The Cedarville Herald, Volume 61, Numbers 1-26

•*» mm mmm - jm m wmmmm wmm, mnm r m m m m t mtymrmfa mtmrmmi *nzx h erald , m s i t m i — % m i ■m g * A pvtiff ju trm l® * * PAG *. OFTI SIGNmCANOKTOTOL * a t m r o s T t e a r no . i SSSB** m tae$ 6 gS#g n n a m u B T M C i r r p i i r o r » i f r E ,w « t » i » 1 9 COLUStSWR^Ghief Statistician D. Oj Heeter o f th« Bureau o f inspection «$d anpetatetaff « f -pafitfe^offices has tampHad a- pamphlet entitled "Com* pamtive Statistics, Cities o f Ohio,” which ©sastitntas n condensed report on Ohio city* end viHlg*flrM«K*«,for 1980. It is being rent to public . libraries, colleges, universities and * ether interested organisation#, it lists four main classifications: Re­ ceipts, expenditures, debt add mem­ orandum. “ Receipts,” as considered in the publication, are the proceeds of levies made in anticipation of the needs o f the municipality in the form o f general and property tax, fines, automobile and other licenses, special assessments, gasoline tax and mis­ cellaneous collections, ‘.‘Expenditures” represent the actual disbursements o f each department. '“Debt” is tjhe obli­ gation incurred in anticipation of future tax collections. The chapter headed “Memorandum” contains sup-' plementary data .and information. . Copies o f the pamphletmay be' obtain­ ed direct from’ the bureau in Colum­ bus. . FOKRcuwuint jhjith Judgment * * f if im m h requested in a suit filed by the HOLG against William Cash, 990R:E*Y/hurch S t, and ethers. In the second action, the plaintiff asfca for judgment o f $2,182 ■38 againstltoy * . andMary Driscoll, 248 Washington S t . ^ PAitrmoK fiu jt filed Finley Grinds!, rialmtotra one-fifth interest, has filed safe, against Lorena Buffield and others, sashing author­ ity for partition o f real estate located In CedarvHie village, Marshall and Marshall are attorneys for the plain tiff, ‘ DlYQfcCB GRANTED - [will be Cedarville Farm Implements, W. H, Dewna has been-awarded a f{nc> . divorce from Tnes Downs*otf grounds' o f wflful absence from bome-for more than three years. Once again Warden James C. Wood- aid o f Ohio penitentiary has granted, with enthusiasm, the privilege o f mak­ ing toys to cheer unfortunate children at Christmas to a .group o f inmates who *are skilled in woodwork and kindred crafts. ~A/special section has ■been'established in the new chapel of ■the penal institutioi for .the work. Hundred o f tojte will be fashioned, ex- >pertiy painted, and turned, over to •charitable.organizations for distribu­ tion to boys and. girls who otherwise . would have a toyless Christmas. “ It ' is inspiring indeed to' see these meh _thus employed,” Warden i 'said. "Many , o f them were un-f fortunately denied these same little r *joys that are po dear* to all youthful hearts: * This Christmas activity of toy-making has a wholesome influence on many a man whom some would ■class as hopeless, 1 have fotfnd out,” TO SELL PROPERTY Public sale o f six Xenia properties with a combined appraised valuation o f <14,109 has been-authorized in the case o f Elmira Saunders against Vera Hawkins and others. The houses and lots were appraiead as-follows: 307 E, Church St., $250; 735 E. Second St. $650; 818 E .,Market SC; g450;. 509 E. Main St., $1,500; 24, Taylor $300; 102 Lexington Ave., $900. CEDARVILLiE, OHIO, fRIDAY, DECEMBER 3,1937 PRICE, flAO A TEAR L o w d F i n a l * Now bicorporated Incerperation papers wore granted by the reeretaryof state Saturday to the Cummings and Greswell Co., with authority to issue 250 shares o f no pihr value etock. Mr, and Mrs. Frank Creswell and Paul R. Cummings, are the incorporator*. - The concern operates a general merchandising business, dealing In feed, bay, grain, chad ahd livestock. The stockholders will be Messrs. Creswell and. Cum­ mings their wives. The hardware divisionqf the firm of Cummings and Creswell has been incorporated by Lawrence Dunces, Paul Cummings and Arthur Cum­ mings, authority being granted for issuance o f fifty shares o f no par stock. The tide o f the corporation TUBERCULOSIS TEST St. WINS NOTE JUDGMENT Edith J. Monnett has recovered a $160.11 notf judgment in a suit a- gairtst Irvin'Linson. * ESTATES APPRAISED Two estates have been appraised under probate court direction .as folioWs: Estate o f -Rosa. Zeller:- gross value, $3,380;'obligations, $483.35; net vahle, $2,896.65;- EState o f Horace Shaw: gross value, $5,861,29; obligations, $2,- Woodard>$2,746.61; net value, $4;il4.68. xhf-^:mtlnn» fitr tjbirintn rluriffriri state positions will be conducted in three'key cities, Cleveland, Gotoriibus ' and. Cincinnati on December 6 , 7 and ‘ 8 by the Civil Service Commission fit -Ohio,' it was announced,by Commission Chairman Carl W. Smith. The tests .wilt'be held for commandant, Ohio Soldiers' and -Sailors' Home; chemical engineer, division o f hygiene; examin­ er, divisions o f securities; fish man­ agement agent, division o f conserva­ tion; game.-protector, division o f con- . APPOINTMENTS MADE T. D-.:Kyle has been named admin iterator ofrtite’-eftete Jam esK Ky% igte. o f Xbnla, under bond-of $694)00. ”"Raymond'■{*Hoppipr, Cecil Baxter and J. J. Cnrltet appoint executor o f ‘taar eeiato*-c<.Martha J. Trawler, late .•ofr'-Jia tetecWfiyf.WltKdttt bond. -Bert' Lbuto; -Whwefi- Robtoaoii and Andrew Bryan weto named ap- praisers. ' C, A., Kinngy ’ ima:been' appointed administimter o f th^'FloreUee McKin-, Within the next few weeks all high school students in the county will. be given the.opportunity of-being tuber-, culin tested. We hope all parents will insist that their children take this test. . ■ . We plan to begin with high school students first because it is among them that we most 1 frequently find open cases (those who spit up organ­ isms). These open cases.are a menace to these with'whom they come in con­ tact. .Tuberculin testing is one valu­ able method o f determining the pre­ sence o f tuberculous infection, and is harmless. December 2 nd, a tuberculosis clinic Will be camducted by diagnostician, Dr. Warren Breidenbach and his as­ sistants. >This' clinic is sponsored by the Greene County Health League and the Greene County Health Depart­ ment. The Ladies Aid Society o f the Presbyterian Church will bold, a rum­ mage sale -next Saturdayr.December 4, at 1;30 p, m ,. We will sell clothing, shoes ahd other articles—some o f which are.a* good as new. Come to the Rummage Sale, JD«c. 4,>next Saturday, 1:30 p, m. ; SAUEISOKDEXBD The administrator of the Frank Compton estato- has ' been ordered to servation; landscape architect, State; seRt at public auction Janaary 8 , real department of ^Highways; assistant female probation officer, State Depart­ ment fit Public Welfare; medical . aupperrisor, division.’o f hygiene; phy­ sician, division o f communieabie diseases; physician, bureau o f child hygiene; sexologist, division o f lab- oratoriN; superintendent o f the.wool­ en mill, Obk> penitentiary; chief mate pr&batibtt officer,,State pepartment of Public ’Welfare. 4 . - ■■ -• it. < ' A placement service for students in the coRhcWo f arts and sciences at - Ohio State University has been estab­ lished,:it WAs repotted by Dean B. L. Stradley. “ The new service,” Dean StradlOy asserted, “will aid the grad­ uates tit the arts college in lfamtibg positions suitable to their abilities and training. In addition, it will serve another important function in that it will encourage and assist qualified students in ‘ obtaining graduate scholarships- and- asristsntoWps.” Dr. Harold A. Edgerton o f the university faculty waa placed in charge* o f the piatomaftt bureau. estate . appraiaed mt- $160 and belonging to the estate. , , acre. MOVED TO 1 FBDRKAI/ COURT Removaluf tiur^Rjli^-diiimfa attit o f .CUunty Cbmaitetidwr/H«wtofd:' L. BatdiWf agnWit’ th r^a iitik ’-pttriiana' Cement Company Jrfihi COUimon Pleas Court to Federal -District Court, Day- ton, where $st eariiet milt flat $25,- 960 pends; haa beert eutiiorited on ap­ plication o f the defSmdant. Batdorf claims dUstAwte tbmcMtoftt plant at Osborn'ha# damaged hie farm. In « t attempt to* collect additional liquor < revenuesa* well as aid hi'the auppreieion o f illegal liquor brought into Ohio‘ from other states, an *- meUdffaettt to the..state liquor control act which would require the use of stafbps-showing that the $ 1 galtonage tag has been paid was advocated by State ffiroaeanar laronce H. Kaiatoy. Under* tins proposed plan tits gaBou- tig* sttaaps woald bo handhsl by tho treaecttOri* OffidV«$d. laid'to ike dkh- tillers:who would be required by bar to plate then* on an bottiea o f HqwOr intendOd for importation into Ohio. .n’n.iieis'iWyikhw'ifi ■ ./ COLLDB* GLEE CLUB WILL M l mm AM jtm csifiit Dee. dtilr A mpekal progran) o f P M M W t o t lf « # $m given in tho OhepS*>#to-Which amadmiteion of 10 cents Wgt-'bf *te»g*d- T V prpgram etortstoO-M. tg.‘ aritehMtwril’bo^ee to^twot towwood Mim m WiU b#6iO'Md4-.U)io. -i»*r|tete'ia 'itt- Vltoir , , Jld NedBnwn Gets . Wittenberg Numeral Springfield. •— AhftMgh he never played foO ttedfeliivM school,* Ned 'Red” Brown, o f Uribnrille. is one of tweuty^foox f i tehiamf*at Wittenberg CoHege to receive eustotols to football at toe Lalfeeran*om ega for wotk in praettoa seeetoair goriarthe 1937 grid- iron OeasoH. He. atiewded Cedarville High Srimol; witii eight sehkWs grUduatoqt tooia -toisc> yearie team* Bmrint wftt*harie».g0ed chanoo ftof.tho varidty rievonwogtywlr. . • UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Balph 'A; Jamieson,- Minister Sabbath School, 10 a. m. Meryl Stormont; Siipt. ' ■ Prbaching, 1 1 a. m. 'Theme, “A King's Ignorance.” - - Y. P.- C. U., 6:30 p, m. Subjebt; 'Publish Glad Tidings.” Lender, DoUgiSs- Funsetf. This is the first o f a scries Of studies o f the Boards o f the Church, to be* held monthly this year; The study,this- week concerns the Board of ’Publication and Bible School Wbrk. ' Union Service in.* the Presbyterian Church. The message"by Dr. ChAs, E. Hill. Prayer Meeting, Wednesday, 7:30 p. m. Leader, Mrsr Raymond Spracklin. A meeting o f the Congregational Program* Committee- will; be held at the UiaMe Monday evehing next. It WiU be tllbe soori to send in the dub subscriptions for “The United Presbyterian,” club rate $1.50; and “The: Christian Herald magazine,” plUb rate f l. Please give me your order as soon sb possible. School ire Allocated - Te 11 rural |school districts of Greene County i are allocated $48,775. .36 ht the. ewrre it cash disbursement o f funds under j Ihio's school founda­ tion program, I - 0. Aulfcmai., county school superintendent reported Wed­ nesday. A, Distributive sferea o f the districts* were annOuncedglu follows; Beaver­ creek, $1,026.71-;iCadarville, $7^67,49; Clifton,- $1,000|JJefffrson, - $4,955,95j Miami, $3^?2A«; Ross, $2,508,23; Silvercreek, $3^19.60; Bpring Valley, 23,943.38; Sugansreek, $4,883.88; Xenia township,|$4,152.39. Tax DeliAfuerfey Is RedtiS^ By $40,140 Clarence J. Brown Responds to Call As Candidate for Congress *k . delinquency, on. estate,was reduc-j i '■ 1$$7, according to H. M; Smith, Accumulated' Greene County ed by $40,140.98 figures released county treasurer; Reflecting'ah-teiprovement in gen­ eral conditions,; ^e+Teport shows the, delinquency .toteljnow stands at $09,- 420.22, as. compared with $139,- 560,80 in 1936. ‘L The preaeht delinquency is the lowest *»«ce 1981. The peak total since 1920 was $203,964.72 in 19331 according to the jpeport.' .siu*» -^.- ‘THE LATE CHRISTOPHER BEAN' The Cedarville College Dramatic Club offers as it^ first public produc­ tion pf the seasoh the famous comedy by Sidney How«Si, “ The Late Chris­ topher Bean.” In the opening per­ formance o f thte ptey in New York, October 31,1932, Walter Connolly and Pauline Lord played-the leading roles. “ The' Late Christopher Bean” has since been a popular screen play with Lionel Barrymore;and Marie Dressier, enacting the roiesfo* Dr. Haggett and Abby. , . £■ The play is a ^tificult undertaking for an amatevu* group but the cast has been working' haft and a good per­ formance is anticipated. Miss Gene­ vieve J*S«on o f Springfield will play the -phrt.of Abbf, end Justin Hart- map, Cedarville, il cast in the role of Dr. Hhggett*' --|$|nberii'6f the sop- jw rti»« i?a»t'htotjllrs.-',Hagget^:Jahe eemriMi ABSTNT m i t e M N B M1*#- • - mmfWlQM- IffP^pFRl-'MwWMi ■ The rural ^school districts of e indents learned o f -the progress In the field o f ^medicine in the fight a- f;ainst tuh^rculoall by films shown { y state health authorities in, the ichool auditorium. Mapy interesting rnd helpful facts were learned. Tuberculin Tests Offered Hr. Savage, County Health Commis < loner will be at the- school, Sriday County Ipfimary employees to $1 each- novniog, December' 10, to offe# the Prosecutor Marcus Shoup has rend­ ered a written legal epftdon to the Greene County Comnri*skmers holding they were without authority when’ they reduced the salaries of two HON. clarence J. BROWN . D, ?A.;Rv'-MiteTING A Christimila ptigdamthrill be pro* smited whwi Oidir-Cliff Chapter, D. A -R .m tite kt«ter<ltome.ef Mr*. Anna Wiliest Sfctor&pt afternoon at 2 ohloek. Mtirdlototoy Writht, will be Mristewtbosteis. review w « ir i:-bthet: progrsmifeiWitfs a*e |fiinn#d.r The chapter reeentiY Abtsinril* a membeVship in- th« A ti I ip A pteWte lfrom the In stituteV «teefiUd;tng gaBIry will beex* hiWted at tite'--nt^ng.^ ilte. H. O. Funeett, riMitotui 'fit- Americanism, Oter'Clkb Will hold a iritt ntplaln the* pietiu*. Following rSm ^program in the -O iipri, ' TtMday pvmtitjt) In the De$6$riBe pnbjio srii 0 <ds for a month, Fteaue com* ptefftred to pey annual dues. * Mrs. Wilfred Wtiipsf* who waa call ed here by the !Up*«* and death o f her IMIbriltff Hris- jj.uatU'4 *L JtJi! in |E' 6|11 JIhI, ™ » (OffIwl^ MBTHODlST EPISCOP'AL CHURCH Charles Br-HiH, Minister Church School, 10, a, m. L. J, George, SUpi. Worlhip SerVicO,^11 a. m. Sacra- mint of the Lord’s ‘ Supper. EpWWtth League, 6:30 p. m. Union Meeting, 7:80 p, m,, in the 1 Presbyterian Church. t, - Million Unit Fellowship (Mission ary)' convention in Memorial Hall, ColumbUs, Tuesday, beginning at 10 a, m. Art idOrttkal Convention Will be held in Erikiry Auditorium, Cincin­ nati, Wednesday. We hope a coh- sideraMe number o f our people may be able to -attend' one or the other o f these meetings. , Choir Rehearsal, Saturday, :15 w. Robert Reed, Director. f i RS t P resbyter ian CHURCH Rev; Benienifa N, Adame,’ MiKtetev fiaMteth School, 10 a, m, LeesOhi “Christian -Rest,” Matt, 11: 28-80; Heb, 4 :M L GOMen’ Text: “ Come upto me all that labor and are heavy laden, and I wilt rive you rest,** Matt. 11:28, Worship Service, 1 1 a, m. Theme: “The Burdensome Nature Of Truth,.” Christian Endeavor, 6:86 p, m. Union Evening Service, 7:80 p. m Dr, Hill will speak in the Presby­ terian Chtfrtih junior CboiF, 4:00 p> m., WbHmte day, Study class on “The Lay Lead fit Looks at the Chnwh. * iitt to m« - - S m I ot Okrir, Wedneaday, 6 y. m. Haggett, Mary Jean Townsley; Warnin' Creamejr, John Peterson; Talisnt, Fred Lott; Rosen, John Gillespie; and Davenport, James Anderson, Miss Glenna Basorc is di­ recting the play. Tickets are now on sale, and may be reserved, at Brown’s drug store. ^vAw* Both' the Republican : Cepfrui and. CHRISTMAS SEAL SALE You are now'being requested to bay Christmas Seals. As you probably al­ ready ktiow the .mortey thus obtained is used' to fight tuberculosis. Ap­ proximately 80 per cent o f the money is usdd In our county; twenty percent for state and national activities. The moneys is Spent largely under the di- rectibn o f the County Health Depart­ ment ih thejfoiloWfng manner. Is Salary-Hfgecdtive secretary — Kenneth Little. •' 2 ; X-rays o f patients suspected of havingtubercUIbeis. 2. Tuberculin tfikting material, 4. Steriliser for needles and syringe*. 5. Sendimetiiatiob tubes/ 6 . Occariottal 'tohrilieetomy for in­ digent tuberculosis patient.' 7. Fluoroscope —• which is used throughout the year/for diagnostic purposes. * 8 . Tuberculosis Clinics—which have been Conducted by Dr. Breidenbach, specialist. Mbre than 400 Republican men and women' of the Clinton cqunty and the Seventh Congressional District, by in­ vitation of the Clinton County Com­ mittee, gathered at the Masonic Temple in ' Wilmington,. Wednesday evening, to honor Clarence J. Brown, Blanchester, as a testimonial o f their faith in.him as a candidate for con­ gress at the .primary next August. Judge Frank Clevenger, Wilming­ ton presided, and a number of speak­ ers, Rep. Arthur Hamilton and At­ torney Deart Stanley, .both admitted aspirations for congress yet both an­ nounced a willingness to withdraw on condition that Mr. Brown would ac­ cept, Dr, Conrad of Union county had been mentioned’'but by letter he de­ clined and Will seek a seat as con- grcssman;at-large. Following Mr. Brown's .acceptance-', speech, other speakers were: John W. Bricker, can­ didate for governor; Former ' Gov­ ernor Myers Y. Cooper; Robert Taft and Gilbert; Bettmgn, Cincinnati. ’ nboivulin test to any student in inside.: 9-1*2, teacher, bus Ariver, Janitor, or cafeteria help, Permission ci the parents is necessary before the test will be givert: Slips will be sent Iholne With pupils soon, i December 22, a chest clinic will be " j bold at the Court House, Xenia, for iany person who has positive reaction to the tuberculin test. Examinations, N-raysJ and flUroscopea will be.offered where nebded. Boys Attend Exposition Two local bdyp, Wallace* Bradfute and Paul Watkins, attended the In­ ternational Livestock Exposition itt Chicago this week, as guests pf ;the Ubiko Milling Company./ These trips were prizes earned for Having ei 6 s hibited the best Angus heifer end Hampshire iparket pig at the Greene County Fair last summer. ' : . Mr. H. H. Cherry left Tuesday eve­ ning for Chicago Where he will take in the international Stock Show. Mr. and Mr*.- Clayton MacMillan Were called to Tarklo, Mo., Tuesday, by the death of “ Mrs, MacMillan's mother, Mrs? John A. Rankin, Mr. Fred Bird o f Chicago, III., spent several days bate last Week .with his mother; Mr*. Aletha Bird and other relatives. Jndgl and Mrs. S. C. Wright had for their guest, Thanksgiving Shd’over the week end;’ Mrs,* D. M, Hatton of Bennettsville, Ind. Mrs. Hatton was atodnipahfed by htr daughter-in-law, Mr*. Hatton, who’’ Visited friends in Columbus and 1 ronton'. to the meeting and passed resolutions calling on Mr- Brown to respond to the 9draft call’^and announce himself as a candidate. Mr, Brown in responding said; “ I am proud of the faith and con­ fidence that have been extended to me by you, my fellow Republicans. You have issued a call and a challenge,, I would be ungrateful for ail that which you have done for me in the past, and Unworthy o f the honor and the opportunity you are extending to me here tonight, if 1 failed or re­ fuse to answer your* call and your challenge, “So I accept th»se endorsements and these proffers of support in the spirit in which I know you have ex­ tended them. I shall become a can­ didate for the Republican, nomination for Member'of Congress from the Seventh District o f Ohio at the pri­ maries to he held next August, In taking this step I am not'unmindful of my dwn limitations. I am humble and sincere When I ask that ail of you give me your help and aid in the days ahead. , “ The Seventh District is not only one of the greatest congressional dis­ tricts in Ohio—-it is one of the great­ est congressional districts in all America, For generations *i t « has been represented in the Cpngress of the United States by men o f stature, of broad vision, of character and abil­ ity, of influence and position, They have been strong men representing a strong people. They haye been patriotic men representing a patriotic constituency. “Here in this great Seventh District of ours can be found all the elements that have made, our*country A great nation and our citizens a great people. Here our land, the most fertile in the Middle West, makes U* a great agri­ cultural district. Here industry has found the Combination of skill and in­ telligence in our people that make the products of our factories known throughout the world. In represent­ ing the'Seventh Ohio District in Con , Mr. m m Wright Arid family eg- ttttakttd *£t dinrifer Thanksgiving day theYsllowing Ur, and Mrs. R. R. Gaston fit OinbiWteti; Mr. and Mrs. J. Fib! Howard and Mrs. Belle Cornelias o f Dagtoh; ' Safety Patrol News. Members Of the safely patrols are proudly wearing* new belts and badges. A number^o f changes are, be­ ing made in “the Organization^which should improve the-efficiency of the patrol.- Turkey Dinner Wednesday noon ,1 a turkey dinner Was" served to approximately three hundred persons,- -Many -'visitors were present' and enjoyed the' fine' meal; served according" to the' usual custom on a cost basis. ’ . ' ; ' “ / „ A rt’New*. ' ., „ The sixth grade pupils Are'display­ ing some real artistic ability. There are compositions- relating to, the Thanksgiving theme ejre reserving", of praise.. . . . With appropriate materials, the .in­ structor ‘ks a guide; the'pupil'a* learn­ er and pcibri the idtestyns atim'uti to 'harvdus system participates. If- tiie. outcome become satisfying,the bpy becomes ivithih himself interested, He then has a dekire to paint & more satisfying picture. Thus stronger desires and more activity produce.stronger qual­ ities oif pleasantness, happiness ahd joy. • ■ ' V " •V Honors Divided When PlattsbuTg basketball.,teams played in the local gym, Tuesday, November 23, honors were .'divided, Ptattsburg. winning both the reserve and girls* game while Cedftrviile vars- ity triumphed. ' Spring Valley Here Spring Valley team) will furnish the Red and* White squhds competition, Friday night, when the two schools clash for basketball honors in the local gymnasium. per month. Mrs, Bella Gustin, cook at the home, and Forest Kildow, superintendent,. were the $I a month employees, who 5 , Prosecutor Shoup says, must' he re­ stored to their proper status befSr# the action of the hoard, Mr*. Gustin 5 Was reduced' from $40 a monte to $1 a month. - . . . The Prosecutor’ Holds tee action is not in accordance with Section .2522 ‘ G, C. which provide* for the .appoint-: ment o f employees by the superin­ tendent which are in'the undlsssified civil service list/ .With the awperiji-; tendent given power to empjoy. th)* commissioners have only 'the authority to appropriate funds to pay sUch cm-, ployees. , ' ~ y “My opinion, therefore, I*,th%t such reduction o f said two Employe** pay ' was not warranted and Should be're-2 stored to the amount .then being paid such employes,, inclusive o f , tee U- mount earned thereby during the in­ terim o f the reduction by your board, The question as to the' necessity- o f ' such, positions-pud the amount to He paid tfip sttch as set by your.original 'appropriations is a-matter of an en­ tirely foreign nature and can bedeter­ mined in the futore, ahd this answer - to your inquiry., is ;solely ‘confuted to . your legal authority 1 fo r r$o‘ reducing the pay o f the'two employes in ques­ tion.” " ‘ ’i , * . , . , Mrs. Lina McCullough is spending, a few days in Cincinnati, the guest of Dr, and Mrs. R. E. Gaston. Father and'Son * - v Banquet Monday u*. \ U.} 1 / 1 ¥ ^ 1 f ‘ Arrangements are practically com-* pleted for the second.annual Masons’ , and Sons' banquht, sponsored bp^thie. local -Masonic Lodge, to be-held Mon­ day night,.December 6th- r 1 W,. W. Galloway, will act a* toa^- * masteri hfc,..PaplJ|)rrrwili $dve.tee •; Mtfcomeaddress iriteritaatfcdlsrtiai&i responding,- Music' rendaepd >y-’.the , Cedaryihe College-. Mole - .Quartette, . , -1 The main address’ of the evehing is to be given by* Robert R. Baftghahi, Wilmington. Mr. Bangham is Bti$e - Representative' from Clinton County^ and also a District Governor of Rotary International. "Mr, Bangham traveled extensively in Europe during the Past, summer and while there,was granted . an interview"with Premier ’ Benito ' Mussolini %f Italy. His talk oh Europe promise* to he very interesting and !ughly entertaining.' • Mrs. Jason ‘L. MacMillan o f Nor­ folk, Va., has been the guest of her sister, Mrs. 'Clayton .MacMillan^ Miss-Mary Coulter student nurse at Christ Hospital, Cincinnati, visited oyer the week-end with her parents, Mr, and Mrs. Chan. Coulter. • .Mr, William R, Watt spent Thanks­ giving in Ada, Ohio, with his brother- in-law and sister, Rev. W. A. Condoq. and wife. . * Mr, and Mr*. Paul Cummings' had for their guests from Detroit,. Mich,, from Thanksgiving until Sunday, Mr, C. E. Burrtier and Miss Bernice Mojran. ■" ' ■' . :-;V - V \ ’ - - » Messrs. Ed Dean and Arthur Hanna will hold a public sale* on the Dein firm, Dec. 9th when they will sell $8 head of dairy cattle And a few hogs. Mr. Fred Hyman', ‘who ha* been local Pennsylvania station agfent hdre, T cm “ ^ o l" - Mrs. Cora TrihliHH'*had for her guest* Thanksgfrtii’ day, Mri Ahd Mte, R. E. TrnMIte of Osbornf Mrs. James Ward andfrwriffy o f near Day- Wilson of. Eleanor Me sawftfai o f im m * North u dma, ^rwB giui muat we ww bjimmjsriw * vai , . agriculture, o f labor, of the little store ..TiwMay. keeper and the small business man, and of factories, and great industries, ,fWe ate living in . strange times. Never In our history ha* the tor dividual found himself more futile to his endeavor* to order ahd control his own life, tfahw doetrines Have been spread throughout 'th* land. Selfish­ ness predominates a* A result of the hideous program of creating mis­ understandings between labor and capital} between farm ahd city; be­ tween government and business, the problem r o f this generation have not tHteh solved." . The Father and Bon banquet o f the local local Masonic Lodge trill he held Monday evening at the Lodge room. Rep, R. Ih Bangham, WUmtagtoto will be the speaker o f the evening. Dri , Alexander, assistant to; the president .o f Antioch College gave 'A lecture-on the .life of Horace,'Mann at a joint meeting o f the Y. if. and' Y; W. C. A. in the’“College Chapel, * Wednesday. Hq especially stressed Mann's philorephy of life~ “Be afraid .to dje until you ' have>done something for Jwinmapity.” Dr. Hill Talks at Chapel! Di*. C. E. Itiill gave an inspirational talk to student* i t the, regular chapel period Monday, He told an Interest­ ing story o fa father who won his son to the Christian way o f ltring through love’ t o discipline'. . > .v Gospel Team Sunday morning, December 5th, the Gospel Team will have ch&rgs of the worship servic'd at til* Bath Presby­ terian Church near Dayton. Speak­ ers for the service .,’ara Miss .Maty Johnston', Kenneth Sanderson’, and Rachel CrtsweiP whose talks will be “Christmas to the Home,” “The Mean­ ing o f Christmas to tee Wori4w and “How Can We Make This Christmas a Real Birthday o f Christ ” Apia Theta Tau The -Alpha .Theta* Tan Sorority met November 23 at the home of the. faculty advisor Mrs. Kling, Plans Were discussed for a Christmas!party. Following the business meeting‘games and contest* were played under .the direction o f Bessie Rhlvely and Grata BiSketh Refreshments wa#a aervet by tee htotes*. . optatog EaMteM Gm^e. Cedarville Cohege opens its besket- Mtos EltaPbr MeElwain spent the Thanksgiving vacation with her aunt, Mr*. Cora Trumbo. Miss McEtwain is the daughter o f Mr, and Mr*. Burton McEtwain of Asheville, w. C., who former rtsMefito of dhto place, Rhe is spending tee winter with her auuL Mrs, Edwin Weetorfrid, o f Otastonati, while Attandtog the Univ*rtdty of umnimuti* ball *«aaon on Saturday, Dee, $, when the Orange, imd Bhte team wRl mast the SpringdeM Y. M. C, A, team fh Alford Gyntnastom. ^ rT-iiiT Cedarrille CeRega * their amffi-aanEU m t..„ lace offitas 4 1 »M ^ as. termteemid-yeei*'! :teg to being fcrid atoaeat m rtm m