The Ohio Independent Baptist, November 1958

THE OHIO - _V_o_lum __ e_X_X_X_I_____________ _:N:..:_O:::V..:..::E~MBER 1958 ~~~~~~~~--~--~~~~~~~~~~~N:..:.:u~m~b~e~r_.:::..1_ 1958-59 FACULTY AT CEDARVILLE COLLEGE Front row: (left to right) Warren Webber, Music; Richard Cooke, Music; P aul Wyland, History and Li– brarian; Harmon Berg·en, Modern Lang'llag·es and Eng·lish; Sherwin Bowser, Coach and Physical Ed. Second row: Miss Ruth Kantzer, English; Cleveland McDonald, Social Studies and Missions; Bruce Turn– bull, Physical Science, Greek and Bible; Dale Thomson, Biological Science, Choi1· Director; Robe1~ Underwood, Reg·istrar and Education. Third row: Dr. Arthur F . Williams Dean of Students and Bible; James T. Jeremicth , President and Bible; Dr. C. R. Maddox, Dean and P sychology. ' 'And He gave some . . . pastors and tea.chers, for the perfecti11g of the saints fo1; the wo1·k of the ministry." Eph. 4 :11, 12