2023-2024 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

United States Military Scholarships Army ROTC Scholarships Two, three, and three and one-half year scholarships are available for students who enroll in Army ROTC. These scholarships pay all tuition, fees, and textbooks, plus a monthly stipend for 10 school months per year. For additional information, contact the professor of military science at Central State University, Wilberforce, OH 45384 (937-376-6657 or 937-3766279), or call Cedarville Admissions at 937-766-7700. Air Force ROTC Scholarships Air Force ROTC scholarships are available, paying for the cost of tuition, fees, and textbooks, plus a monthly stipend for 10 school months, to students who demonstrate academic and leadership potential. Students interested in Air Force ROTC should contact the Department of Aerospace Studies, Wright State University, Dayton, OH 45435 (937-775-2730), or Cedarville Admissions at 937-766-7700. Donor-Funded Scholarships Through the generosity of alumni, faculty, staff, and friends, more than 300 donor-funded scholarships are available to Cedarville students. These scholarships are established and funded by individuals who create a scholarship and determine award criteria. Candidates must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and/or a general scholarship application to be considered for these awards. The department of financial aid or committees from academic and University departments typically select the recipients. The general scholarship application may be found online at: cedarville. academicworks.com. The personal connection between donors and the students they support plays a significant role in the continued funding of these scholarships. Recipients are asked to express their thanks to their donors in the following ways: • Send a timely letter of appreciation to your donors. • Attend the Honors Day reception in April (if applicable). • Attend the scholarship reception and Legacy Banquet on Homecoming weekend. Federal Direct Loans Federal Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans Federal Direct student loan funds are available to dependent or independent undergraduate students. The federal government will subsidize (pay) the interest on subsidized loans while the student is in school and during a six month grace period following withdrawal or graduation. For detailed information see cedarville.edu/finaid. In addition, if a student is enrolled for less than a full academic year immediately preceding graduation, the annual loan limit must be prorated based on the number of credits remaining to complete the program of study. Specific questions relating to the federal regulations outlined above may be directed to Financial Aid. Federal Parent PLUS Loans Federal PLUS loan funds are available for creditworthy parents to borrow on behalf of their dependent students. This loan program is not based on financial need and may be used to replace all or part of the expected family contribution. Parents may borrow up to the cost of education less any financial aid the student is receiving. The U.S. Department of Education, who serves as the lender, generally deducts origination fees that are determined annually. Student Employment Federal Work Study This federally funded program is designed to provide work opportunities for University students. Students in this program may qualify for up to 20 hours of work a week during the academic year, providing they show a demonstrated need based on their FAFSA. Actual hiring is handled by the department supervisors who will employ the students. Campus employment, actual job placement, number of hours worked, and total dollar amount earned cannot be guaranteed by Financial Aid. Community service positions are also available in this program. Visit cedarville.edu/ studentemployment for more information. Campus Employment Campus jobs are available in most departments around campus. Students should review employment opportunities and the hiring process on the student employment website (cedarville. edu/studentemployment) Off-Campus Employment Because of the University’s reputation for attracting quality students, many area employers contact Career Services to employ students on a part-time basis. Though no formal restrictions pertain to this employment, students are encouraged to limit their working hours to approximately 20 hours per week to ensure sufficient time to study. Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress for Recipients of Financial Aid Policy All degree-seeking students (both federal Title IV and non-Title IV recipients) will be evaluated for federal Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards to be eligible in future terms for federal Title IV financial assistance. This policy treats all undergraduate students the same regardless of program of study, full-time enrollment, or part-time enrollment, etc. The purpose of this policy is to define the requirements for satisfactory academic progress as it pertains to recipients of Title IV federal aid programs. See cedarville.edu/SAP_UG for complete information related to Satisfactory Academic Progress. 2023–24 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Page 311 Financial Information United States Military Scholarships