The Ohio Independent Baptist, February 1961

·.w Box 43 THE OHIO _V_o_lu_m_e~X_X_X_I_I_I~~~~~~~~~~~~~--=-FEBRUARY, 1961 > Number 4 A 11a li ve eva11gelist cl ,1li11g witl1 ,1 Lib ri ,111 b oy. tl1is good \\'Ork i goi11g 0 11 t111d r tl1 su1)ervisio11 of ,l I3aptist Mid-Missio11s mis io11ru-y, a similar ,vork is 1) i11g clo11 ·iger Repu l)lic t111<l r Eva11gelic,1l Ba.ptist M issio11s-as l<>ld 1)) liss B tl1 Oclor . 111 tl1is • lSStle. l ray 1nuc11 f 01 our Africa11 mission,1ries , for 196 J 1n,l) v\ 11 b w~t)' tl1at gr .. a t, awak t1i11g co11ti11 11t \.\ill go.