2023-2024 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Integrated Business Core (IBC) The Integrated Business Core (IBC) was initiated by the Robert W. Plaster School of Business of Cedarville University in 2002. The objective of the program is to break down the “silo mentality” present in traditional approaches to business education and help students develop a cross-disciplinary view of business. Students in the IBC take a preparatory course in marketing in the spring of their sophomore year, followed by Principles of Management and Principles of Finance courses in the fall of their junior year. Students also take the IBC practicum, where they put their business skills learned in the principles courses to work. As part of the practicum, students form their own company, write a business plan, obtain a loan, implement their plan, make a profit, and close down operations. While running their company, they choose a local nonprofit organization to contribute a minimum of 10 hours of work per student and all of their profits at the end of the semester. The IBC gives students more ownership of the learning process and provides practical, real-life experience of actually doing what they are learning about. In the years since its inception at Cedarville University, IBC students have donated over 7,400 hours of service and $60,800 to nonprofit organizations. Advisory Council The Robert W. Plaster School of Business advisory council consists of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and educators representing diverse areas of business. Through annual meetings, these experts advise the University and evaluate its plans for strengthening Cedarville’s position of leadership in undergraduate business education. Board members include: Mr. Ronald Baker, Executive Management Consulting Mr. Matt Boehm, PrefTech Mr. Joel Campbell,TreviPay Ms. Connie Carr, Seeley, Savidge, Ebert and Gourash, LPA Mr. Devin Cheek, Rolls Royce Mr. Mike Crawford, College For Less, Inc. Mr. Louie D’Amico, Givaudan Mrs. Deborah Dishong,Vinmar Intl. Mr. Dan Douglas, NiSource, Inc. Mr. James Edgar, Boeing Commercial Executive (Ret) Ms. Lori Greenawalt, KPMG Mr. Darrin Grove,Trufit Mr. David Judson, JJR Solutions Mr. Brian Sallee, Avorit Mr.Travis Smith, Roger Perry & Co. Mr. Jim Stevenson, International Center for Creativity Page 116 2023–24 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Robert W. Plaster School of Business Business