2023-2024 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

CRJU-4160 3 hours International and Domestic Terrorism–Sp This course will introduce the student to the reality of domestic and international terrorism from a historical and contemporary perspective. Topics for consideration and study will include the mind and characteristics of the terrorist, the distinction between domestic and international terrorism, the religious terrorist contrasted with the political terrorist, the weapons of the terrorist, the United States government’s efforts to control and/or eradicate terrorism, and future predictions relative to terrorist activity. Crosslisted INTL and CRJU. (odd years) CRJU-4200 Police Administration–Fa 3 hours Focuses on contemporary policing issues and related administrative matters from the perspective of executive leadership. Emphasis on management of organizational resources regarding basic line and staff functions. Consideration is given to contemporary issues of community-oriented policing and federal legislative mandates. Case study is utilized. Prerequisite: CRJU1310 Introduction to Criminal Justice. CRJU-4320 Criminal Investigation–Fa 3 hours Focuses on criminal investigative methods, identification procedures, crime scene search, categories of physical evidence, evidence collection and preservation, sources of information, interviews, and interrogations. Prerequisite: CRJU-1310 Introduction to Criminal Justice. CRJU-4440 Special Topics: Criminal Justice 1–3 hours Investigation of specific topics in Social Science and History that have intrinsic worth and engage student interest. CRJU-4500 Comparative Criminal Justice–Sp 3 hours This course has been developed to provide students basic knowledge and understanding of criminal justice from an international/comparative perspective. The course will consist of study of historical legal traditions and the influence of those traditions on modern criminal justice processes and transnational criminal justice agencies. Prerequisites: CRJU-1310 Introduction to Criminal Justice. (odd years) CRJU-4630 3 hours American Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties and Rights–Sp The United States Constitution defines the powers and scope of the American government and delineates the rights and liberties retained by the American people. This course focuses on the Supreme Court’s interpretation of those rights and liberties by examining the Court’s decisions in their legal and historical contexts. Crosslisted as POLS. Prerequisite: GSS-1100 Politics and American Culture CRJU-4900 Research Issues in Criminal Justice–Sp 3 hours This is a capstone course for criminal justice majors. The course will usually focus on a significant issue in contemporary criminal justice. Major papers will be presented by individual students on sub-categories of the primary topic. Additionally, the course will prepare a project that will be presented in a public forum. Prerequisite: Senior status as a CRJU major. (Fee: $80) CRJU-4960 1–3 hours Independent Study in Criminal Justice Provides the means whereby gifted and interested students may explore, in a more in-depth and intensive manner, general information acquired in the major courses. Further, independent study provides a logical way to complete required hours not obtained in normal sequencing. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor. Computer Science (CS) CS-1210 C++ Programming–Fa, Sp 2 hours Introduction to computer programming, software engineering principles, structured program design and implementation, using the C++ programming language; students will become familiar with common commands for managing the file system and constructing programs in the Linux operating system. Two lecture hours and one one-hour laboratory per week. (Fee: $50) CS-1220 Object-Oriented Design Using C++–Fa, Sp 3 hours Further development of student problem solving and programming skills beyond CS-1210 by increased exposure to the C++ language features including pointers, object-oriented language constructs and design principles, memory management mechanisms, exception handling, event-driven programming, and graphical user interfaces (GUI). This course also promotes professional programming practices with emphasis on the careful reading and documenting programs to support the understanding and analysis of source code, program testing and debugging, secure software engineering practices, and following established language styles and conventions. Readings and lectures are reinforced with programming demonstrations, exercises, and assignments in both the Linus and Windows environments. Prerequisite: CS-1210 C++ Programming. (Fee: $50) CS-2210 Data Structures Using Java–Fa, Sp 3 hours Introduction to the proper use of data structures for developing efficient software; data structures include stacks, queues, priority queues, hash tables, trees, and graphs. Students will develop skill in object-oriented design and the Java programming language. Design project required. Prerequisite: CS1220 Object-Oriented Design Using C++. (Fee: $50) CS-3210 Programming Language Survey–Fa 3 hours Systematic study of the principles, concepts, and mechanisms of computer programming languages: their syntax, semantics, and pragmatics; the processing and interpretation of computer programs; programming paradigms; and language design. Illustrative examples will be selected and programming exercises will be assigned from a variety of programming language paradigms. Prerequisite: CS-1220 Object Oriented Design Using C++. (Fee: $50) CS-3220 Web Applications–Sp 3 hours Introduction to the design and implementation of web-based applications. Technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, PHP, Java Servlets, XML, and MySQL are explored. Multiple design projects required. Prerequisite: CS-2210 Data Structures Using Java. (Fee: $50) CS-3310 Operating Systems–Fa, Sp 3 hours A state-of-the-art survey of operating system principles. Covers fundamental technology and contemporary design issues such as threads, real-time systems, multiprocessor scheduling, distributed systems, and security. Course content is developed through lectures, student research of the relevant literature, presentations, and programming projects using both C++ and Java. Prerequisite: CS-1220 Object-Oriented Design Using C++. (Fee: $50) CS-3410 Algorithms–Fa,Sp 3 hours Introduction to classical algorithms that have broad application in solving computer science problems; topics include analysis of algorithms, advanced data structures, graph algorithms, numerical methods, and NP-completeness. Prerequisite: CS-2210 Data Structures Using Java; Corequisite: MATH-2520 Discrete Math and Probability Principles for Computer Science; or instructor approval. (Fee: $50) 2023–24 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Page 239 Course Descriptions CRJU-4160 – CS-3410