The Ohio Independent Baptist, January 1960

THE OHIO - _V_ol_um __ e _X_X_X_I_I_______________________~J~A~N~U~ARY 1960 - -------------------~--------~N~u~m~b~e~r~3- ~~tdll - I I I I R . \llt. co 't-t. -:. II-- ~, cEDAR'\/\LLE, <»-00 HAPPY NEW YEAR By Ral11h T. Norcllu11cl I hear the cheery greeting, ~ And join the chorus too, · Of, ' 'Happy New Year, neighbor! ' ' And, ' The very same to you.' ' My heart responds when hundreds Sincerely wish me well· I only hope my answer Their inner joys might swell. And yet I really wonder How this new year can be A happy, prosperous jour11ey On life s uncertain sea. Our wishes hold no magic To turn all storms aside Nor yet to guard our loved ones If death shou 1 j ride the tide. So I will pray m v greeting That Goel \\ 11 grant to you The faith t 1 claim His promise Anc make His best come true. 11JER . . .,. I. I) IlIRE(~' l'OR