2023-2024 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Course Registration Registration dates for each session are listed in the annual academic calendar. Early registration periods may be designated for currently enrolled students. During early registration, the University allows students to register for courses for the upcoming academic term. Students register for courses by academic classification. Most students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this early registration opportunity, rather than registering after the start of an academic term. Students who register early for a term but do not return the following semester must notify the Office of the Registrar of their change in status. Registration information, including registration instructions and course schedules for the semester, is prepared by the Office of the Registrar prior to each registration period. Information regarding course offerings and sections is available on the University website. Prior to processing a registration, each student must complete the financial responsibility agreement. In addition, students have the opportunity to meet with an academic advisor to discuss career direction, course options, and class schedules. While selecting courses, students and advisors should discuss alternative courses as a contingency for course closings and cancellations. Although each student has an academic advisor to help with scheduling, the student is ultimately responsible for the chosen class schedule and course of study. Students should become very familiar with the course requirements for their chosen major. Class schedules are selected using the Student Planning registration process on the University website. This online registration process may be completed from the academic advisor’s computer or from any other computer through which the student has internet access. Instructions for using the Student Planning registration program are available on the Registrar’s website or from the Office of the Registrar. After the online registration process has been completed, the student’s confirmed schedule becomes an active registration in the administrative computer system. To finalize their registration, students must make financial arrangements for payment of the amount due listed on their billing invoice (see the financial section of the catalog for information concerning costs and payment plans). Undergraduates in Graduate Courses Students in undergraduate programs at Cedarville University who are interested in taking graduate coursework prior to graduation may be eligible to do so with appropriate approvals. Individual graduate programs have the ability to allow or prevent this practice. In some cases credits may count as electives in the undergraduate program as well as meeting requirements of a graduate degree. The requirements and procedures for granting graduate credit to undergraduates are as follows: The undergraduate student: • Must have achieved senior standing at the undergraduate level prior to taking graduate courses. • Must have a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.00 or higher to take graduate coursework. • Must meet all prerequisites for the graduate course(s) for which they intend to register. • Must obtain the following approvals prior to registering for the graduate course: • the undergraduate advisor, • the chair/dean of the undergraduate program, and • the director of the graduate program The maximum number of graduate courses that an undergraduate student may take shall be determined by each graduate program. In any case, the maximum may not reduce the remaining graduate credits in the program to fewer that 30 credit hours. The approval form for this process may be obtained from the Office of the Registrar or from the office of the appropriate graduate program. The GPA requirement may be overridden by permission of both the Dean of Graduate Studies and the program director. Tuition for undergraduate students taking graduate courses will be charged at the higher of the undergraduate or graduate rates. Graduate credits may be included within a student’s undergraduate block pricing, but the student may have additional charges if the graduate tuition is higher than the block rate. The University reserves the right to limit the number of undergraduate enrollments allowed within any given graduate section. Auditing Auditing involves attending and participating in a course without earning credit. A course may be changed from credit to audit before the end of the first full week of the semester. Courses may be changed from audit to credit, with permission of the instructor, before the end of the first full week of the semester. A student may not test out of a course already audited. Registration to audit a course will not be processed until the first day of the semester to accommodate students requiring regular registration status. Adding and Withdrawing From a Course Students are responsible to verify the accuracy of their course registration at the beginning of each semester. All registrations must be finalized by the end of the second week of the semester. No courses may be added after this time unless approval is granted from the course instructor, and the associate/assistant dean or chair of the department that offers the course. In the absence of the associate/assistant dean or department chair, the dean of the school or the dean of undergraduate studies may approve a late registration. A late registration fee of $50 will be charged to process a registration or add a course after the deadline. Changes in a student’s course schedule must be made through the drop/add process. This may be completed online within three calendar days after courses begin. After this time, a drop/add form is required to complete a schedule change. Forms for course changes are available in the Office of the Registrar and must be signed by both the course instructor and the student’s academic advisor. The student is required to make up any work missed due to late entrance. Changes in a schedule caused by cancellation of courses will not result in financial penalty. 2023–24 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Page 29 Academic Information Registration for Courses