2023-2024 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

BIO-3810 Biological Research Internship–Fa 1–2 hours Student will participate in an 8–10 week summer undergraduate research program of their choosing at an accredited university or medical facility. Prior to participation in the research program, the student must have the program approved by the biology faculty member in charge of the course. In addition, the student will receive a progress report form which will be filled out by the student and signed by the student’s research advisor. To receive credit for the course, the student must turn in the progress report along with a copy of their laboratory notebook or research log, submit a 5–10 page research summary, and meet with the faculty member in charge of the course. Prerequisite: Sophomore status. BIO-4350 Immunology–Fa 4 hours Study of the human immune system, including descriptions of basic immunological phenomena, biochemistry of antibodies and antigens, the cellular and genetic components of the immune response, and immunopathology. Students will also learn immunological techniques commonly used in clinical and research applications. Three lectures, one two-hour lab per week. Prerequisite or Corequisite: BIO-3300 Genetics. (Fee: $100) BIO-4360 Infectious Diseases–Sp 3 hours This course will cover key concepts that relate to the emergence, the spread, and the control of infectious disease epidemics, including history of infectious diseases, basic concepts of microbial biology, taxonomy, antimicrobials, introduction to infection and immunity, bacterial/viral/fungal/parasitic pathogens and associated diseases, and diagnosis/treatment/control of infectious diseases. The future of infectious diseases including evolution of virulence, emergence of drug resistance, and eradication of diseases will also be addressed. Prerequisites: BIO-3300 Genetics; or GBIO-3350 Principles of Immunology. (odd years) BIO-4450 2 hours Introduction to Human Gross Anatomy–Fa, Sp This course will prepare students for the first–year medical school gross anatomy course. The course is laboratory–based and will introduce students to various surgical/dissection techniques and enhance student’s understanding of human anatomy through a systems based approach. Areas of focus include the muscular, nervous, cardiovascular, digestive, and respiratory systems. Prerequisite: BIO-3460 Human Structure and Function II; and permission of instructor. (Fee: $200) BIO-4800 Senior Seminar–Biology–Fa, Sp 1 hour In this capstone course required of all senior biology majors, students compile data from laboratory, field study, or extensive literature research and give an oral presentation. Approval of the topic must be given by the student’s academic advisor. The student must also attend a minimum of 10 seminars during the senior year. Prerequisites: Senior status; attendance of a minimum of 10 seminars prior to the senior year. BIO-4880 Topics in Biology 1–3 hours Topics of special interest by the biology faculty from the areas of modern biology. Prerequisites: Junior status; permission of instructor. BIO-4900 Independent Study: Biology–Fa, Sp 1–3 hours Supervised independent study of a particular biological phenomenon. Submission and approval of a research proposal must precede registration. Prerequisites: Major in biology; permission of advisor. BIO-4910 Environmental Biology Internship–Fa, Sp 3–4 hours An opportunity to participate in an internship experience involving research projects with field biologists, ecologists, environmental health scientists, or environmental educators, depending upon the student’s vocational preference. Involves department faculty or faculty in conjunction with local or state agencies or private institutions. Provides practical experience in field biology and ecology techniques related to habitat characterization, monitoring, management, and restoration. Prerequisites: BIO-1120 Biology II: Zoology; BIO-2500 General Botany, BIO-2600 General Ecology; permission of instructor. (Fee: $25) Broadcasting, Digital Media, and Journalism (BRDM) BRDM-1110 Introduction to Broadcasting and Digital Media–Fa 3 hours A survey of electronic media, including history and development, types, audience research, regulations, and globalization. BRDM-1120 Audio Production–Fa, Sp 3 hours Students receive instruction and training in the operation of software and hardware used in audio media. The course focuses on gaining knowledge and experience with Pro Tools software and audio hardware including microphones, control surfaces and interfaces, signal processors, audio monitors, etc. Students in the course will use these tools to produce several audio projects. (Fee: $75) BRDM-2110 Video Production–Sp 3 hours This course provides hands-on training for digital video production, including camera, lighting, audio, and editing. The student will learn basic production and post-production skills and terms. (Fee: $75) BRDM-2130 Writing for Digital Media–Fa 3 hours This course covers the form and style of writing for radio, television, film, and interactive media. Students will learn the basics of narrative structure for these media as well as basic formatting and style guidelines. BRDM-2210 Media Performance–Sp 3 hours Examines announcing for a variety of applications including: commercial, audio book, interviewing, news, sports, and music radio. The emphasis is on the application of key principles through assignments that focus on use of the voice as a tool for communication of ideas on a one-to-one basis. (Fee: $45 ) (even years) BRDM-2220 Sound Design–Sp 3 hours This course is designed to prepare the media production student to create sound designs for radio, television, film and other audio media by studying the nature of sound, psychoacoustics, the power of the voice, sound effects, and music and how they can be used in combination with visual image to influence listeners/ viewers. Students will create and execute a variety of sound designs for radio, television, and other audio media. Prerequisite: BRDM-1120 Audio Production. (Fee: $75) BRDM-2320 3 hours Preproduction and Planning for Video and Film–Fa, Sp This course examines the framework for preparation for video and film production in fiction and nonfiction programming. The duties of the producer and director are covered as they relate to scripting, budgets, legalities, scheduling, site surveys and other related preproduction duties for studio and field productions. (Fee: $75) BRDM-2350 3 hours Introduction to Motion Design–Fa An introduction to the creation of graphics for television and film. Topics covered include motion graphic principles, network package graphic creation, and training in Adobe After Effects. (Fee: $45). 2023–24 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Page 223 Course Descriptions BIO-3810 – BRDM-2350