The Greene County Guardian, April 11, 1957

Ced irvii e. Ohio 2 / 5 * SHOOT, MAN, SHOOT. ACTION AMONG SMALL FRY—This is a typical scene d u r i n g t h e three games played among th e fourth, fifth and sixth graders at Monday night's P - TO meeting at Greeneview South gymnasium. (Guard­ ian Photo.) LARGEST TURNOUT Top PTO Event Held The l a r g e s t crowd of the y e a r a t t e n d e d the April meeting of the Greeneview PTOMonday night at Greene­ view South. A short business meeting was presided over by president Harold Barker. After the business meeting the South School elementary band, under the direction of Robert Schierloh, opened the program with four selections. This was followed by three c h o r u s selections by fourth and f i f t h grade girls under the direction of Mrs. Rosalyn Bullock. This was the night for the elementary basketball teams to see action. Mrs. Rudduck's sixth grade was seeded against Cedarvdlle Salary Slate For Employes Released Complete salary schedules of Cedarville village em ­ ployes, u n a b a i l a b l e last week, were announced this week by Village Clerk Mar­ jorie McCorkell. Under the new s c h e d u l e , die chief of police Is paid on an hourly schedule ranging f r om $1. 2 5 to $1. 5 0 pe r hour. Street employes' sal- aries range horn $1 to $1. 20 per hour. R a n g e s of other employes are street foreman, $ 1. 30 to $1. 50; typist, $ 1, 25 to $1. 45; janitor, $1 to $1.20, and laborers, $1 to $1. 20. When police are called out during the night they are to be paid for a minimum of two hours. Policemen, while in training, are to earn $1 per hour. Under the ordinance passed, the mayor must hire person­ nel at the lowest salary. The range in each division then covers three steps. Any ad­ vance in the upper two steps must be made only on re c­ ommendation of Council. It also was learned this week that the bulk of liability in­ surance coverage for the vil­ lage was p l a c e d with P .J. McCorkell, husband of the town clerk. Another policy was a w a r d e d to Lois Little Insurance Agency. Clyde Underwood Cage Coach t he g r e e n e c o u n t y GUARDIAN Mrs. Sagraves' sixth grade. T h e s e t wo t e a m s w e r e coached by their teachers. Mrs. Thuma's fourth grade, c o a c h e d by Steve Powers, played against Mrs. Cum­ mings' fourth grade, which was coached by Philip Reid. The final tilt for die evening was MissMcVey's fifth grade, coached by Melvin Miller, versus Mrs. Lockwood's fifth g r a d e , c o a c h e d by Jim F a u l k n e r . The four high s c h o o l boys who coached t h e s e teams have had die fourth and fifth grade boys in physical education classes all year. The May m e e t i n g of the PTO w i l l be Ma y 13 at Greeneview North. This will be the night of North School's annual May program. Fred Long Out as Ram Clyde M. Underwood, 60, Dayton, died S a t u r d a y in Miami Valley Hospital there after a s u d d e n illness. He was the father of Robert Un­ derwood of Cedarville. Sur­ vivors also include his widow, Ruth; two sisters, Mrs. Lucille Pittman and Mrs. Blanche Powell, both of Ravenna, O ., and two grandchildren. JAMESTOWN BUSINESSMEN SHOW INTEREST IN AREA Jamestown Bargain Days, with this week's promotion, go into their second month. This marks a continuation of a concerted effort on the part •if local merchants to bring you, the consumer, a host of bona fide savings. Merchants, of course, are attempting to promote business. But, in doing so, they realize that sound business is based on customer satisfaction. And thev mean to satisfy I Advertisements carried in this week's Guardian are horn businessmen sincerely interested in building Jamestown. Buildingbusiness automatically means building community strength. Jamestown Bargain Days is a joint effort on the part of most members of the Jamestown Merchants' Association. Those willing to bear thier load financially in promoting village welfare have shown a willingness to advertise their products. United steps taken in Jamestown Bargain Days represent the first joing effort in several months by merchants to pro­ mote the village. The Greene County Guardian, as one of the newer busi­ nesses in eastern Greene County, Is proud to participate and wish consumers and businessmen, alike, a booming bonus from Bargain Days Friday and Saturday, April 12 and 13 . J MESTOWN. O . April 11, 1957 10 CENTS Union Lenten Rites For Village Slated Fred R.Long, known as one of Greene County's most ex­ plosive mentors, has dropped out of die c o a c h i n g game after a disappointing tourna­ ment showing of a Greene­ view H i g h S c h o o l squad which showed high hopes. Long, who is an outstanding a t h l e t e in his own right— p a r t i c u l a r l y on the golf course--has headed fortunes of the Rams for the past six seasons. No s u c c e s s o r h a s been named. Du r i n g those six years at Jamestown his teams piled up a record of 99 won and 41 lost. They won two coun­ ty l e a g u e titles, shared in two other titles and finished second and fourth die other two yean. H is t e a m s also won two county t o u r n a m e n t s and c o p p e d a runner-up berth another y e a r . .The current edition knotting with Bell- brook for the league champ­ ionship. Long will continue to hold down the title of a t h l e t i c d i r e c t o r and the title of p r i n c i p a l of Greeneview South High School, a posi­ tion he acquired last year. He also will continue to drive a school bus. Union Lenten Services for Pastor. Guest minister. Rev. Holy Week have been an- G r o v e r C. Re e d , theme, nounced by the Jamestown "Why Did it Have to Be?" M i n i s t e r i a l Association. The success of these services Congregations of all churches will participate in the joint s e r v i c es, according to the Rev. Frank Long, president of the association. The host pastor will preside in his own p u l p i t for each service. Special music will be p r e s e n t e d by the host choir. Membership in the James­ town Ministerial Association includes the United Presby­ terian, Friends, Methodist, ‘ Baptist, Ross Chapel and the Pentecostal Church of Christ. Starting with Sunday, April 14, die following s e r v i c es are scheduled. Sunday, 7:30 p. m ., Pente­ costal Church of Christ, 34 N. L i m e s t o n e St . , T. L. Dooley, Pastor. Guest min­ ister, Rev. F r a n k J. Long, theme, "On-lookers At the Cross." Monday, 8 p. m . , First Bap­ tist C h u r c h , N. Limestone St . , Harold Cassady, Pastor. Gu e s t minister, Rev. T .L . Dooley, theme, "Christ Be­ trayed and Denied. " Tuesday, 8 p. m ., United P r e s b y t e r i a n Church, W. Washington St., Homer C. Haines, Pastor. Guest minis­ ter, Rev. H a r o l d Cassady, theme, selected. Wednesday, 8 p. m ., Friends Church, E. Washington St., Frank J. Long, Pastor. Guest minister, Rev. Ashton Allen, theme, "GolgothaRevoked." Th u r s d a y , 8 p . m . , First Methodist Church, E. Wash­ ington S t . , Grover C . Reed, Pastor. Guest minister, Rev. H o m e r C. Haines, theme, "The Danger of Drifting." Good Friday, 2:00 p.m .', A. M. E. Church, S. Syca­ more St . , A s h t o n Al l e n , will depend upon each one of us. Let jis be earnest in prayer and faithful in atten­ dance. Spring Musicale Slated May 10 for Cedarville Sponsors of the 13th annual May Musicale at Cedarville this week o p e n e d practice sessions and urged more sing­ ers to volunteer. The event will be staged May 10 at the United Presbyterian Church Greeneview Athletic Fete Is April 26 The Greeneview A t h 1 e tic B a nq u e t , sponsored by the Greeneview P TO , will be Ap r i l 26 at 6:30 p. m. at South School. The banquet w i l l be in h o n o r of the coaches and players of the basketball, football, base­ ball and track teams of both the Junior and Senior High. A well-known athletic figure from the area, who will be announced later, will be the guest speaker. Teachers in charge of pre­ parations are Mrs. Pendry and Mrs. Johnson, program; Mrs. Faulkner, t a b l e s ; and Mrs. Traylor, serving. Mrs. Law- son Reid, PTO member, will be in charge of table favors and appointments. The PTO food committee will prepare the meal. Tickets for the banquet will be on sale to the public start­ ing April 22. They can be purchased from any basket­ ball player or by phoning the school. All reservations must be in by Thursday morning, April 25. in Cedarville. Organizations s pons o r i ng the musicale are die Research Club, Women's Club, Ken­ sington Club and Home Cul­ ture Club. Mrs. Curtis Hughes is gen- ‘ eral chairman and Mrs. Her­ bert Fields is co-chairman. Mrs. Herbert Harner is sec­ retary-treasurer. M e m b e r s of the program c o m m i t t e e include Mrs. Lewis Lillich, chairman, Mrs. Lee White, Mrs. Fred Lutten- berger, Mrs. Harold Corry, Mrs. Leo Wells, Mrs. Florence Carroll, Mrs. Harold Reinard, and Miss Martha Cooley. The time and place com ­ mittee is composed of Mrs. Fred C l e m m e n s and Mrs. Lawrence Waddle. Mrs.R. T. Williamson and Mrs. R. O. Spahr are on the publicity committee. Mrs, Mildred Foster is mus­ ical director. Switch Flipping Reset on Friday Ceremonies officially open­ ing Jamestown's new sewage p l a n t will be held Friday. They were slated last Friday but c a l l e d off quickly be­ cause of a rowboat shortage. Officials just couldn't reach the p l a c e . ' High water, in fact, caused a shut-down of thejslant and G r e e n e v i ew South pupils were given an unslated holiday. With f l a s h floods thought to be over, the c e r e m o n y will go on Friday ONLY HALF IS LOST US 42 Traffic Cut Half of U. S. Route 42 traf­ fic is lost to C e d a r v i l l e , probably through September. Some five miles of the fed­ eral highway is under con­ struction in the New Carlisle area. That means re-routing traffic. The v i l l a g e of Y e l l o w Springs protested vigorously when i n f o r m e d the state wishes to r e - r o u t e traffic over U.S.Roqje 68. A com ­ p r o m i s e then was reached which cuts that load in half. Northbound travelers on U. S. Route 42 now go into C e­ darville, then turn north on State Route 72 to Springfield and take ILrS. Route 40 east to rejoin U. S. Route 42 at West Jefferson. Southbound t r a f f ic comes across U. 6. Route 40 from West Jefferson to Springfield, then south on U. S. Route 68 Cedarville College Graduates May 25 Commencement at Cedar­ ville College will be held M ay 25 w i t h Dr. Paul R. J a c k s o n , president of the Baptist Bible Seminary, John­ son C i t y , N. Y . , as guest speaker. Baccalaureate services for the class of '57 will be held May 23. The Rev. Kenneth Muck, p a s t o r of the First Baptist Church of Rochester, Minn., will be speaker. ■and rejoins U. S. Route 42 in Xenia. Some businesses in the C e ­ darville area drew from the federal highway traffic, but n o n e to any g r e a t extent, other than a motel there. Cedarville Board Of Affairs ’ Phone The Cedarville Bo a r d of Public Affairs has had a te l­ ephone installed for the con­ venience of village residents. The number was chosen too late for l i s t i n g in the new directory and is SOuthfield 6-2061. Miss Leola Com, clerk of the b o a r d , is at the office from 9 tc 4 during the week.