The Ohio Independent Baptist, June 1958

THE OHIO Volume XXX JUNE 1958 Number 8 Proposed Building for the Baptist Theological Seminary and Bible Institute of GraI1d Rapids, Michigan t • ' • • • - \\y}) Pll ({c>< l }) ] (\SSP~ }l<> lll( 'S \\'i 1) l c:}1i Jcll' P l l, })Hl'ellt~ b11i lcl larg·pr l tt)ll~('~; cl l lC l \\ ltl'll (:t><l ~ig1tall~r ble:s$t'S ol tl' sc· J1oc> l '-i '" i t l1 :-;t ttcl c11t :-:;, \'\' P n11t s t J>l' C>\' l<lP 'i'o l' iJ1c'lll ,tl~(> .