., Heidelberg University, 2014; M.Ed., Bowling Green State University, 2016. At Cedarville since 2022. Jason Grahame, Associate Professor and Founding Program Director of Applicant Physician Assistant Programs. Education: B.A., Cedarville University, 1999; M.P.A. Eastern Virginia Medical School, 2003. At Cedarville since 2020. Karen Graham-Burnet, Professor of Physician Assistant Studies. Education: B.S., Pensacola Christian College, 1998; M.P.A.S., University of Iowa, 2000; Ph.D., University of Toledo, 2012. At Cedarville since 2021. Misti Grimson, Assistant Professor and Medical Director of Applicant Physician Assistant Program. Education: B.S., Mount Vernon Nazarene College, 1996; M.D., Wright State University School of Medicine, 2000. At Cedarville since 2020. Faye Hodgin, Associate Professor of PA Studies and Director of Clinical Education for Applicant Physician Assistant Program. Education: B.S., Guilford College, 1992; B.S., Trevecca Nazarene University, 1995; M.P.A.S., Arizona School of Health Sciences, 2004. At Cedarville since 2022. Pamela Diehl Johnson, Dean of Undergraduate Studies. Senior Professor of Kinesiology. Education: B.S., University of Dayton, 1970; M.A., The Ohio State University, 1971; Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 1974. At Cedarville since 1974. L. Delyte Morris, Professor of Allied Health; Licensed Physician Assistant; Coach, women’s tennis. Education: B.S., Geneva College, 1959; M.S., Indiana University, 1960; P.E.D., Indiana University, 1966; A.S., Kettering College of Medical Arts, 1979. At Cedarville since 1998. David Peterson, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology. Education: B.S., Truman State University, 1995; M.Ed., University of Louisiana at Monroe, 1997; Ed.D., United States Sports Academy, 2014. At Cedarville since 2018. Elizabeth Sled, Associate Professor of Kinesiology. Education: B.S.c.P.T., Queens University, 1990; M.S.C., Ohio State University, 1996; Ph.D., Queens University, 2008. At Cedarville since 2012. Michael Weller, Associate Professor of Athletic Training; Certified Athletic Trainer (BOC); ATP Director. Education: B.A., Capital University, 1995; M.S., Ohio University, 1997; Ed.D., Capella University, 2022. At Cedarville since 2010. Page 38 2022–23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog School of Allied Health Mission Statement