2023-2024 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

VCD-3600 Web Design II–Sp 3 hours Students will learn advanced concepts and techniques in web design including visual design, navigation, usability, grid layout, scripting, coding, and other skills necessary to produce professional, visually enhanced media for delivery via the web. Students will use industry standards, including software, to develop websites and digital media that integrate motion, sound, and interactivity to add value and enhance the user experience for web-based advertising, marketing, and other communication needs. Prerequisites: VCD-2600 Web Design I. (Fee: $60) VCD-3650 Scripting for Interactivity–Fa 3 hours Students are introduced to the disciplines of interaction design and front-end development and learn how to use current technologies and best practices to apply principles of interaction to achieve simple, user-centered, interactive effects on real-world projects. Prerequisite: VCD-3600 Web Design II. (Fee: $50) VCD-3700 User Experience and Interface Design–Fa 3 hours Students will study the principles of user experience and interface design, including processes, research methods, and concept testing. They apply principles through conceptualizing, testing and prototyping real-world projects for websites, web applications, mobile applications, gaming consoles, and other emerging technologies. Prerequisites: VCD-2400 Graphic Design I; or permission of the instructor. (Fee: $35) VCD-4200 Portfolio II–Fa 1 hour This course will focus on revising a portfolio package that demonstrates to prospective employers professional-level knowledge and abilities within a particular area of specialization. Additionally, students will develop professional written, verbal, and non verbal communication skills that will guide the transition from academia to the design industry. Prerequisites: VCD-3200 Portfolio I and senior status; or permission of instructor. VCD-4300 Production Design II–Sp 3 hours An in-depth study of production methods and practices for application to 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional design concepts. Prerequisites: VCD-2400 Graphic Design I; VCD-3300 Production Design I; or permission of the instructor. (Fee: $70) VCD-4400 Graphic Design Capstone–Sp 3 hours Students will complete a capstone project that combines skills from previous classes. Students will research, plan, conceptualize, prototype and implement a graphic design project - utilizing human-centered design research to develop a design strategy that informs targeted final solutions. Students will develop each phase of the project into a comprehensive project presentation. Prerequisites: VCD-3300 Production Design I; VCD-3400 Graphic Design II; or permission of the instructor. (Fee: $50) VCD-4600 Web Design III–Fa 3 hours Student survey current trends and developments in the fields of user experience, web design, and interactive design and apply new knowledge and skills to create an experimental interactive project. Prerequisite: VCD-3600 Web Design II. (Fee: $50) VCD-4700 Interactive Design Capstone–Sp 3 hours Students complete a capstone project that combines skills from previous classes. They will research, plan, conceptualize, prototype, test, develop, and implement a fully functional realworld interactive project. Prerequisites: VCD-3650 Scripting for Interactivity; VCD-3700 User Experience and Interface Design; VCD-4600 Web Design III. (Fee: $50). VCD-4800 1–3 hours Special Topics in Visual Communication–Fa, Sp This course will examine a topic of specialized interest within the field of visual communication design. Rotation of course content will be determined by faculty schedules and student interest. Actual contact hours would determine the amount of credit granted. Prerequisites: Topic dependent and by permission of the instructor. (Fee: $50) VCD-4900 0–6 hours Visual Communication Design Internship–Fa, Sp, Su The graphic design internship will give the student an opportunity to gain actual on-the-job experience with professionals in the graphic design industry. This opportunity will allow students to gain insight into the professional practices and approaches to solving communication challenges for a variety of business models and client types. This experience will become a valuable asset in competing for an entry-level position upon graduation. CR/NC course. VCD-4990 Independent Study in Design–Fa, Sp, Su 1–3 hours This course allows a student independent and intensive study in a particular area of specialized interest beyond regular course offerings. The student must apply with a proposal and schedule to be approved in advance by the faculty mentor. Repeatable up to 6 credit hours. Prerequisite: approval of proposal by faculty mentor. Worship (WSHP) WSHP-1010 Introduction to Worship Ministry–Fa 1 hour This course is designed to be an introductory course to the field of worship ministry. It will provide the student with an examination of current practices in worship ministry, an overview of the worship degree at Cedarville, the character of a worshipper, the role of a worship leader, and career opportunities. WSHP-1020 Introduction to Worship Technology–Sp 2 hours This course is designed to be an introductory course to the field of worship technology. It will explore the basic technologies and concepts that are needed in worship ministry today, including audio, graphics, video, copyright, and ministry team building. (Fee: $50) WSHP-2060 Music and the Arts in Worship–Fa 3 hours An introduction to and overview of the philosophy and history of church music ministry in the evangelical tradition, including the biblical foundation of worship and music, the philosophical foundations for various worship approaches, the application of biblical principles to past and present traditions, and biblical, cultural, and practical principles for worship and praise ministries. WSHP-2100 Worship Forum–Fa, Sp 0 hour A once-per-semester seminar designed to expose students to various aspects of worship ministry. The seminar may take the form of a lecture or masterclass. Crosslisted with CHMU2100 Church Music Seminar. Prerequisites: Worship major or permission of instructor. WSHP-2200 Worship Field Experience–Fa, Sp, Su 1 hour Initial field experience in a local church or parachurch organization. Students are responsible for finding a place of ministry involvement to begin developing music ministry skills. Supervision will be provided by an on-site staff member. Prerequisites: worship major or permission of instructor. WSHP-3100 Worship Practicum–Fa, Sp 0–1 hours This course is designed to help students refine their worship leadership abilities. Students will be given in-class and out-ofclass worship leading assignments. Current trends and advanced worship leading topics will also be discussed. Prerequisites: Junior-level status; church music or worship major; or permission of instructor. WSHP-3200 Worship Administration–Sp, 3 hours This course will study various methods of organizing and administering the total worship program of the church. This course introduces materials and methods for teaching and supervising ensembles. Students will examine, staff, finances, buildings, public relations, and leadership skills necessary to successfully fulfill one’s calling. Page 302 2023–24 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Course Descriptions VCD-3600 – WSHP-3200