2023-2024 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

International Field Experience The social work program offers an international field experience in India, Ecuador, or Uganda to junior or senior social work students. Students work in a variety of social service agencies in the host country, supervised by an on-site master’s level social worker and under the direction of the Department of Social Work’s international field coordinator. Courses at a local university expand the student’s understanding of the host country, and planned activities further enhance the cultural experience. Students receive academic credits for the coursework and for the internship, allowing them to complete their Cedarville degree within the normal four years. The international field coordinator supports the student throughout the entire process — pre-departure, during the international experience, and after the student’s return to campus. International field experience is available over the summer break or during the school year. Students interested in international field experience should meet with their advisor as early as possible to discuss the feasibility and scheduling needs. Students should then meet with the international field coordinator to initiate the application process. Application Requirements Early application is advised. Students should check with the international field coordinator for the application deadline for their choice of country and desired semester. Students must have gained admission into the social work program or be on track for successful completion of all program admission requirements prior to the international experience. Applicants are required to have a GPA of at least 2.75 within their core social work courses. Three reference letters from the following individuals are required for acceptance for an international field experience: • Advisor or faculty member • Pastor • Friend Pre-Departure Requirements The student will be required to meet with the international field coordinator for a minimum of four times during the semester prior to departure. Meetings will focus on the country’s culture, people, climate, and other pertinent topics. The student is to complete assigned readings and come prepared for discussion. Questions of concern or interest will also be discussed during the weekly sessions. The student must also fulfill all orientation obligations within the CU Study Abroad department. Reentry Requirements It is recommended the student keep their return semester as light as possible. The student and the international field coordinator will meet for re-entry at a minimum five times during the return semester. The student will be required to read and discuss Re-Entry by Peter Jordan. The student must also fulfill all reentry obligations within the CU Study Abroad department. Social Work Advisory Council The Social Work Advisory Council consists of social work professionals, agency administrators, clergy, and educators representing public, private, and church-related service agencies. Through semi-annual meetings, these experts advise the program and evaluate its plans for training skilled social work professionals with a commitment to core values and a biblical world and life view. Pamela Bailey, Cedarville University, Cedarville, Ohio Melissa D. Brown, Cedarville University, Cedarville, Ohio Chris Bernstein,Trinity Church, Dayton, Ohio James Cooper,Author and Youth Worker, Springfield, Ohio Wendy Doolittle, McKinley Hall, Inc., Springfield, Ohio Jane Eckels, United Senior Services, Springfield, Ohio Tori Ederer, Family Violence Prevention Center, Xenia, Ohio Susan Fiegl, Beavercreek City Schools, Beavercreek, Ohio Sharon Guenther, Premier Health Network, Dayton, Ohio Debbie Holt, Pathways of Hope Grief Counseling Center, Dayton, Ohio George Huff, Cedarville University, Cedarville, Ohio Suk-hee Kim, Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, Kentucky Esther Lanham,Advisory Council Secretary, Cedarville University, Cedarville, Ohio David King, Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion, Indiana Lynn Roper, Cedarville University, Cedarville, Ohio Michael E. Sherr,Advisory Council Chair, Cedarville University Steven Throop, Legacy Village, Xenia, Ohio Barry Wideman, Dayton VA Medical Center, Dayton, Ohio 2023–24 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Page 155 School of Education and Social Work Social Work