2023-2024 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Army Cedarville University students have the opportunity to be commissioned as officers in the United States Army by successfully completing the Army ROTC program hosted at Central State University by the Marauder Battalion. Scholarship opportunities are available for qualified students. Classes, labs and physical training are usually conducted at Central State University, located four miles south of Cedarville. All Army ROTC courses are taken through Cedarville University. Cedarville University provides transportation to and from all ROTC activities. The Army ROTC program’s objective is to recruit, train and commission men and women possessing qualities of leadership, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage to become Commissioned Officers in the United States Army. The Army ROTC program is divided into the Basic Course (freshman and sophomore years) and the Advanced Course (junior and senior years). Students must have credit for both the Basic Course and Advanced Course. Credit for the Basic course can be obtained by completing the Basic Course curriculum, prior or current military service, four years of Junior ROTC in High School or by attendance at the Army ROTC Basic Camp conducted at Fort Knox, Kentucky between the student’s sophomore and junior year of college. Students must complete the full academic program of the Advanced Course to be commissioned. There is no military obligation until a student signs a contract with Army ROTC. The Basic Course is open to all students with no military obligation required. Two and three year scholarships are generally available for qualified students already on campus. In certain circumstances four year scholarships may be available for specific majors. To be considered for an on-campus scholarship contact the Recruiting Operations Officer at rotc@centralstate.edu. Students must show commitment by enrolling in the proper Army ROTC Course to be considered. In addition to coursework, Army ROTC students who are contracted or desiring to contract are required to attend a weekly Leadership Laboratory and Physical Fitness Training. High School students can apply for the National Scholarship beginning on or about June 12th between their junior and senior year of high school. Apply at goarmy.com/rotc or click on the link on the front page of the Marauder Battalions’ website site at centralstate.edu\rotc. There are deadlines to apply for the scholarship. The Army ROTC Scholarship covers 100% tuition and fees, $1200.00 per year for books and a monthly stipend. Any academic award you are granted by Cedarville may be applied to your housing and food. There are restrictions to this, please contact Cedarville Financial Aid for specifics. Army ROTC Cadets can participate in worldwide military training opportunities while pursuing their degree at Cedarville University. Opportunities include Airborne School, Air Assault School, Foreign Language Program, Cultural Understanding and Language Program and Cadet Troop Leaders Training. Students can pursue a career as an active duty officer or serve part-time in the Army National Guard or the United States Army Reserves. The Army National Guard and the United States Army Reserves have alternate ways to pay for school in addition to the Army ROTC Scholarship. Students are advised to consult with the Recruiting Operations Officer in conjunction with a Recruiter prior to enlisting to ensure students stay academically aligned with school and required military training. Interested students should contact: Department of Military Science Central State University Attention: Recruiting Operations Officer Room 142 1400 Brush Row Road Wilberforce, Ohio 45384 rotc@centralstate.edu Website: centralstate.edu/rotc or cedarville.edu/rotc Office: 937-376-6283 Cell: 937-361-2263 Or by contacting Cedarville Admissions at 1-800-Cedarville (233-2784) 2023–24 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Page 215 Interdisciplinary Studies