The Gavelyte, January 1908

CDJDARVILLE COLLEGE. ATHLETICS. ~ince our last issue of the Gave- ! Independents on January 3. In spite lyte, C. C. has played several inter- / of the absenc~ of Capt. B. Watt, our esting basket ball games. Unusual I boys won easily by a score of 28 to interest is being shown both by the r 11. This game was a very rongh team and by the student body. The one. Athletic Assoridion met last Tues- I On January 9th C. C. clashed with day, .January 7th, and elected Mr. J a combination of Xenia Y. M. C'. A. J. L. Conf~;r,_ cap~ain of '08 base I and the Xenia Independents. It was ball tea.m. Pinky" 1s a star player , one of the most hotly contested and will also make an PXcellent cap- I gamPs ever seen on the Alford fh~or. tain. Mr. William Waide was elect- The first half opened and for the fir~t ed mariager of the 'O foot ball team. five minutes the ball was kept almost "Bill'' ib thornughly eompetent and i entirely in Cedarville's territory, but \\ ill be a goo<l man to lead next J as luck would have it, although they y, a1's gndiron warriors co victory. I had several nice shots, the boys faileid f D b b I to make · the goals. The half ended On the 18th ' 1 er,•m er our oys I with the score of 13 to 7 in Xenia's went to Dayton to be the opponents 1 , ~ Tl h If C C · , tavor. le next a . . went into <,f the grPat St. Marys basket ball th t . d' d . . . . e game o wrn or 1e game; an tParn. There was little hope of wrn- · 1 ti It th t X · f ·1 d t . le resu was a ema ai e o ning th<-> gamr, but they went rntD I 1 · I fi Id 1 ]th J . . . . , ma rn a sing e e goa , a oug 1 the game with the rntentwn of berng I X . , r . d. d · · " ,, . fi . 'h 'I'I , , ema s re,eree su~cee e m scoring trom start to m:s . 1e I th · t f X · h'I . . . ree porn s or ema; w I e our first half ended with the score of 13 b d th tt fi Id .] . . , oys ma e ree µre y e goa s to 9 rn favor of St. Marys. The sec- 1 d G d I d <l t f' 1 1:Nh'J h an ior on an e wo ou s. v I e Ond half t he St. Mary's bunc got to- . ' . , Xeri1a won the game by a score of 15 gether and ended the game with a j t 1~ h h d th' t b _ • 1 f o v s e a no rng o rag over. · score of 40 to 13. The on Y eature I The following is the line up · of the game wa~ a onP-handed '\;tab" I X ·. · C,, I em<L .v. by Capt. B. Watt. 1 Gilmey .. .......... J. f ....... MeClellan. The next game waR a pra:·.tice j vV ~i~tington ..... r. f ........ : ·\;ordon. gamP pla.\' P<l against tlw .Tamrstown IPh1ll1ps ........... r ..... W1llrnmson.