The Ohio Independent Baptist, September 1960

THE OHIO _V_O_L_U_ME __ ~-XX~_II~----------~--~--~~SE~TEMBER- 196~0-------.:::::::===================Number il YOU ARE INVITED TO COME! Euclid Notting·ham Baptist Church extends a cordial invit ttion to our entire Ohio Fellowship to meet with us for the a11nual OARBC I\ EE TING, October 17-20. We count it a great privileg·e. to b " the host church "or this g·reat con– ference, and we will do a ll in our power to provide pleasa 1t accommodations for all. Brother Georg·e Gibson assures us that an excellent prog·ra,n1 1s already lined up. Be on the look-out for a letter and ''reservfttion car . ' Personally, I am looking forward to renewing· old acquaintances and n1eeting· many of you for the first tin1e . ' 'The ' 'Welcome Mat' ' i~ out ! Pastor Georg·e Huffman