The Ohio Independent Baptist, March 1961

Volume XX.XIII 1'fr-Mrs George L Boyd 223 ~~ S Sandusky THE OHIO MARCH, 1961 CHRIST'S MEMORIAL OF HIS CROSS Ritualists l1av i11ve11ted Le11t, Holy Number 5 , , ur I..101 <l i11stitt1t :) cl a ~i1n1)l 1n 111or ial 111 al as , ltl <>fl c> l>sc.~r, c.~cl r 111111cler a11cl a1cl t c) elf~, t>tit>1 . I I =-r ) \\' a co111111t111io11 se1viue i11 I)jak,l1t,l, I 11clc)t1 sia, ,,l1e1t~ l3apt1st ~licl - f t\\1(>11\ c:trri t~s cH1 a11 c.~fft"ct1\t"' \\t>tk