The Gavelyte, January 1908

The Gavelyte. VOL. Ill JANUARY, 1908. NO. 1. Columbia University. HY .J. F. HARBER, 'Oc!. When our worthy editor requested an article for the Gavelyte, he rnrn– tinned a-; a po,:,;.-, ible toµir, C,1lurnbia Un iversity. 80, relying upon his sng– ~e. t ion, perhaps I can excuse mysf'lf for w!·iting of something whiC'h may l,tu ,,f doubtful interest to the reader. ('olumuia is a grt:>at university, si tuaterl i11 the greateRt Ameriran city. Thi..; l1wation m:d<es it morel interesting and more profitable to the grarluate student, who is 11ot drawn to the institution by the liope of enjoying tl1at muC'h laudt1rl style of existence known as college lif8. However, the prai.~es or New York have been sung so often and so ably that it would be a useles3 a11c! thank leRs task to attempt such a thing here. One would naturally an d properly infer that such a location does not allqw the exuberant undergraduate life which most other institutions have. ~o clnsPly connn·tr-,d with the ci~y, indeed a very part of it, with so many attraC'tions outsirle the collf'giate wall1s, there is little chance for that unity among the mf'n which is so·necPssary to the "rah, rah" type of collf'ge Rpirit. But 1such a rf'sult is not entirely in confli ct with the aims of the uni- - versity. It is thf' ,,·e ll matured plan he re and one which is being carefully <'arried out, to strengthen all graduate, Rrientific and professional schools, in requirement Rfor f'ntrance, in the courses given and in the teaching– corps. This does not mean, nece~sarily, subord ination of the college, but i~ ,loes mean that the schools mentioned are those by which th~ university iR most widely known. Tbe school of law occupies a prominent plaee in the scheme of the univrrsity work. Thf> rE->quirf'mf'nts fo r entrance are £>quailed by those of only one otlwr school, that at Tlal'vard. At no other institutionR in the ,·11nntl'y is it, ne<'PRR;lr~·. fol' th e st11d _v of law, that onp hnvf' n <'ollege Of'-