2023-2024 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

EGCE-4910 Civil Engineering Practice–Sp 1 hour Course aimed at providing students with an understanding of professional civil engineering practice in contemporary society. Regular classroom discussions will be supplemented by visiting professional engineers who will share practical insights from their professional experience. Issues will include professional licensure, ongoing professional development, workplace practice, and legal issues. Several case studies of recent engineering projects will be included to illustrate issues. Prerequisite: Senior standing and students must be scheduled to graduate prior to the end of calendar year. EGCE-4920 Intrastucture for Developing Contexts–Sp 3 hours Course focuses on the creation and implementation of infrastructure development plans for under-developed contexts. Topics include needs identification and assessment, appropriate technology theory, cultural adaptation, resource management, regulatory controls and legal issues, and long-term sustainability. Prerequisites: EGCE-3220 Design of Water Distribution Systems; EGCE-3410 Construction Engineering; EGCE-3520 Design of Steel Structures. (Fee:$100) Computer Engineering (EGCP) EGCP-1010 Digital Logic Design–Fa, Sp 3 hours Introduction to digital logic design, number systems, Boolean algebra, Karnaugh maps, computer simulation tools, combinational network design, flip flops, counters, state machines, and sequential networks. Circuits are designed in class and are built and evaluated in the laboratory. Two lecture hours and one two-hour laboratory per week. (Fee: $100) EGCP-2120 Microcontrollers–Fa 3 hours Introduction to the fundamentals of microcontrollers and embedded systems, including microcontroller architecture, assembly and C programming, peripheral interfacing, data communications, and the cybersecurity concerns associated with microcontrollers and embedded systems. Prerequisite: EGCP-1010 Digital Logic Design; CS-1210 C++ Programming. (Fee: $100) EGCP-3010 Advanced Digital Logic Design–Sp 3 hours Advanced treatment of digital logical design techniques and practices with emphasis on rapid electronic prototyping and effective use of advanced computer-aided design tools; schematic, textual, and VHDL design entry; arithmetic circuits, advanced finite-state machines, and advanced controller implementations. Three lecture hours per week with periodic integrated laboratory; multiple projects and laboratory experiences including a class design contest usually involving a robot. Prerequisites: EGCP-1010 Digital Logic Design; CS-1210 C++ Programming; Junior status or permission of instructor. (Fee: $100) EGCP-3210 Computer Architecture–Sp 3 hours Introduction to computer architecture with an emphasis on hardware, RISC vs. CISC, pipeline and vector processing, I/O, and memory hierarchy including caches. Students design and construct a small microprocessor using a logic simulator and then write an assembler for their processor. Prerequisites: EGCP-1010 Digital Logic Design; CS-1210 C++ Programming. EGCP-3920 Computer Engineering Internship 1–3 hours An opportunity for a computer engineering student to work closely with an industrial advisor. Specific attention is given to solving a particular problem(s) in that industry or firm. A faculty advisor assists in supervising and approving the internship, including assessing the number of credit hours. A final report (approximately seven pages per credit hour) describing the experience, including the problem and solution, is required. Must be arranged with a faculty sponsor and work supervisor before starting and cannot be used to satisfy elective credit requirements. Prerequisites: Junior or Senior engineering major status; faculty advisor’s permission. EGCP-3950 Topics in Computer Engineering–Fa, Sp 1–3 hours Selected topics in computer engineering at the 3000-level that will complement or extend existing 2000- and 3000-level courses or expose students to topics not taught in other courses; may be proposed by the engineering faculty or students. Prerequisite: Instructor’s permission. EGCP-3980 1–3 hours Independent Study in Computer Engineering Opportunity to perform independent study or research in computer engineering and allied fields of application. A formal proposal for study must be approved by the faculty advisor before registering for this course. Up to three credit hours of engineering electives can be satisfied by an equivalent number of independent-study hours. Prerequisites: Junior or Senior engineering major status; faculty advisor’s permission. EGCP-3990 1–3 hours Project Design in Computer Engineering An elective course for students to get academic credit for extracurricular design work in computer engineering; project may be related to a design competition, ministry, industry, or personal interest. Cannot be used to satisfy engineering elective requirements. Prerequisite: Instructor’s permission. EGCP-4110 Digital Signal Processing–Fa 3 hours Introduction to digital signal processing with emphasis on FIR and IIR filter design. Other topics include Z-transforms, Fourier Transforms, discrete-time systems, and finite word-length effects. The implementation of filters in embedded systems is introduced. Design project required. Crosslisted with EGEE. Prerequisites: EGEE-3110 Linear Systems; CS-1210 C++ Programming. EGCP-4210 Advanced Computer Architecture–Fa 3 hours Advanced study of computer architecture with an emphasis on performance, performance metrics, benchmarks, integer and floating point concepts, data-path and control, super-scalar processing and pipelining, memory hierarchy, I/O and peripherals, vector, array and parallel processors, and multiprocessors. Prerequisites: CS-2210 Data Structures Using Java; EGCP-3210 Computer Architecture. (Fee: $100) EGCP-4250 CMOS VLSI Design–Sp 3 hours Introduction to CMOS VLSI design with emphasis on circuit analysis, modeling, mask layout, simulation, and design verification; both theoretical concepts and CAD tools are used together for circuit design and verification. Three lecture hours per week with integrated laboratory. Prerequisite: EGEE-3210 Electronics I. EGCP-4310 Computer Networks–Fa 3 hours This course is an introduction to computer networking. The course will present the layered network architecture of the internet and examine the services and functions that each layer performs. The well-known protocols of each layer will be explored in-depth through written homework, programming assignments, and packet-capture labs (using Wireshark, for example). Important fundamental networking topics will be emphasized such as packet switching, addressing, performance measurement, reliable data transfer, and routing. Additional topics such as peer-to-peer networking, wireless and mobile networking, and the history of the internet will also be addressed. Prerequisites: CS-2210 Data Structures Using Java; Corequisite: CS-3310 Operating Systems. (Fee: $50) Page 250 2023–24 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Course Descriptions EGCE-4910 – EGCP-4310