2023-2024 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

PHYS-4110 Advanced Physics Laboratory–Sp 2 hours The advanced laboratory experience is designed to reinforce concepts of the advanced physics courses and to develop critical research design, documentation, analysis, and presentation skills. The advanced laboratory provides additional experience in optical, radiation, wave, advanced mechanics, advanced electromagnetism, advanced thermodynamics, and quantum mechanics. During this semester the students will be conducting their advanced laboratory project, collecting data, and documenting results. Laboratory skills for planning, setup, documentation, analysis, and briefing using the scientific method will be emphasized. Prerequisite: PHYS-3110 Intermediate Physics Laboratory . (Fee: $100) PHYS-4210 Mathematical Methods for Physicists–Fa 3 hours Advanced mathematical methods used in the solution of physics problems. Topics include curvilinear coordinates, vector analysis, and solutions to partial differential equations using Fourier, Bessel and Legendre functions. Prerequisites: MATH-2710 Calculus III; MATH-2740 Differential Equations. (odd years) PHYS-4520 Quantum Mechanics–Fa 3 hours An introduction to the principles and theory of quantum mechanics including: the wave function, the time-independent Schrodinger’s Equation, mathematical formalism of quantum mechanics, quantum mechanics in three dimensions, and systems of identical particles. Prerequisite: PHYS-3510 Modern Physics. (even years) PHYS-4800 Senior Seminar–Physics–Fa, Sp 1 hour A presentation of the basic principles of the major disciplines of the sciences with a focus on the interrelationships of the science disciplines to each other. Students present a paper from library or laboratory research in their area of physics with a focus on integration. Each student must obtain approval of the topic from their advisor and seminar instructor and must set the date of presentation before enrolling in the course. A paper and oral presentation are required that include the background, setup, data collection, analysis, and conclusions from their research. The student must also attend a minimum of 10 seminars during the senior year. Guest lecturers and faculty members may present papers at the invitation of the instructor. Prerequisite: Senior status; PHYS-3110 Intermediate Physics Laboratory; attendance of a minimum of 10 seminars during the sophomore and junior years; permission of instructor. PHYS-4880 Topics in Physics 1–3 hours Study of topics of interest from modern and classical physics such as quantum theory, relativity, statistical mechanics, lasers, solid state physics, advanced classical mechanics, and atmospheric physics. Prerequisites: PHYS-2130 General Physics III; MATH-2710 Calculus III. PHYS-4900 Independent Study in Physics 1–3 hours Independent research in the various branches of physics and allied fields of application. Submission and approval of a research proposal must precede registration. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. (Fee: $25/hour) Music Private Study (PLMU) Private instruction for credit in piano, voice, guitar, orchestral and band instruments, and composition is available to all music majors. Private lessons are open to non-majors, also. Inquiries about non-major lessons should be directed to the administrative assistant in the Department of Music and Worship. Credit in performance lessons is based on a minimum of six hours of practice and one half-hour lesson per week for one hour of credit. An audition is required for initial registration. Continued registration is based on satisfactory progress as determined each semester by the instructor. (Fees: private lesson fee $300 and practice room fee $100 per credit hour) PLMU-1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 Organ 1–2 hours PLMU-1100, 2100, 3100, 4100 Piano 1–2 hours PLMU-1200, 2200, 3200, 4200 Voice 1–2 hours PLMU-1300, 2300, 3300, 4300 Trumpet 1–2 hours PLMU-1310, 2310, 3310, 4310 Trombone/Baritone Horn 1–2 hours PLMU-1320, 2320, 3320, 4320 French Horn 1–2 hours PLMU-1330, 2330, 3330, 4330 Tuba 1–2 hours PLMU-1400, 2400, 3400, 4400 Clarinet 1–2 hours PLMU-1410, 2410, 3410, 4410 Flute 1–2 hours PLMU-1420, 2420, 3420, 4420 Saxophone 1–2 hours PLMU-1430, 2430, 3430, 4430 Oboe 1–2 hours PLMU-1440, 2440, 3440, 4440 Bassoon 1–2 hours PLMU-1500, 2500, 3500, 4500 Violin 1–2 hours PLMU-1510, 2510, 3510, 4510 Viola 1–2 hours PLMU-1520, 2520, 3520, 4520 Cello 1–2 hours PLMU-1530, 2530, 3530, 4530 Bass 1–2 hours PLMU-1550, 2550, 3550, 4550 Harp 1–2 hours PLMU-1600, 2600, 3600, 4600 Guitar 1–2 hours PLMU-1700, 2700, 3700, 4700 Percussion 1–2 hours PLMU-1800 Private Lessons in Composition–Fa, Sp 1 hour PLMU-1810, 2810, 3810, 4810 1–2 hours Contemporary Piano–Fa, Sp Prerequisites: Music or worship student, or instructor approval. PLMU-1820, 2820, 3820, 4820 1–2 hours Contemporary Voice–Fa, Sp Prerequisites: Music or worship student, or instructor approval. PLMU-1830, 2830, 3830, 4830 1–2 hours Contemporary Guitar–Fa, Sp Prerequisites: Music or worship student, or instructor approval. PLMU-2800, 3800, 4800 Music Composition 1–2 hours PLMU-3900 Junior Recital 1 hour Music major performance emphasis students should register for this course the semester they are ready to present their junior recital. Program is presented in a half recital format. (Fee: $50) PLMU-3920 Junior Composition Project–Fa, Sp 1 hour The culminating project for juniors majoring in musical compositon. This project is akin to a half-recital and will consist of a substantial compositon for a large ensemble. Prerequisite: Junior status. Corequisite: PLMU-3800 Private Lessons in Composition. PLMU-4900 Senior Recital 1 hour Music majors should register for this course the semester in which their recitals are to be presented. Capstone course. (Fee: $50) PLMU-4920 Senior Project–Sp 1 hour The capstone project for the BA in Music degree. Students may register for this course at the same time as Senior Seminar. (Fee: $75) Political Science (POLS) POLS-2100 Topics–Fa, Sp 2 hours Culturally oriented, topical classes designed to introduce students to political thinking from an academic perspective. Possible topics could include: Politics and Film, Politics & Sport, Politics & Music, The War on Terror, Jane Austen, From Media to Social Media, Dictators & Demagogues, Scalia v. Ginsburg, Campaign 2020. POLS-2620 American State and Local Government–Sp 3 hours The organization and function of states and their political subdivisions form the basis of study in this course. 2023–24 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Page 287 Course Descriptions PHYS-4110 – POLS-2620