2023-2024 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

AES-3310,3320 3 hours/sem United States Air( Force Leadership Studies I (Fa) and II (Sp) (AS 300) These courses teach cadets advanced skills and knowledge in management and leadership. Special emphasis is placed on enhancing leadership skills. Cadets have an opportunity to try out these leadership and management techniques in a supervised environment as juniors and seniors. AES-3311/3321 0 hours Intermediate Cadet Leadership Laboratory (ICL)–Fa, Sp The (ICL) lab builds the foundation of leadership skills required as an Air Force Officer. Cadets apply leadership/management concepts learned in Field Training and previous aerospace studies classes and labs to assist in training the GMC cadets. Taken concurrently with 3000-level AES courses. Credit/no credit. AES-4310,4320 3 hours/sem National Security Affairs/Preparation for Active Duty I (Fa) and II (Sp) (AS 400) These courses are designed for college seniors and gives them the foundation to understand their role as military officers in American society. It is an overview of the complex social and political issues facing the military profession and requires a measure of sophistication commensurate with the senior college level. AES-4311/4321 0 hours Senior Cadet Leadership (SCL) Laboratory–Fa, Sp This lab prepares students for progression into active duty life. As in the ICL lab, students take leadership roles in execution of leadership labs for the cadet wing. Students hone leadership fundamentals learned in previous courses and labs to a level commensurate to entry into the active duty Air Force. Taken concurrently with 4000-level AES courses. Credit/no credit. AES-4500 Extended POC Leadership Laboratory 0 hours This course is for cadets who have met all requirements for Air Force ROTC but have not yet completed their baccalaureate degree. Physical Training sessions are twice a week, see instructor for details. Physical training is not an official class and registration is not necessary; however participation is required. Allied Health (ALHL) ALHL-1000 1 hour Introduction to the Allied Health Professions–Fa Introductory course for students planning career involvement in health and health-related professions. The students will be introduced to health careers by providing descriptions of jobs, the educational and legal requirements, the work environment, and additional information about specific fields. ALHL-2000 Medical Terminology–Fa, Sp 3 hours An online course designed to familiarize students with the terminology of the health professions, including anatomy and physiology terms, medical diagnoses, procedures, and therapies. Prerequisite: GBIO-2010 Human Anatomy and Physiology I; or BIO-3450 Human Structure and Function I. ALHL-3940 Professional Development–Sp 2 hour This course is designed to assist students in acquiring an in-depth understanding of requirements for entry-level graduate programs in their chosen discipline, and the credentialing process for their chosen profession. Students will be introduced to the central application procedures and requirements for CASPA, PTCAS, and OTCAS. ALHL-4960 Senior Seminar–Fa,Sp 1 hour This course is designed to guide students in the finalization of their capstone project and its presentation before peers and faculty. Students are also encouraged to collaborate with practicing health professionals in their intended profession to seek their advice and counsel. Prerequisite: EXSC-4600 Research Methods. (Fee: $25) Anthropology (ANTH) ANTH-1800 Cultural Anthropology–Fa, Sp 3 hours Analysis of the concept and its importance for the study of man; an examination of various cultures of the world as they relate to technological, economic, social, political, and religious aspects of these cultures. ANTH-4940 1–3 hours Independent Study in Anthropology Provides the means whereby gifted and interested students may explore, in a more in-depth and intensive manner, general information acquired in the major courses. Further, independent study provides a logical way to complete required hours not obtained in normal sequencing. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor. Arabic Language (ARBC) ARBC-1400 3 hours Introduction to Arabic Language and Culture Introduction of the Arabic script and basic vocabulary used for greetings and other everyday situations. Introduction to various aspects of Arab culture, including history, religion, literature, politics, and daily life. This course is intended for non-native speakers with no previous Arabic study. This course satisfies the global awareness course requirement. ARBC-1410 Elementary Arabic I–Fa 4 hours Development of basic skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening in Arabic, along with an introduction to Arabic culture. ARBC-1420 Elementary Arabic II–Sp 4 hours Development of basic skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening in Arabic, along with an introduction to Arabic culture. Prerequisites: ARBC-1410 Elementary Arabic I, instructor’s approval, or placement by exam. ARBC-2410 Intermediate Arabic I–Fa 4 hours Development of all four language skills through grammar review, composition, conversation, and readings in Arabic literature and culture. Prerequisites: ARBC-1410 Elementary Arabic I and ARBC1420 Elementary Arabic II, instructor’s approval, or placement by exam. ARBC-2420 Intermediate Arabic II–Sp 3 hours Development of all four language skills through grammar review, composition, conversation, and readings in Arabic literature and culture. Prerequisites: ARBC-1410 Elementary Arabic I,ARBC1420 Elementary Arabic II,ARBC-2410 Intermediate Arabic I, instructor’s approval, or placement by exam. ARBC-3500 1–3 hours Independent Study in Arabic Language and Culture–Fa, Sp This course gives opportunity for independent study in a particular area of Arabic language and culture for students who demonstrate special interests and ability. Art (ART) ART-1100 Introduction to Art–Fa 3 hours Introduction to visual vocabulary and the understanding of visual communication: form, line, space, color, texture, and movement. Development of visual awareness and analytical thinking in response to works of art, use of media, and techniques and the application of design principles. ART-1110 Drawing Foundations–Fa, Sp 3 hours Investigation of the visual language used in drawing. Students work with concepts of point, line, and plane definition to develop an awareness of the elements used to indicate form in a variety of media. (Fee: $100) ART-1230 Two-Dimensional Design–Fa, Sp 3 hours An exploration of the visual elements and concepts of design utilizing a variety of media. Prerequisites: ART-1100 Introduction to Art; ART-1110 Drawing Foundations (can be taken concurrently). (Fee: $75) 2023–24 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Page 219 Course Descriptions AES-3310 – ART-1230