The Cedarville Herald, Volume 76, Number 22

Cedarville Herald “CedawiL e’d Clde-,%1 Jjidtitutiev” Knlercil Second O la » JMaUer .-it the P o d O fjlee ilttancMtovvu. Ohio, tinder net o f Co*K**w», SXrcIi, 76th Year - - Number 22 l^—— '"ws'ortm*' r -.tiraitrut.a! CEDARYILLE, OHIO THURSDAY , JUNE I I , 1953 10 P ER Legion Auxiliary Elects Officers Mrs . Katherine Kennedy Brown Speaks V Seventy-five Republican women from the various townships in the county gathered at Whitehall Farm just north of Yellow Springs on Wednesday, June 3rd to hear an address by Mrs. Katherine Ken­ nedy Brown, well-known speaker, - who is president of the National Federation of Women’s Clubs and a former vice chairman of the Re­ publican National Committee. ' Mrs. Brown gave a comprehen­ sive review of what she thought had been accomplished by the present Republican national ad­ ministration in the few months that they have been in office. She c i t e d the ever-increasing teamwork that is being achieved in the V a r i o u s departments of government and told of the dif­ ficulties and problems that will face the GOB in the future.' She also remarked that basically the differences hi the Republican Fartj' are hot as great as has been publicised and expressed an opinion that Mr. Taft and Mir. Eisenhower wilt work even more ciovHyand with greater harmony iu^ilSbfuture than previoaslyv i ’Mrs. Brown also made mention o f the fact that the formative meetings of the Republican party for Ohio had been hold at White­ hall around 1851. Mm, Stacy Rankin, present oc­ cupant of the historic farm and county chairwoman of the G O P was hostess for the meeting and Was assisted in the settings and servings by Miss Jean Taylor of Bellow Springs, Mrs, Harold Van Pelt of Spring Valley, whose hus­ band is county chairman of the party, arid Mrs. Marcus McGallister of Xenia. Public Asked To Give Views On School Plan A public school board meeting will be held in Silvercreek Audi­ torium on Wednesday, June 24, at 8:00 P, M. Three representatives of the firm of Grunkemyer and Sullivan, which planned the pres­ ent building, will be present. These architects will display Sev­ eral large blueprints of separate buildings and additions to the pres­ ent building. The public’s opinion on this matter is desired. Everyone residing in Silvercreek school dis­ trict is urgently invited to attend. Silvercreek school has been over­ crowded for several years, and the situation is now reaching a crisis. There are more than 80 youngs­ ters Who should enter the first grade this fall, but there is room for no more than sixty-five, The school board Will be able to admit only those who Were six before Oc­ tober 15. County DAV Installs Monday On Monday, June 15th, Harold R. Cartwright, Disabled A m e r ic a It Veterans, GreenC County Will have installation of officers. State Senior Vice Commander, E d w a r d L. Knight of Lebanon, Ohio and Dis­ trict Commander Yeazci of Urbana will install the following officers for the coming y e a r , 1053-1954, George L. Lewis, Jamestown Com­ mander, Lawrence L, Snyder, Sen­ ior Vice Commander, Jamestown, James D, Frcicr, junior vice com­ mander, Dayton, Edward Kingman, adjutant and treasurer, Fairborn; Noel P a n c o s t . Chaplain, Clifford H. Johnson, officer of the Day, and Clifford Leftwith, Service Officer of Xenia, Ohio. Lewis and Johnson are World War I veterans. The others arc World War If. The meeting will start at S P, M„ Jayce Hall, 26hi South Detroit St., Xenia, Ohio. Ail disabled veterans and those wishing to join this or­ ganization should bo present at this meeting. Richard Pawley, son of Mr. and Mrs, George Fawicy, has received letters from the Cleveland. Indians, arid St. Browns to attend their try­ out schools with all expenses paid. He pans to accept the invitation of tile St, Louis Browns, PICTURED ABOVE Is the majestic view of the south veranda o f 'Whitebait farm just north of Yellow Springs where the rw?cting of Republican Women took place June 8. „ , , a . ...- - - 11 , - ............. , It Won’ t Be Long Now! Wooden Nickels To Be Legal Tender In Green County Beginning Saturday Wooden nickels villi be iegat tender in Greene C’ounfy begin­ ning Saturday, June 13* Paul Irey Novelty Chairman of the GreenC County Sesquicenteiirtial announced today the wooden nic­ kel Will publicize the county. Mr, irey explained^ the wooden nickel will” publicise the birthday celebration and also the Spectacle "Out of the Wilderness,’' G r e e n e eountians will be asked to use them in purchases, a c c e p t them as change and send them to friends as souvenirs and to keep as a remem­ brance of the celebration, Request has already been receiv­ ed at SesqUi Headquarters f r o m coin collectors throughout th« coun­ try wanting to buy the wooden money. The Chase National Bank in New York has the largest dis-. plays, a huge collection of wooden nickels from all over the coun­ try, « Mr. 1 r c y emphasized 10,000 a noilcn nickels would be in the hands of our merchants for re­ lease Saturday, June 13. The mer­ chants who might be missed in the initial s a t e contact Sesqni Headquarters for a supply* Jamestown Youth To National Camp Ed Pickering, near Jamestown, and three other outstanding 4-H Club members will lc.avc Port Co- iumbuS. jUne If, to represent Ohio at National 4-H Club C a m p In Washington, D* C,, that week, Ed and other delegates, accom­ panied by Beatrice Cleveland, as­ sistant state leader, and Francis Dalrymple, Will attend the 23rd, camp. The term '‘camp’' is a carry­ over from earlier days When 4-H members were housed in tents. Pickering is the son of Mr, and Mrs. Carl Pickering, east of James­ town. He is a worker for conserva­ tion on county, district, state and sectional levels and has Won sec­ ond place in the state conservation essay contest. He is a freshman in the coMbgc of agriculture at Ohio State University, Mary Lee Jenks who Is home for the summer has accepted a posi­ t io n at Wright-Patterson Field, Maty Lee is a student at Miami University, DON’T TAKE ANY WOODEN NICKELS !~That's apt advice hero ns Miss Elizabeth Spahr of Jamestown who models a bathing Suit or wooden nickels such ns the ones that will I ks legal tender in Greene County beginning this Saturday. Looking pretty in a bathing suit comes easy for Miss Spahr, who was in the Queen’s court for Miss Ohio Sesqui-Centennlal ihts year. (Photo by Art Cox) Set Flower Show The Clifton Green Thumbs Gar- # den Club and Friendly Gardeners of Yellow Springs held a flower show at Curl Hall at Antioch Col­ lege in Yellow Springs, Saturday and Sunday, It was open to the public. Ed R. Pickering has been initiat­ ed into Phi Eta Sigma, national freshman scholastic honorary or­ ganization for men. Basis for elec­ tion to the society is a high aca­ demic average during the Fresh­ man year or first quarter of cam­ pus residence, " Mrs. Waddle Takes Gavel A f Meeting Mrs. Lawrence Waddle was elect­ ed President of Wallace C, Ander­ son Legion Auxiliary at the regu­ lar J u n e meeting held M o n d a y night at the home of Mrs, Robert Marshall. Ten members Were pres­ ent. The meeting was opened by Mrs. Russell Wisecup, president, followed by prayer by the Chaplain, Mrs. Nathan Elder. Pledge o f Al­ legiance to <jthe flag and the read­ ing of the Auxiliary Preamble were followed by minutes of the previous meeting. Following the treasurer's report, the president called for a yearly report from each committee chairman. Other officers e l e c t e d include Mrs. Arthur Evans, first vice-pres­ ident; Mrs. Robert Stalgers, second vice-president; Mrs. John Wright, secretary; Miss Pauline Nelson, treasurer; Mrs, P, J. McCorkeJl cor­ responding secretary; Mrs, Greer McCallister, chaplain; Mrs, Robert Marshall, historian; and Mrs. Rus­ sell Wisecup, Sergeant-at-Arms, Mrs. Nathan Elder and Mrs. Ross Wiseman were elected to serve on the executive committee for the coming year. Plans for a joint installation of officers of bethe Legion and Auxv- diary to be held on. July J3Ui revealed by *ttre committee, A din­ ner at the Old Mill Gamp honoring the District Installing Officers, Le­ gion Commander, Obmer McClain of Dayton, and Mrs. A. L. Ittskcep 3rd District President from South Charleston, will precede the .Instal­ lation which is to be held in the social room of the local United Presbyterian Church, Further de­ tails will be revealed in a Idler sent to Legion and Auxiliary mem­ bers in the near ftilute, Plans are the stressing of a, renewed interest In attendance In both the Legion and Auxiliary by emphasizing Fam­ ily Night, since the newly-eleotcd junior officers wiil also be Installed by Mrs. Jnskeep. Reservations for the dinner at the Old Mill can be made by call­ ing Mrs. Lawrence Waddle, 0-JI.54 by Friday noon, July 10th, Price Of the dinner is $1.30 tax included. Rcfreshntfcints were served by the hostess assisted by Mrs. Mc- Corkell following the closing of the business meeting with the Lotd'jC Prayer. c. ( Club’s ‘Guest Bayf ueeess The Rural Improvement C l u b held their "guest day" meeting at’ the home Of Mrs. Mabeflc Hurley, Wednesday afternoon. For their entertainment, Mrs. B e r n a r d Knechl. gave a travel talk on China where Colomci Knceht WSS station­ ed for two years, Maxine hVuslar played several numbers cn tier ac­ cordion, Refreshments of loc erram, fresh strawberries, cake and punch wero served during the social hour. Assistant hostesses were Mrs, Mark Hingamon, Mrs. L, L. Gray of Xenia, Mrs, Elmer Haglcr, Mrs. Charles Leach, Mrs, W, F. Trcwls, Mrs. C. W. Mott, Mrs, Roscoc Turner, Mrs, Albert Wigal, M rs. Paullin Harper, The nextmtetlng will be a picnic at the home of Mrs. Myron Fudge* July 1, * ,